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Master’s Programs

Offered in collaboration with INSOFE

MS Programs in Data Science for any Engineering Graduate

MS Programs for any Engineering Graduate

Gearing up Extremely Skilled Engineers for Cutting Edge Careers

Master’s in Data Science for Engineering Specialists

Data Science has permeated across disciplines and can be utilized to build enterprise grade applications, find cures to diseases, develop solutions to industry problems or even address ways to prevent environmental degradation in an ethical manner.

The INSOFE/Case Western Reserve University collaboration has hence come up with unique masters’ programs for engineering specialists who wish to combine their domain specialization with data science knowledge. Students can pursue computer science specialization, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, or civil engineering under this partnership.

The masters data science program as part of this collaboration will require the student to complete all coursework in data science in India prior to traveling to Case School of Engineering (Cleveland, USA) to take the engineering domain specialization courses.

While the INSOFE courses can be taken as part-time classes, the coursework at Case School of Engineering is full-time and requires the students to be present on-campus in the USA to receive a master’s degree.

Students will work on real-world projects to gain the practical skills required to work in the industry. All classes are taught in a manner that focus on teaching applied data science and engineering skills to the students so graduates can attain a successful career as a data scientist, data analyst or machine learning engineer upon completing the program requirements.

Students who complete all the program requirements with INSOFE and Case Western Reserve University will graduate with a Master of Science in engineering and data science and become eligible to apply for up to 3 years OPT in the USA.

About Case Western Reserve University

With 140 years of experience, the Case School of Engineering at Case Western Reserve University is rooted in collaborative research and experiential learning. It is ranked 51st among the best Engineering schools by U.S News.

The first accredited computer engineering degree and biomedical engineering program in the U.S were started by Case School of Engineering in the 1970s.

Students attending this university will expand their knowledge, deepen their understanding, and solve complex problems utilizing Data Science. They will have the opportunities to inquire, discover, and create collaborative data science research projects alongside distinguished faculty. They will also build a global professional network while attending classes in one of the most culturally robust communities in Cleveland.


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Founded in 1826

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Ranks Among the
top 20 private
institutions in USA


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19% of Students
are from Outside
the U.S.A

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12,000 Students
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raghu balakrishnan

The Case School of Engineering at Case Western Reserve University recognizes the importance of Data Science’s role in the industry and across the engineering disciplines.

Our dual specialisation master’s degree programs provide a rigorous curriculum based in Data Sciences and designed to help our graduates stand out in their field.

I offer my sincerest welcome to the new students joining our programs through our partnership with INSOFE.

Venkataramanan “Ragu” Balakrishnan


Alumni from 70+ Countries


Patent Applications


For Commercialization of Research


Nobel Laureates

Program Benefits for MS in Data Science for Engineering Specialists

As part of the master’s program, students will spend the first 6-7 months attending a data science program to hone their data science skills at INSOFE in India prior to traveling to Case Western Reserve University to pursue their master’s degree.

This six-month training with INSOFE termed as PGP will ensure that you can contribute to the various R&D projects that combine AI with your specific domain skills during your masters at Case Western Reserve University.

You will be trained by world renowned professors so you can pursue a master’s in data science and a dual specialization in an area that interests you.

This program will open up the opportunity for you to work on different data science research projects, collaborate with different people in two countries, and develop a more in depth understanding of engineering and data science topics.


Taught by world-renowned

Guided by senior data

Exciting Research

Attain greater depth in
Engineering and Data Science

Examine problems with a data
science mindset

Hands-on practical education
in 2 countries


INSOFE is a world-class research, consulting, and graduate education institution with a deep focus on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Extending the horizon beyond the perception that Data Science is a specialization in computer science, INOSFE recognizes the discipline as a fundamental alternative that practices deductive science with data

INSOFE’s twinning agreements with 5 universities/colleges from 4 countries resulted in the PGP programs being accepted as first semester credits towards attaining graduate degrees. It is a first of its kind distinction offered to any privately started institute in India.

With 35+ doctoral students in data science from 7 countries within the first year of launch makes INSOFE’s DBA one of the largest executive doctoral degrees in data science in the world.

Choose INSOFE to benefit from a master’s in data science with a dual specialization for Engineering specialists at Case Western Reserve University. Attend 15 credits worth of classes in India and complete the rest of the master’s program in Case School of Engineering to graduate with a dual specialization master’s in data science.


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Distinguished faculty with PhDs from top universities

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75+ Patents


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300+ Research papers

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20+ years of average work experience


Practicing Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has become easy. What used to be a PhD problem 5 years back is a classroom practice for an engineer today.

Hence, people are working on much more complex problems and solving much more important issues using Data Science.

Dr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru


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International Academic Tie-Ups

Career Opportunities

According to LinkedIn’s analysis of careers in 2021, Artificial Intelligence Practitioners and Data Science Specialists are among the top 15 in demand professionals with over 30% growth rate in their respective fields. Pursuing a masters with a dual specialization in engineering and data science will put your resume in great demand across industries.


Upon graduating with a Master of Science in this field, you will be a top candidate for positions such as Machine Learning Scientist, Data Architect, Data Engineer, and Data Analyst in any industry of your choice. You will be able to combine data structures, data visualization, and entity relationship models with data science principles and computer programming abilities upon graduating with this dual specialization master’s degree.

An impressive combination of Engineering, Biology and Data Science, this Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering and Digital Health Analytics will enable you to pursue exciting career opportunities in Biotechnology, Pharmacy and Healthcare industries.

Space, Energy, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries are seeking talented engineers who have the ability to mine terabytes of data to build environmentally friendly solutions. On the other hand, Machine Learning techniques help engineers better understand, predict, and navigate environmental changes. Graduates with a Master of Science in this field, can apply to exciting jobs such as Environmental Engineer, Landscape Architects, Geotechnical Engineer, and Civil Engineering Technicians.

Upon graduating with a Master of Science in this field, you will be a top candidate for opportunities within Industry 4.0 startups as well as in the Manufacturing and Automotive Industries. With a knowledge of AI, you will increase efficiency and develop new business models.

All these data science master’s for engineering specialists are STEM programs. Students are eligible for up to 3 years* of Optional Practical Training (OPT) upon successfully graduating with a masters degree.

*Subject to approval by USCIS.

Life in Cleveland


Studying in the U.S is not just about mastering data science concepts and the connections you make at the university. As a graduate student you still get plenty of opportunities to explore the non-academic aspects of life in the U.S. Don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone to explore the city and the university before hitting those books.

Cleveland is a beautiful city that is home to great museums, parks, as well as a very interesting downtown to satisfy different interests of students and residents alike. Whether you’re an avid artist, a nature enthusiast, a museum aficionado or a food connoisseur you can find something to meet each of those interests. Check out this list of top things to do in Cleveland and at Case Western Reserve University.

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