M.S in Civil Engineering with
a dual specialization in
Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning


Batch Starts
Summer 2023



Data Science Coursework in India - 2 terms
Civil Engineering in USA - 2 terms

Top 20 University

Case Western Reserve University,
a Top 20 USA Private University



Guaranteed 25%


3 Years OPT**
Employment Authorization


*Selection based on performance in Application process.
**Subject to approval by USCIS.

Program Overview

Civil Engineers are increasingly focusing on the sustainable construction of buildings, plants, factories, and towns/cities. Planning and execution of such intensive projects involves accounting for several variables such as weather, fatalities, environmental impact, and materials composition that could drastically hinder the work being done. Utilizing accurate predictive models and applying AI to past data and projects helps reduce delays and minimizes risk in carrying out such a civil engineering project.

Students enrolled in this collaborative graduate program at INSOFE and Case Western Reserve University will be taught to merge civil engineering knowledge with Artificial Intelligence and build a career where they are experts in two niche fields. The 30 credit master’s requirements are split equally between both institutes and will require

students to complete all INSOFE classes in India prior to travelling to Case Western Reserve University (USA).

The Civil Engineering department at Case School of Engineering offers graduate programs in areas of structural, geotechnical, environmental engineering, and engineering mechanics for students to specialize in while the training at INSOFE will help students become experts at applying machine learning and data science principles to execute more efficient civil engineering projects.

Students will be eligible to receive 3 Years OPT upon successfully graduating from the dual specialization master’s degree.

Data Science

Data Science

Artificial Intelligence


Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning

raghu balakrishnan

Venkataramanan “Ragu” Balakrishnan

Charles H. Phipps Dean,

Case School of Engineering, USA

The Case School of Engineering at the Case Western Reserve University recognizes the importance of Data Science’s role in the industry and across the engineering disciplines.

Our dual specialization master’s degree programs provide a rigorous curriculum based in Data Sciences and designed to help our graduates stand out in their field.

I offer my sincerest welcome to the new students joining our programs through our partnership with INSOFE.


Application Process

INEX Pass the INSOFE Entrance Exam
(Receive GRE/TOEFL Waiver)


Interview Interview


Apply CWRU Apply to
Case Western Reserve University


Course Work Complete the coursework


American Flag Eligible for up to 3 year OPT

  • Receive admission to the Master's Program.

  • upGrad INSOFE

    • Applied Statistics for Decision Support in Data Science
    • Methods and Algorithms for Machine Learning
    • Data Mining and Visualization Techniques
    • Artificial Intelligence: Sequential Decision Making
    • Contemporary Issues in Data Mining and Big Data
  • Travel

    Travel to Case Western Reserve University, USA after completing the INSOFE coursework.

  • CWRU

    • Environmental Engineering Chemistry
    • Environmental Engineering Biotechnology
    • Chemical Engineering Analysis
    • Electrochemical Energy Storage
    • Electrochemical Engineering
    • Electrochemical Engineering
    • MS Project

Graduate Graduate with an MS in Civil Engineering

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Program Benefits

INSOFE is a specialist in data science education while Case School of Engineering is an expert on civil engineering. This combination brings you the best of both worlds to ensure that

you can contribute to the various R&D projects that combine AI with your specific civil engineering domain skills during your masters at Case Western Reserve University.

  • R&D projects Specialize in structural, geotechnical, environmental engineering, or engineering mechanics at Case Western Reserve University
  • Practical Training Receive hands on practical training from world renowned professors with extensive industry experience.
  • R&D projects Contribute to various R&D projects that combine AI with your civil engineering domain skills.
  • Practical Training Examine real world business problems through the combined lens of civil engineering and data science.
  • R&D projects Gain expertise in sustainable Civil Engineering practices, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence that will be useful when working in ever changing, chaotic environments.
  • R&D projects Collaborate with people in two different countries in two niche fields.

Fees & Financing

- CWRU Direct Application Enrollment through INSOFE
Program Fees $63,570 $47,677
Scholarship Up to the discretion of Case School of Engineering Guaranteed 25% Scholarship and Merit scholarship opportunities for eligible students
Loan Assistance   100% education loan assistance

Direct enrolment to Case School of Engineering will cost you $63,570 however, going through INSOFE will cost you only $47,677! You will receive a ~$15000 scholarship that will be directly applied to your tuition fees if you get admission through INSOFE

Eligible students have the advantage of getting 100% loan assistance from 13 leading banks in India to pursue a dual specialization master’s at Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Our Financial Partners

  • hdfc credila
  • axis bank

Our counsellors will assist you with details.

Employment After Graduation

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 28% growth rate in data science jobs by 2026, the demand will lead to the creation of 11.5 million new jobs in the industry.


All INSOFE CWRU graduates from the program who score a minimum GPA of 3.5 (overall) in their MS degree will be offered a Data Scientist role with an INSOFE business partner in the USA.

All other eligible graduates will receive extensive career support from INSOFE and CWRU.

Career Opportunities





McKinsey’s 2020 report indicates that construction companies which integrate Artificial Intelligence into their business models and practices will most likely be 50% more profitable than their counterparts. This creates a growing demand for Civil Engineers who are knowledgeable in using Data Science principles.

The dual specialization master’s degree will equip you with the skills needed to combine engineering principles with data science programming skills, soil science, biology, and chemistry to develop solutions to environmental problems.

*Average salary according to USA Glassdoor



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