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PGP in Big Data Analytics: Training and Certification recognized for its world class quality and unparalleled placement opportunities

Get ready to plunge into the data science revolution that is transforming the world. With new talent and new opportunities, data science is witnessing numerous applications, and data scientists are actively sought after by nearly every sector – from banking to retail to health. Here, at INSOFE, we created one of the finest data science training programs in the world.

INSOFE is where your search for a world-class career ends. Our globally recognized PGP program takes Big Data Analytics training to the next league.

INSOFE defined the curriculum of a comprehensive data science training 7 years back. Data science certification cost benefit analyses always showed that it is the most exciting career prospect for anyone interested in redefining their career. However, back then, data science training in Hyderabad meant coaching in SAS and data scientist course in Hyderabad meant writing basic statistics functions. To bring a data science certification to India and Hyderabad that has the quality of a Stanford or Columbia certification, we redefined big data and data science course training fundamentals. Machine learning algorithms, Big Data strategies, Deep learning advances found a place for the first time in a data science course in India. Extensive lab sessions coupled with lectures by world class professors created a high demand, path breaking data science course in Hyderabad with placements and opportunities pouring in for students.

INSOFE’s PGP program thus created prepares you for the most rewarding and challenging data science/analytics roles. Our unparalleled career services and placement track record speaks for itself. In the last 100 days 120 companies interviewed our students. Few of the companies where our alumni have made their mark are Philips, Deloitte, Microsoft, United Health Group, so on and so forth. Average salary package of Data Scientists is typically 40-300 % higher than software engineers with the same experience.

INSOFE Hyderabad is located in Gachibowli - a major IT suburb of the metropolitan city of Hyderabad, amidst many educational Institutes, IT companies and recreational centres. INSOFE Bengaluru is located in HSR Layout, a new suburb in the city. Being a posh locality with all modern facilities, HSR Layout attracts many outsiders to its charm and beauty especially due to its proximity to IT parks.

Program Overview

R, Python (Keras, Tensorflow), Spark, Hive, Pig and many other big data ecosystem components
Learn fundamentals of statistics and probability. Gain expertise in statistical models (Regression, Time series and Bayesian models), several important machine learning techniques (Decision trees, ensembles, nearest neighbours, SVM and clustering), deep learning AI models (neural nets, CNNs and RNNs) and optimization strategies. Learn to analyse structured, text and image data analysis. Master data visualization strategies and Big Data Analytics.
Each week, students spend 16 hours in the classroom learning concepts and gaining hands on experience in latest Data Science technologies.

Students solve some real problems as part of the midterm hackathons and finally work on project hackathon and defend their work.
INSOFE’s faculty is what sets it apart. Where else one can find PhDs from CMU, U. Colarado, Princeton, Johns Hopkins, Wisconsin, U. Texas, SUNY at Buffalo, University of Frankfurt, Columbia, NCSU, JHU, Cincinnatti, Wharton, Penn State working at one place! To sweeten it further, all our faculty have corporate, research and entrepreneurial expertise with which they light up the class room.
Classroom-based lecture and lab sessions on weekends (Saturday and Sunday); 4-hours theory class followed by 4-hours lab on real-world data.
INSOFE offers guaranteed internship to all PGP students.
Those completing internship successfully are paid stipend. In addition, in the last 6 months we have released ₹ 85,65,000 has been distributed as merit scholarships.
All students get training in soft skills, resume building. Expert career counsellors map your profile with the best in the breed companies and facilitate interviews. Our results speak for themselves.
  • No. of companies interviewed INSOFE students in last 10 months - 343
  • No. of students placed in last 10 months - 174

Course Structure

  • Statistics: Descriptive statistics, Probability distributions, Inferential statistics, Bayesian methods, Linear and Logistic regression, Regularization, Storytelling and Visualization.
  • Machine Learning: Decision Trees, Support Vector Machines, k-Nearest Neighbours, Matrix factorization methods and Collaborative Filtering, Apriori algorithm.
  • Text Analysis: Text mining concepts, Latent Semantic Indexing and Search, Text classification, Sentiment analysis.
  • AI and Decision Sciences: ANN, Deep learning, CNN and RNN, Evolutionary search methods, Monte Carlo Simulations.
  • Big Data: Data ingestion like Chukwa, Avro, Hbase, etc. Processing frameworks like Map-Reduce, Yarn, Spark, NoSql, Sqoop, Hive, PIG and other Hadoop family.

