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Summer 2023

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2 terms in India
2 terms in the USA

Top 20 University

Case Western Reserve University,
a Top 20 USA Private University

Receive 15%


3 Years OPT*
Employment Authorization


CWRU Alumni


*Subject to approval by USCIS.


Program Overview

The role of Supply Chain Management is to plan and execute processes that optimize the flow of materials, information, and capital across functions such as demand planning, sourcing, production, inventory management, and logistics.

The Master’s in Supply Chain Management is offered by upGrad-INSOFE in collaboration with Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. This program aims to equip students with the desired skills and industry knowledge needed to develop and manage the supply chain for organizations worldwide.

Professionals in this field play major roles in the design and management of supply chains. Students who complete this program will be exposed to various opportunities, mainly in areas like planning and policy-making, product development, assessment, and inventory management.

This Master’s program is a pathway program where students will study at upGrad-INSOFE, India for 2 terms completing 12 out of 30 credit hours. Following this, students will travel to the Weatherhead School of Management, USA to complete the rest of the credit hours.

Students who graduate with a master’s degree are eligible to receive up to three years optional practical training (OPT).



4 years of education from an accredited college/university

Profound knowledge of Linear Algebra is desirable.

Exemplary background in Mathematics (particularly Calculus) with an analytical aptitude.

andrew medvedev and jb silvers

Andrew Medvedev and J.B. Silvers

Interim Co-Deans, Weatherhead School of Management
Case Western Reserve University

We offer our warmest welcomes to new students joining our Master of Supply Chain Management program through our partnership with upGrad-INSOFE.


Application Process

GRE Score Pass the INEX with 50% (INSOFE Entrance Exam) OR Demonstrate a GRE score of 305


Interview Clear the interview with INSOFE


Apply CWRU Apply to the Weatherhead School of Management


Interview Interview with Weatherhead School of Management



Term 1 & 2

  • Optimization Analytics for Supply Chain
  • Spreadsheet and Business Process Simulation
  • Statistical Data Analytics for Supply Chain
  • Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management
  • Business Forecasting
  • Foundations of Python Programming
  • Spreadsheet and Business Process Simulation - II


Term 3 & 4

  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Sourcing in Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Experiential Learning with Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Global Supply Chain Logistics
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Supply Chain Risk Management

Program Benefits

With a Master’s Degree of Supply Chain Management from upGrad-INSOFE and Case Western Reserve University, you’ll enhance your skills in national and global operations and supply chain management across a number of industries, including manufacturing and service.

You’ll study data-science tools and have real opportunities to apply what you are learning within the context of business and supply chains.

  • insights Focus on supply chain field with an insights into blockchain, Python programming and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Loan assistance Gain access to 100% Loan assistance
  • experts Learn from world-renowned faculty, who have trained some of today’s industry experts
  • scholarship Earn a guaranteed 15% scholarship
  • job opportunities Find job opportunities with some of the world’s top companies both in India and the U.S
  • U. S Finish your second year in the U.S

Fees & Financing

- CWRU Direct Application Enrollment through INSOFE
Program Fees
$47,460 $40,341
Scholarship   Guaranteed 15% Scholarship
Loan Assistance   100% education loan assistance

Enrolling at Weatherhead School of Management through INSOFE will cost $40,341, thanks to a 15% scholarship that is directly applied to your tuition fees if you are admitted through INSOFE.

Eligible students will also be considered for a merit scholarship offered by INSOFE and have the advantage of getting 100% loan assistance from one of the 13 leading banks in the country to pursue a master’s at Case Western Reserve University.

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Our counsellors will assist you with details.

Employment After Graduation

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 28% growth rate in Data Science jobs by 2026, the demand will lead to the creation of 11.5 million new jobs in the industry.

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Career Opportunities

Supply chain Manager
$101K USD/year*

Operations Manager
$151K USD/year*


Careers in supply chain management have grown enormously in the past decade. This MS in Supply Chain Management offers a number of advantages to students when looking for relevant jobs in the industry.

Program graduates will be prepared to coordinate logistics and operations management in a variety

of settings across industries. Some potential roles might include purchasing agents, operations managers, logistics analysts, purchasing managers, supply chain managers, storage and distribution managers and inventory managers.

*Average salary according to Glassdoor USA



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