MS in Mechanical Engineering
with a dual specialization in

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Batch Start: 06-June-22
Intake: Summer 2022

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~$15000 USD
3 Years

*Selection based on the performance in the entrance examination, B.E./B.Tech grades and work experience.
**Subject to approval by USCIS.



The only Mechanical Engineering master’s that offers a dual specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.


Program Overview

Mechanical Engineering is currently fast integrating the rapid strides in Artificial Intelligence technologies like self driving cars, smart machinery/equipment, and robotics. This has created a great demand for Mechanical Engineers with Data Science capabilities across manufacturing, chemical, and automobile industries. The Master’s in Mechanical Engineering with a dual specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics was created to meet this need of the hour

To help students leap forward and make the best use of these technologies, INSOFE’s expertise in data science is combined with Case School of Engineering’s prowess in engineering and technology. The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at Case School of Engineering offers courses in both computational solid mechanics and biologically inspired robotics for students to choose from upon completing their data science training with INSOFE in India.

The 30 credit master’s requirements are split equally between INSOFE and Case Western Reserve University. Students will learn concepts such as foundations of data science skills, machine learning algorithms, and sequential decision making with INSOFE (India).

program overview

Following this, students will travel to Case School of Engineering (USA) to complete the rest of the degree requirements.

Students will be eligible to receive 3 Years OPT upon successfully graduating from the dual specialization master’s degree.

raghu balakrishnan

The Case School of Engineering at Case Western Reserve University recognizes the importance of Data Science’s role in the industry and across the engineering disciplines.

Our dual specialisation master’s degree programs provide a rigorous curriculum based in Data Sciences and designed to help our graduates stand out in their field.

I offer my sincerest welcome to the new students joining our programs through our partnership with INSOFE.

Venkataramanan “Ragu” Balakrishnan


Alumni from 70+ Countries


Patent Applications


For Commercialization of Research


Nobel Laureates

 Carleton University

 Carleton University

With more than 195 years of experience, the Case School of Engineering at Case Western Reserve University is rooted in collaborative research and experiential learning. It is ranked 52nd among the best Engineering schools by U.S News.

The first accredited computer engineering degree and biomedical engineering program in the U.S were started by Case School of Engineering in the 1970s.

Students attending this university will expand their knowledge, deepen their understanding, and solve complex problems utilizing Data Science. Students will have the opportunities to inquire, discover, and create collaborative data science research projects alongside distinguished faculty.



INSOFE’s twinning agreements with 8 universities/colleges from 5 countries resulted in the PGP programs being accepted as first semester credits towards attaining graduate degrees. It is a first of its kind distinction offered to any privately started institute in India.

With 35+ doctoral students in data science from 7 countries within the first year of launch makes INSOFE’s DBA one of the largest executive doctoral degrees in data science in the world.

INSOFE is a world-class research, consulting, and graduate education institution with a deep focus on Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Extending the horizon beyond the perception that Data Science is a specialization in computer science, INSOFE recognizes the discipline as a fundamental alternative that practices deductive science with data.

75+ World-Class Faculty

  • INEX- INSOFE Entrance Examination, Document Verification, followed by Admission


    • Applied Statistics for Decision Support in Data Science
    • Methods and Algorithms for Machine Learning
    • Data Mining and Visualization Techniques
    • Artificial Intelligence: Sequential Decision Making
    • Contemporary Issues in Data Mining and Big Data
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    After completing the course at INSOFE, students recieve lateral entry into the second semester at Case Western Reserve University , USA

  • cwru

    • Advanced Dynamics I
    • Vibration Problems in
    • Advanced Robotics
    • Sustainable Manufacturing
    • Applied Control

    Graduate-Level Course in EMAE (Electives in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

Eligible for 3 Years OPT* after graduation

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Program Benefits

INSOFE is a specialist in data science education while Case School of Engineering is an expert on mechanical engineering. This combination brings you the best of both worlds to ensure that you can contribute to the various R&D projects that combine AI with your specific mechanical engineering domain skills during your masters at Case Western Reserve University.

  • icon Receive hands on practical training from world renowned professors with extensive industry experience.
  • icon Gain expertise in Mathematics, Physics, and Artificial Intelligence that will be useful when working in ever changing, chaotic environments with nonlinear and dynamic systems.
  • icon Contribute to various R&D projects that combine AI with your mechanical domain skills.
  • icon Collaborate with people in two different countries in two niche fields.
  • icon Examine real world business problems through the combined lens of mechanical engineering and data science.

Practicing Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has become easy. What used to be a PhD problem 5 years back is a classroom practice for an engineer today.

Hence, people are working on much more complex problems and solving much more important issues using Data Science.

Dr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru


Students on Campus


Core Research Groups



Full-Time Faculty





International Academic Tie-Ups

Career Opportunities

The field of Mechanical Engineering has a projected growth rate of 4% over the next 10 years.


Growth in the field combined with the growing demand for data science professionals will ensure that graduates from this master’s program are highly sought after by several industries.

The dual specialization master’s degree will equip you with the skills needed to combine engineering principles with data science programming skills, and knowledge of physics so you may pursue exciting career opportunities in Technology, Biomedical, Marketing, and Retail industries.

Here are a few jobs you can apply to upon graduating from this master’s degree:

  • Aerospace engineer
  • Automotive engineer
  • CAD technician
  • Control and Instrumentation engineer
  • Maintenance engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Nuclear engineer

Fees & Financing

  CWRU Direct Application Enrollment through INSOFE
Program Fees $63,570 $47,677
Scholarship Up to the discretion of Case School of Engineering Guaranteed ~$15000 USD scholarship and Merit scholarship opportunities for eligible students
Loan Assistance   100% education loan assistance from 13 leading banks

Direct enrolment to Case School of Engineering will cost you $63,570 however, going through INSOFE will cost you only $47,677! You will receive a ~$15000 scholarship that will be directly applied to your tuition fees if you get admission through INSOFE.

Eligible students will also be considered for a merit scholarship offered by INSOFE and you have the advantage of getting 100% loan assistance from one of the 13 leading banks in the country to pursue a dual specialization master’s at Case Western Reserve University.

Our Financial Partners

  • hdfc credila
  • axis bank

Our counsellors will assist you with details.

Life in Cleveland


Studying in the U.S is not just about mastering data science concepts and the connections you make at the university. As a graduate student you still get plenty of opportunities to explore the non-academic aspects of life in the U.S. Don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone to explore the city and the university before hitting those books.

Cleveland is a beautiful city that is home to great museums, parks, as well as a very interesting downtown to satisfy different interests of students and residents alike. Whether you’re an avid artist, a nature enthusiast, a museum aficionado or a food connoisseur you can find something to meet each of those interests. Check out this list of top things to do in Cleveland and at Case Western Reserve University.

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