We help you find the best career

INSOFE students get 80% rise in the salary typically. Average fresher salary is 6.5 lakhs. But, that is not where it ends. Several of our students reported over 300% hike in the second year with just 12-18 months experience. So, your value keeps increasing at unbelievable pace!!

Prospects for a Data Scientist are extremely promising with no dearth of employment and enviable salaries. We provide everything you need including softskills development, resume critique, mock interview sessions. Click here to learn more.


A multi-pronged assessment approach ensures that learning is maximized. The assessments test the students’ ability to grasp the terminology through concepts and to apply those concepts in business problem scenarios. These are done throughout the program to gauge their progress continuously. We do this with the help of “Recall Output Tests (ROTes), Conceptual Understanding Tests (CUTes), Hands-on Lab Tests (HoTs), Mid-term Hackathon (MiTH), Project Hackathon and Defense (PHD), Feedback and Attendance”. They have to write a project report and defend it. The exams, assignments and projects must be completed within the stipulated timeframes to be eligible for being awarded the grades.

  • Recall Output Test (ROTe) tests your retention of topics covered in the previous class/week of the same module. These are usually about 15-30 minute duration. These account for 10% of the total grade.
  • Conceptual Understanding Test (CUTe) are conducted in class 2-3 weeks after the completion of each module. These test conceptual understanding of the topics covered in the module. These account for 25% of the total grade.
  • Hands-on Lab Test (HoT) are conducted during the practice sessions. You will be required to submit the exercises for evaluation and it accounts for 10% of the total grade.
  • Mid-term Hackathon (MiTH) is conducted during the middle of the course. This is conducted to test application of concepts to the given problem of statement with tools and techniques that have been covered and to solve a problem quickly, accurately and to defend it. This accounts for 10% of the total grade. Additionally, the top performers will be recognized and honoured with scholarships.
  • Project Hackathon and Defense (PHD): A real-world capstone project at the end of the course enables you to build an end-to-end solution to a real-world problem and tests the application of concepts to such problems. You will be required to write a project report and defend it. The project must be completed within the stipulated timeframes to be eligible for being awarded the grades. This accounts for 35% of the total grade.
  • In addition, there will be a few mini-projects and student presentations as part of the assessments.
  • Your sincere and honest feedback is an important component of our program and helps us with our Continuous Improvement Programs (CIPs). You are required to provide your feedback at the end of each module. This accounts for 5% of the total grade.
  • Remaining 5% of the grade is allocated for attendance.
One of the best institute for Data Science as their learning process starts from the very basic and then keeps on getting complex. The lectures are taken by very experienced professionals and the best part is there are lab sessions after every lecture, so you could understand the implementation of those topics on real-world problems to which you can relate to for your further understanding. Even the career services provided are very good. If anyone is looking to do a Data Science course I would highly recommend this.
Aakar Sood
Data Scientist
pgp duration


  • The PGP in Big Data Analytics and Optimization is a 23-weekend program spread over 6 months.
  • The program is delivered in classroom mode from 9 AM – 6 PM.
  • The first half of the day is usually faculty-driven lecture and the second half is hands-on lab session driven by Data Scientists.

Recommended System Configuration

INSOFE will provide students with all the course material in soft and hard copies. However, students should carry their individual laptops for lab sessions. Please find the minimum configuration required:

  • 4 GB RAM, however, 8 GB RAM is highly preferred
  • i5 Processor
  • 500 GB HDD
  • 64-bit Operating System

INSOFE has awarded over 3.8 crores in merit scholarships in the last 2 years alone.

INSOFE recognizes top performers and rewards them for demonstrating outstanding achievement at every phase of the program based on their performance and eligibility criteria.

At each phase of the program, top performers are awarded rankings based on which scholarship winners are announced. Top performers can potentially win scholarships ranging from Rs. 25,000 onwards and this can be attained on the successful completion of the program.

Scholarship Criteria
Based on performance in mid-term hackathon
Final Phase
Based on performance in final hackathon and defence.

Scholarships are disbursed to the top performers only after they successfully complete the course with no fees outstanding.

