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Are you all set for the big career move? Opportunities abound for Data Scientists in the Silicon valley of India, Bengaluru and they are paid higher than mainstream professions. Businesses are currently generating tremendous amount of data but they are facing an acute shortage of people with the skills to analyse and make sense of the big data.
INSOFE is where your search for a world-class career ends. After making a name for ourselves in our hometown of Hyderabad, we are spreading our reach to Bengaluru, the IT hub of the country. Our globally recognized PGP (previously CPEE) course guarantees you a place with the Tiger Teams of any organization anywhere in the world. We have alumni in the most happening data science organizations (both in India and abroad) like Philips, Deloitte, Microsoft, United Health Group so on and so forth and typically earn 40-300% higher salaries than software engineers with the same experience.

Course at a glance


R, Hadoop and its Ecosystem.

Mode of Teaching

Class and lab sessions on weekends (Saturday and Sunday); 4 hour class followed by 4 hour lab on real world data.

Techniques taught

Statistics, machine learning, text and social media analytics, optimization and big data analytics.


INSOFE provides merit scholarships.


Listed number three in the world between Columbia and Stanford universities.


Taught by experts who build products and consult with Fortune 500 companies when they are not teaching.

Mode of evaluation

Daily quizzes, exams at the end of every module, capstone project.


INSOFE provides paid internships.

More about PGP (previously CPEE) program


Globally certified program

This program has been listed by CIO.com - a very authoritative IT magazine - among the best such certificate programs globally, alongside Columbia and Standford universities. PGP (previously CPEE) is certified for the quality of Content, Pedagogy and Assessment by the Language Technologies Institute (LTI) in the School of Computer Science (ranked #1 by US News and World Report) at Carnegie Mellon University, USA.

INSOFE students are offered exclusive scholarships by Bowling Green State University for their masters program in analytics.

Cutting edge techniques

The topics covered in this program (for eg. deep learning, spectral methods, Spark) are not found in more than 95% of data science programs anywhere in the world and are accessible only to Ph.D. students from top schools. And yet, they are taught in a manner that people are able to apply them immediately in their work.

Faculty that is involved with industry and is at the cutting edge research

INSOFE boasts of brilliant, committed and passionate faculty that are thought leaders in data science. Our 4 full time and 8 visiting faculties are all PhDs from world's top universities. The visiting faculty work with premier R&D labs or have their own successful technology start-ups. This combined faculty network published more than 300 papers and own 35+ issued global patents. Between them, they consult with more than 25 global companies solving some of the cutting edge and daunting analytics problems. The classroom discussions are hence loaded with insights into solving complex real-world problems that you may just not find elsewhere.

Comprehensive skill sets

Some of the skills people will acquire from this certificate program are - Statistics fundamentals, Statistical Modeling, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Text Mining, Optimization, Data Visualization, Communications and Ethics Issues in Analytics. Students will get techinical expertise in Regression, Time Series, Decision Trees, Clustering, Association Rules, K-Nearest Neighbors, Neural Nets, SVM, Genetic Algorithms, Monte Carlo Simulations, Linear Programming, Quadratic Programming etc.

Rigorous coursework and challenging projects

The course is fast paced to suit the needs of students, working professionals and employers. Each week, students spend 16 hours in the classroom. Most students spend another 20-40 hours on self-study, assignments, quizzes and project work during week days. Every student works on a real-world, advanced data science project.

The program runs for 23 weekends consisting of

  • Statistical analysis
    • Data exploration, visualization, regression, time series, bayesian methods
  • Big data engineering
    • Hadoop, Map Reduce, Hive, Pig, Spark, Sqoop
  • Machine learning
    • Trees, Neural nets, deep learning, rule induction, ensembles, collaborative filtering, SVM, clustering
    • Spectral methods, dimensionality reduction, PCA-SVD, matrix factorization
  • Text mining and NLP
    • Pre-processing, sentiment, entity extraction, search, graphs
  • Optimization
    • Linear, quadratic programming, evolutionary methods
  • Capstone Projects
A multi-pronged assessment approach ensures that learning is maximized. The assessments test the students on their ability to grasp terminology through concepts and their ability to apply those concepts in business problem scenarios.

