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More about Virtual Coding Challenge

  • First place: 50,000/- (1 Award)
  • Second place: 20,000/- (2 Awards)
  • Third place: 5,000/- (2 Awards)
Registrations are closed.
Required Skills
  • Data mining and visualization using MySQL,
    Python or R

Coding Challenge Overview

Analyse the career progression, salaries and cut throat competition in corporate through data. Draw insights about employees and their employment through your own visuals. Sharpen your data analysis and visualization tools and get ready to start mining.

Panel of Judges

Dr. Parag Mantri
Principal Data Scientist, INSOFE
Ph.D. from North Carolina State University, USA
Dr. Kishore Reddy Konda
Asst. Professor, INSOFE
Ph.D. from The Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Manas Mishra
Certified Data Scientist, INSOFE

Hackathon Schedule

Registration Closes on 23.10.2017
Competition At the stroke of midnight on 27.10.2017, competition goes live.
Submissions accepted until midnight of 28.10.2017.
Interview Skype / Personal interview with the toppers between 01.11.2017 to 04.11.2017.
Winners Winners are announced on 10.11.2017
Prize Money Prize money distribution dates will be announced post competition
Winning Criteria Accuracy, Code Quality, Visualization Quality

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The decision of the judges mentioned above is final and binding on all competition participants. INSOFE reserves all rights to bring any change to the competition including but not limited to date, competition format, location etc.