Latest Scholarship Disbursements


Applied Engineering & Research Internship at INSOFE gives PGP students a unique opportunity to engage in novel and cutting edge applied research projects which has direct value to not only INSOFE but also to data science community at large.

INSOFE Mentors and Data Scientists have collectively put a list of capstone projects which are of high value to ML & IoT industry. Successfully completing these projects would require knowledge and skills not only in respective technical field but also in research and project management. Above all, these projects would also require self-driven passion and extremely goal-oriented approach. Students are invited to pick any of the project from these list and work with INSOFE’s Internship Mentoring Team to successfully deliver and complete these cutting-edge projects.


Any current or past INSOFE PGP student who has at least completed their MiTH and has not completed their PGP more than 6 months before the date of application.

Should not have been enrolled previously in INSOFE internship program.
Note that other than regular Applied Engineering and Research Internship at INOSFE, mentors may directly hire interns in their teams as per their own research/consulting needs. Application, eligibility, structure and pay is determined directly by the mentor for those internship opportunities.

Application Procedure:

  • Review the list of INSOFE internship projects.
  • Choose one which closely meets your learning goals.
  • Fill out the application form and schedule a proposal review with respective internship mentor.
  • Your internship time will start from the day your proposal is approved. You will have at most 6 months to present your findings in pre-scheduled final review.

Criteria for completing internship:

  • One proposal review to get the project/proposal approved.
  • At least 4 intermediate review with your internship mentor. You are encouraged to meet more often by taking pre-scheduled appointments.
  • One final review which shows successful completion of the work as desired and as per the internship guidelines.

Internship Guidelines:

  • Every internship project at INSOFE should have a tangible output, a strong business case and core technical depth. Without these ingredients, it may not qualify for requirement of the internship certificate.
  • Complete your work with all honesty and integrity. Any instance of unethical measures including but not limited to plagiarizing or theft of data or code will result in disqualifying from the program.
  • You will be guided exclusively by INSOFE internship team. Directly contacting any other mentor or data scientist without explicit approval (both from the internship panel as well as from respective DS/Mentor) is highly discouraged.
  • You can work as a team, but your team shall be announced in the proposal review. Your mentor will decide if the proposed work is worthy of a team effort or not.
  • The project complexity and difficulty will be set in a way that an average PGP student at INSOFE can finish with 3 months of full-time effort. This is only a generic timeline. We expect students to finish sooner while some may take longer.
  • While most of the requirements are explicitly mentioned in this document, the internship panel has right to add ad-hoc requirement (like additional reviews or presentations) to ensure the quality of the work is maintained.

Other FAQs:

What is in it for me in choosing this program?

Bragging rights, a unique applied research experience and a stronger resume.

What is the ideal time for me to start my internship?

The new structure of internship allows you to choose your own starting time for internship depending on your schedule and flexibility. However, you are required to start anytime within 6 months of the completion of your program and to at least complete your MiTH if you are currently enrolled in the program.

What kind of support will I be getting from INSOFE?

Your project progress will be monitored and mentored from time to time by the INSOFE internship panel. However, you are responsible to schedule these reviews on your own. Your mentors will not follow up with you. If you do not complete the required reviews, you will be automatically dropped out of the program 6 months from the start date.

How much access will I have during the internship with INSOFE’s DS and mentors?

You will be mentored only by the internship panel. You will have open access to these panels only on certain days and for the rest of the days, you will be required to take an appointment. Prior approval is required to access any other DS or mentors, without which any such meeting requests will not be entertained.

What kind of learnings do I expect during the internship program?

Your source of primary learning will always be PGP classes and the labs. You are expected to leverage those learnings and deliver during the internship. Internship will not include any special teaching material. What you learn from internship will be similar to what you learn during a field job. Learn by self-research and learn as you apply.

Will I be working on real-time projects?

By “real-time” if you mean consulting projects which INSOFE is engaged on, the answer is NO. All the consulting projects come with strict guidelines on data sharing and usage which makes it prohibitive (but not impossible) for us to include interns.

What kind of projects will I be working on then?

You will be working on research projects with applied focus. These projects are determined by INSOFE faculty as critical for the development of the organization and Data Science community. In several ways they can be considered as “real-time” as they are based on real need of the industry.