These are done throughout the program to gauge their progress continuously. We do this with the help of "Recall Output Tests (ROTes), Conceptual Understanding Tests (CUTes), Hands-on Lab Test (HoTs), Mid-term Hackathon (MiTH), Project Hackathon and Defense (PHD), Feedback and Attendance". They have to write a project report and defend it. The exams, assignments and projects must be completed within the stipulated timeframes to be eligible for being awarded the grades.

  1. tests your retention of topics covered in the previous class/week of the same module. These are usually of 15-30 minute duration. These account for 10% of the total grade.
  2. are conducted in class 2-3 weeks after the completion of each module. These test conceptual understanding of the topics covered in the module. These account for 25% of the total grade.
  3. are conducted during the practice sessions. You will be required to submit the exercises for evaluation and it accounts for 10% of the total grade.
  4. is conducted during the middle of the course. This is conducted to test application of concepts to the given problem of statement with tools and techniques that have been covered and to solve a problem quickly, accurately and to defend it. This accounts for 10% of the total grade. Additionally, the top performers will be recognized and honoured with scholarships.
  5. A real-world capstone project at the end of the course enables you to build an end-to-end solution to a real-world problem and tests the application of concepts to such problems. You will be required to write a project report and defend it. The project must be completed within the stipulated timeframes to be eligible for being awarded the grades. This accounts for 35% of the total grade.
  6. In addition, there will be a few mini-projects and student presentations as part of the assessments.
  7. Your sincere and honest feedback is an important component of our program and helps us with our Continuous Improvement Programs (CIPs). You are required to provide your feedback at the end of each module. This accounts for 5% of the total grade.
  8. Remaining 5% of the grade is allocated for attendance.

Student Speak on Our Programs

Karthik Kumar
"...INSOFE is the best place for working people who wants gain deep understanding on BIG DATA and Analytics."
Karthik Kumar
Associate Architect, Ascendia
K Sirisha
"It is my great privilege to thank the team at INSOFE for the valuable learning experience within a very short period of time with well-structured and planned course design."
K Sirisha
Consultant Data Scientist
Nikhil Gayal
"...I think this is the only course that teaches both theory and the application of that theory in various domain specific problems to figure out the solutions..."
Nikhil Gayal
Data Scientist, Red Hat

Fee structure, admission process and scholarship

The beauty of INSOFE programs lie in its affordability while maintaining top-notch quality. Similar programs in USA cost three times and there are not many programs of this nature anywhere in India.
INSOFE's Big Data Analytics and Optimization program offers a world-class curriculum which is on par with renowned Universities and is premeditated at an affordable course fee. The details of the fee structure of the INSOFE's PGP (previously CPEE) program are given below:

  • Application Fee: 3000 (Non-refundable)
  • Pay in 3 installments (Interest free):
    • Admission Fee: 50, 000 + 18% GST (Non-refundable)
    • First installment: 1, 25, 000 + 18% GST
    • Second installment: 90, 000 + 18% GST
    • Third installment: 85, 000 + 18% GST
  • Full payment at the time of admission (Get 5% discount): 3, 32, 500 + 18% GST deal
Education Loan is available for the program with Credila, Axis and Avanse. Talk to our team for more details.
The admission process is competitive and aspirants need to qualify the entrance test conducted by INSOFE. Applicants will be admitted in to the program based on their performance in the entrance test, prior academic background, work experience and the availability of the seats.

Application fee: 3000 (non-refundable), payable online.

