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Paul Dinakar Maddela
Paul Dinakar Maddela
"What happened to me at INSOFE is nothing short of a miracle. I was taught the hottest skills of the century for free and in fact got paid to practice and perfect them. The internship has helped me in getting placed at ZS Associates with a good package as a data science associate and kick start my career in an amazing way, all this even before the course has finished. Without INSOFE I wouldn't have felt so good about myself professionally. For everything I have got from them, I'm indebted for life!!"
Dinakar was a fresher when he joined the 12th batch for the PGP (previously CPEE) course at INSOFE. Dinakar is currently employed at ZS Associates as Data Science Associate.

Just like him, Kushalev Reddy, Amandeep Singh, Nazma Naaz and Hemanth D were all freshers when they came to INSOFE and on completion of PGP (previously CPEE), they're now at BlueOcean Market Intelligence, I-Quotient, UnitedHealth Group and Deloitte respectively.

INSOFE provides complete career services

  • Mock interviews
  • Resume Critique
  • Career Conselling
  • Placement Assistance
  • Constant communication with a large/growing network of analytics companies
We do everything needed to put you in the best spot.
Bright Future
"Data scientists would get at least a 30% to 40% premium in compensation benefits when compared with software engineers"
- Arnab Chakraborty
Director, HP Global Analytics, Jun 2012.
Our Survey
As per our survey Analytics does give a tremendous career boost.

What would be your growth rate as a Data Scientist?

INSOFE students get 80% rise in the salary typically. Average fresher salary is 6.5 lakhs. But, that is not where it ends. Several of our students reported over 300% hike in the second year (with just 12-18 months experience). So, your value keeps increasing (at unbelievable pace)!!

Now, don't just think this is for freshers or students alone. We also have many working professionals joining this course as well.

Pavan Nagula
"INSOFE has given me a great platform to learn analytics and jump start career in analytics. I am very happy with my decision to join INSOFE. The mentors' ability to explain concepts and patience to resolve the doubts was great. The lab was great and assistance provided during the lab was awesome. With faculty lecture and a little bit of hard work it's very easy to learn analytics and apply them."
Pavan Nagula
Pavan was Principal at CA Technologies when he joined the 10th batch. After completing PGP (previously CPEE), he received offers from Wipro and Deloitte. He joined as Specialist Master - Technology at Deloitte.

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