Do I get a guaranteed certificate for internship once I enroll?

No. The only thing guaranteed about the program is the opportunity to present your proposal. After that everything depends on your work and output. Completing the requirements of internship is solely driven by you as the internship candidate. Internship panel at INSOFE will not follow-up with you at any point.

Other Assistance: PULSE (Pursue Learning through Self Evaluation)

Every week on a pre-scheduled day, the floor will be open for a peer learning session guided by the mentor. A topic of interest will be selected each week and will be discussed in these sessions. There would be self-evaluation at the end of the session to ensure understanding.

INSOFE's PGP in Big Data Analytics and Optimization program offers a world-class curriculum which is on par with renowned Universities and is premeditated at an affordable course fee. The details of the fee structure of this program are given below:


  • Application Fees : ₹ 3000 (Non-refundable)
  • Total Program Fees : ₹ 3,75,000 + 18% GST
  • Discount on Program Fees: 5% discount on the program fees is offered to those who pay the full fees at a go before the course commencement. The applicable fee then is ₹ 3,56,250 + 18% GST
  • You can pay the fee in 4 installments.
    Admission Fees:
    ₹ 50,000 + 18% GST (Non-refundable)
    First instalment of the program fees:
    ₹ 1,25,000 + 18% GST
    Second instalment of the program fees:
    ₹ 1,00,000 + 18% GST
    Third instalment of the program fees:
    ₹ 1,00,000 + 18% GST
  • Avail Early Bird Discount by registering on or before 31st August, 2018.
    Early Bird fee : 3,50,000 + 18% GST
  • Avail Early Bird Discount by registering on or before 31st August, 2018.
    Early Bird fee : 3,50,000 + 18% GST

We make it extremely easy for you to make this career defining investment.

  • 100% collateral free loans from:
    Our counsellors will assist you with details.
  • Our scholarship and internships allow you to earn back the investment even during the program.
  • Average 80% hike in salary means your investments are returned in less than a year in more than 95% of the cases.

The following refund policy is binding on all applicants. If a student wishes to cancel his or her admission after paying the program fees, the following refund amounts and conditions apply:

Payment Status
Refund Clause
Application fees
Non - Refundable under any condition whatsoever
Admission fees
Non - Refundable under any condition whatsoever
Program Fee
Cancellation ≥ 30 days prior to commencement of the classes: 80% of 1st Instalment amount

Cancellation < 29 days, but 14 days prior to commencement of the classes: 60% of 1st Instalment amount

Cancellation ≤ 14 days to 7 days prior to commencement of the classes: 10% of 1st Instalment amount

Cancellation ≤ 7 days prior to commencement of classes (including after commencement of classes): NIL

Fees paid are non-transferable.

Refunds, if any, will be processed within 30 working days.

In all the above cases involving course fee, the student can choose to postpone the admission to the next batch. In such a case, INSOFE reserves the right to postpone admission at the current fee structure at which the fee is paid or at the prevailing fee structure of the next batch. INSOFE's decision in such matters is final, binding and non-negotiable.

  • Postponement requests received less than 3 weeks prior to the start of program will be entertained solely at the discretion of INSOFE, depending on its ability to allocate that seat to someone else.
  • In case it cannot, such requests will be rejected and the policy with respect to refunds comes into force.
  • If the student is unable to continue in the same batch, he/she will forfeit the admission fee as per the policy. It cannot be adjusted against future admission.
  • If a student, for any reason whatsoever, decides to drop out of the program and requests to be allowed to continue participation in the next batch(es), the student will be required to pay the postponement fee of Rs. 25,000 + 18% taxes or any applicable difference in the fees for the next batch, whichever is higher.
  • While we will try to accommodate the student in the next consequent batch to attend program, if the class is full and there is no space for the student to sit then he/she will have to watch the videos of the theory sessions and come to the institute to attend the lab sessions.
  • Please note that postponements are neither guaranteed nor are a student’s right. INSOFE can only provide a seat in a subsequent batch if there are available seats. INSOFE only keeps one seat vacant per batch for any eventualities and if multiple requests are received, the seat is allocated only on a first-come-first-serve basis. Longer delays in continuing the program are not conducive to effective learning and hence INSOFE advises people to complete the program without breaks.
  • INSOFE will allow the student to attend only those classes that he/she had not completed in the original batch of his/her admission. Repeating classes may only be allowed in rare cases where the gap between the original and the postponed batches is large due to INSOFE’s inability to accommodate the student earlier.
  • A student’s request for postponing to a batch starting six months or more beyond the postponement request date will not be entertained for any reason whatsoever. INSOFE may, however, be constrained to accommodate the postponement in a batch that starts more than six months beyond the requested date due to unavailability of seats earlier.
  • In addition, any overdue payments from the original batch of admission must be paid to INSOFE latest by one month prior to attending the batch being joined, failing which INSOFE has the right to refuse admission. These payments are non-refundable under any circumstance. INSOFE will also require you to submit proofs substantiating the reasons given for the postponement requests. INSOFE has the right to refuse such a request without providing explanations if it is felt that the reason is not genuine.