Scholarships, Fellowships and Internships

INSOFE recognizes top performers and rewards them for demonstrating outstanding achievement at every phase of the program based on the performance and eligibility criteria. At each phase of the program, top performers are awarded rankings based on which scholarship winners are announced. Top performers can potentially win scholarships ranging from Rs 25,000 to entire program fee and this can be attained on the successful completion of the program.
INSOFE students have an extraordinary opportunity of paid internships, where they get to work on real-time industry projects under the guidance of data scientists and earn monthly stipend. The opportunities include product, R & D and consulting based real-time industry project. After laying the initial foundation during the 1st month of the course, the students are eligible for internship projects from the 2nd month onwards till the end of the program subject to availability.
Here's an indicative table to showcase how top performers can financially benefit from INSOFE's scholarship offerings:
Phase Criteria Grant Amount
Pre-admission Based on the entrance examination prior to the admission 100,000 to
Mid-term Based on hackathon (around 3 months into the program) 100,000 to
Final phase Based on project, hackathon, and project defence 100,000 to

Infrastructure Requirement

INSOFE will provide students with all the course material in soft and hard copies. However, students should carry their individual laptops for lab sessions. Please find the minimum configuration required:
  • Minimum required is 4 GB RAM comfortable is 8 GB
  • i5 Processor
  • Hard disk 50 GB
  • 64 bit Operating system

Postponement Policy

Postponement requests received less than 3 weeks prior to the start of program will be entertained solely at the discretion of INSOFE, depending on its ability to allocate that seat to someone else.
In case it cannot, such requests will be rejected and the policy with respect to refunds comes into force.
If the person is unable to continue in the same batch, he/she will forfeit the admission fee as per the policy. It cannot be adjusted against future admission.
If a student, for any reason whatsoever, decides to drop out of the program and requests to be allowed to continue participation in the next batch(es), the student will be required to pay the postponement fee of Rs.60,000 + 18% taxes or any applicable difference in the fees for the next batch, whichever is higher.
While we will try to accommodate the student in the next consequent batch to attend program, if the class is full and there is no space for the student to sit then he/she will have to watch the videos of the theory sessions and come to the institute to attend the lab sessions.
In addition, any remaining payments will have to be paid to INSOFE prior to the commencement of the classes in the batch being joined. The payment deadlines of the new batch are not applicable to these students. If the payment is not received prior to the commencement of classes, INSOFE will have the right to refuse admission.
Any postponement will be allowed only at the sole discretion of INSOFE. Even when such a postponement is permitted, it will only be applicable for the next immediate batch. Beyond that, the admission stands cancelled and the applicant will have to re-apply afresh.

Refund Policy

    The following refund policy is applicable to all program fee.
  1. The application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  2. The admission fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  3. If a student wishes to cancel his or her admission after paying the course fee, the following refund amounts and conditions apply:
    1. Refund amount on cancellation greater than or equal to 30 days or more prior to commencement of the classes: 80% of Installment 1 amount.
    2. Refund amount on cancellation less than 29 days but greater than or equal to 14 days prior to commencement of the classes: 60% of Installment 1 amount.
    3. Refund amount on cancellation less than 14 days but greater than or equal to 7 days prior to commencement of the classes: 10% of Installment 1 amount.
    4. Refund amount on cancellation less than 7 days prior to commencement of classes (including after commencement of classes): NIL.
  4. Refunds, if any, will be processed within 30 working days.
  5. In all of the above cases involving course fee, the student can choose to postpone the admission to the next batch. In such a case, INSOFE reserves the right to postpone admission at the current fee structure at which the fee is paid or at the prevailing fee structure of the next batch. INSOFE's decision in such matters is final and not negotiable.

Effective as of September 02, 2015.


Surcharge clause

Transaction fee charges would not be refunded/ reversed under any circumstances for any refund/ reversal /chargeback and any other reasons. Transaction fees charged would be borne by cardholder for any payment.

Effective as of August 23, 2016.

Requests for change in location from one city to another must be placed atleast two weeks prior to the start date to the batch (and location) for which the participant is already registered.
Request for shifting of location during the program will be entertained only if there is a vacancy in the desired location
Such requests will be entertained solely at the discretion of INSOFE based on seat availability, etc.

Effective as of May 03, 2016.

  • 15,00,000 – 18,00,000 worth scholarships and fellowships per batch
  • Full fee waiver in the form of scholarships and fellowships
  • Attractive internship opportunity if working on industry projects
For Hyderabad office and classroom address please click here.    For Bengaluru office and classroom address please click here.

5 years of excellence and hundreds of successful alumni