Admission to the PGP in Big Data Analytics and Optimization is competitive and aspirants need to qualify the entrance test conducted by INSOFE. Applicants will be admitted to the program based on their performance in the entrance test, prior academic background, work experience and subject to availability of the seats.

Applicants may note that seats are limited and thus early application is encouraged. The application fees of Rs. 3000 needs to be paid to start the process. This can be paid online.

Upcoming Batches


To pursue PGP course at INSOFE, one needs to be a graduate with a basic understanding of Mathematics, Statistics, and Programming. Knowing English language is mandatory as the entire course will be delivered in English.

Entrance Test

In order to apply for the course, the candidate is expected to fill the enrolment form on INSOFE website. After filling the form, and paying application fees, INSOFE’s scheduling representative will give you a call to ask for a suitable date for the online test:

Scheduling of the test:

  • The test is scheduled & monitored through Mettl platform
  • An email inviting the candidate to take the test is sent along with the test link & few other essential instructions like the duration of the test, number of questions/sections, webcam proctoring & contact details of a SPOC in case faced by a technical issue
  • The test duration is 60 minutes including 3 Sections and 25 questions
Students will be informed about their performance in the online test. In case they fail to clear the test, they can schedule a retest after a certain period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PGP? Is it a PGDM/Diploma/Master’s program?

It is a 23-weekend (6 months) classroom based Postgraduate certificate program. Its pedagogy has been beautifully designed, where our world class stellar network of mentors is involved with the first half of the day, with their engrossing and mesmerizing theoretical and conceptual sessions. Following to which theory meets practicality where hand held lab sessions are brought into the picture straight from our consulting projects which provide you a feel on applied learning, this helps you understand and execute problem solutions better in the industry. This is handled by our Data Science team who have masters in statistics and computer science with 8-10 years’ experience.

Can I meet mentors on weekdays in case of any query?

Yes, by prior appointment only.

What is the role of Data Scientists at INSOFE? Who will assist us in the lab sessions?

We have more than 30 highly specialized data scientists team who handle our consulting and R&D on weekdays along with teaching and training during the PGP programs on weekends. The teams in our Data Science department are highly qualified and have a minimum of Masters as their highest qualification. They are always ready to help students and can be approached depending upon availability and importance of the situation including weekdays. Their commitment and compassion compiling towards their work is simply outstanding.

What if I don’t clear the entrance exam, will I be given a second chance? How many attempts can be made with one registration? Is it an elimination exam?

You would be given a 2nd chance which is going to be the last attempt. You could take a couple of days’ time to brush up on your basics & retake the exam. Please note that you will not be eligible for the first phase of the scholarship but if you get satisfactory marks you can get an admission into the program.

What If I face any technical issues while writing the exam?

Please get in touch with the INSOFE representative if you face any technical issues while taking the exam.

What is the minimum qualifying mark in the entrance exam? If I clear it, and am not happy with my performance in the entrance exam. Can I retake it?

There is no such qualifying mark. You would be assessed cumulatively in all the sections along with your profile. No, you cannot.

What If I face any technical issues while writing the exam?

Please get in touch with the INSOFE representative if you face any technical issues while taking the exam.

What is the validity of the exam result and application fee? I’ve cleared the exam, but I wish to join in another batch. Is it possible?

The application fee would be valid for a year from the date of enrolment and the exam result is valid for Six months. You could get into any batch in that span of 1 year.

Will my attendance carry any weight in the evaluation of marks?

Yes, we expect you to have 85% & above.

Will INSOFE accept any corporate nomination?

Yes, we do accept corporate nominations.

What is the medium of payment? Can I make cash payment?

We don’t accept cash or cash deposits, you can pay through Net Banking, Credit/ Debit card, NEFT/ RTGS, Cheque or you can use the payment gateway present in our website.

Am I still eligible for the 5% waiver, if I opt for the educational loan?

Yes, you are eligible.

Can I transfer/postpone my admission from Hyderabad to Bangalore or vice-versa post the commencement of the program

Yes, it solely at the discretion of management and availability of seats. And location transfer comes into place.

Will INSOFE guarantee me a placement?

We don’t guarantee placements, but we assure that each student seeking for Career services are shown opportunities.

How often do the companies visit INSOFE for recruitment?

We have companies’ recruitment drives happening every week.

Would you be providing us any professional development sessions like grooming, resume critiques etc.?

Yes, we have a dedicated professional trainer who will assist students in this regard.

Who will be given priority, freshers or experienced professionals for placements?

For us placing all the students is the only priority, but sometimes it depends on the job description or the employers demand.

What makes INSOFE’s big data training so special?

INSOFE’s Big data Hadoop training in Hyderabad with placement assistance is perhaps the oldest such program in Hyderabad. From day one, we strived to bring the quality of a top US university to big data and Hadoop training in Hyderabad. Amongst big data institutes in Hyderabad, INSOFE stands tall with its unique high quality faculty, career services and infrastructure. Our faculty are US trained and worked for top research labs globally. Not just students, but big corporates like Microsoft, ADP, Deloitte, Flipkart, Target look up to INSOFE for their big data training and placement needs. In addition, a global certification of this quality costs 5 to 6 times compared to INSOFE’s big data certification cost.

How has INSOFE become a global player in such a short span?

INSOFE’s big data training in Hyderabad and its fee attracted foreign institutes and students for its quickest return on investment. Yes, big data certification cost in India is low. But, not just the price, but comparable or often exceeding quality is what makes our Hadoop training and placement services in Hyderabad considered by the top retail, healthcare and manufacturing companies worldwide.

How is your big data analytics training compared to other institutes in India and the world?

INSOFE always strived to be a global player and never restricted itself to comparing with other big data analytics training institutes in Hyderabad. To us, big data analytics training and placement of engineers into the right companies has always been a global opportunity. So, though we started our big data and Hadoop training in Hyderabad seven years back, in our first batch we had a Stanford PhD teach statistics and a Johns Hopkins PhD teach machine learning. We got the content certified by Carnegie Mellon University. By second batch, the big data training transformed into big data Hadoop training in Hyderabad with placement of Hadoop/MapReduce courses strategically within the curriculum. In year 3, assessed big data analytics courses globally along with big data certification costs and ranked INSOFE’s PGP as one of the best return on investment programs globally. It placed us between Stanford and Columbia’s big data analytics courses. So, we can proudly state that our commitment to quality moved us from one of the best data analytics courses in Hyderabad to the best in the world in 3 years. Even corporates recognized our big data certification cost effectiveness and sponsored their employees to study the program making us the largest corporate trainer in the country.

Which program should I choose? Business analytics training or Data Science training?

A typical business analytics course with placement assistance teaches you basic statistics and data analysis using Excel. Data analytics courses in Hyderabad (Business analytics is also commonly referred as data analytics) also typically added a SAS basics module. Business analytics course syllabus is accessible to non-programmers (B.Sc, MBA, M.Com graduates). Typical business analytics course fees is less (perhaps ½ that of data science training). Business analytics masters courses in India are typically offered by B schools. Of course, business analytics certification course is offered by several online and offline training institutes.

INSOFE’s Data Science program is not to be mistaken with typical business analytics training in Hyderabad. It is designed to create technical competency. It teaches advanced data science concepts like machine learning, deep learning, Big data/Hadoop, optimization, natural language processing and computer vision etc. These skills make the candidates much more preferred over graduates of typical business analytics course in Hyderabad for organizations like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Deloitte, ADP. So, if you believe you can learn programming in addition to mastering business skills, you should do the data science program. If you are not keen on technical skills, consider business analytics training. INSOFE offers both.