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Jointly certified by INSOFE and Case Western Reserve University
Gain a lateral entry to Top ranked USA and UK Master’s programs
PGP for Core Engineering Specialists
Over 300 hours of training with eminent faculty and data scientists

Program Overview

This PGP certification is designed for students from different engineering backgrounds who wish to understand applications of data science in their niche engineering domains. Students will be taught in depth concepts pertaining to Essentials of Engineering skills in Data Analytics, Deep Learning Applications, Foundations of Probability and Statistics, Artificial Intelligence, and Decision Sciences.

The PGP jointly certified by Case Western Reserve University will require students to complete numerous projects and develop small research papers on real world problems in collaboration with peers under the guidance of course mentors.

This graduate level certification in data science will equip students to utilize existing frameworks and algorithms to solve problems and build products/services specific to their specialised engineering domain.

As we consider the implications of advanced digital skills in today’s continuous learning economy, the field of Data Science holds a uniquely central position in providing avenues for retraining and upskilling, ensuring both individuals and organizations remain economically and educationally competitive.

Case Western Reserve University’s Siegal Lifelong Learning Program is excited to offer certificates in Data Science education in conjunction with INSOFE. This credential demonstrates proficiency in some of the foundational skills associated with a number of key areas within the broader field of Data Science.

Brian Amkraut
Executive Director of Siegal Lifelong Learning
at Case Western Reserve University


Program Benefits


  • Learn to approach real world Engineering problems through the lens of Data Science
  • Taught by numerous world class faculty with industry experience
  • 1:10 faculty student ratio that ensures individualized guidance throughout the teaching and learning process

75+ World-Class Faculty


On average, INSOFE students spend 150+ hours with international PhDs during the course of their study

Program Curriculum


in Data Science

Globally recognized and jointly certified by Case Western Reserve University


Essential Engineering Skills in Big Data Analytics Using R and Python
1 Credit
Students will learn an overview of the data science field while learning the basics of using R and Python. They will begin to implement relevant data science pipelines.
Foundations of Probability and Statistics for Data Science
2 Credits
Students will be taught the essential skill of ‘thinking like a statistician’ and receive hands-on sessions via Excel on Knime.
Statistics and Probability in Decision Modeling
4 Credits
As part of this course, students will learn very powerful supervised learning methods, viz., linear logistic regression, predictive modelling basics, Naïve Bayes classifier, and time series which are used to solve problems in topic extraction, prediction, and classification.
The Art and Science of Storytelling with Data Visualizations
1 Credit
Students will be taught the process for building effective and advanced data visualizations using Python and Tableau.
Methods and Algorithms in Machine Learning
5 Credits
Students will be taught concepts such as association rules, decision trees, clustering, support vector machines, ensemble methods, and collaborative filtering
AI and Engineering Sciences
4 Credits
Students will be taught concepts such as Artificial Neural Networks, Deep learning, Computer Vision, Natural language processing, and Tensorflow 2.0, Fast.AI and Keras
Operations Research
2 Credits
Students will learn linear programming, monte carlo simulations, and genetic algorithms along with receiving hands-on sessions using Excel and KNIME.
Developing Productionisable ML/AI application
1 Credit
Students will be taught to write effective ML/AI python code using Exception Handling and Logging in Visual Studio Code, develop the code inside Docker Container, and test the correctness of the code using Unit Testing.
Real time Big Data Application using Spark Ecosystem
2 Credits
Students will receive an introduction to Big Data and distributed application using Spark ecosystems and solve small and large scale data problems using PySpark
Capstone Project in AI advanced technologies
1 Credit
23 Credits



Bachelor’s in Engineering
Possess computer programming abilities
Prior knowledge of Python and R libraries

Hackathons and Mindcamps

At Hackathons you can

  • Sharpen your python skills
  • Build an online presence on platforms such as Stack Overflow, Kaggle, and GitHub
  • Get hands-on experience, solving exciting problems such as
    • Long term stock growth prediction using text mining on financial reports
    • Sales forecasting for an online grocery retailer
    • Detecting the quality of the manufactured product from process data

At our Mindcamps you can learn

  • Ways to engender focussed and efficient learning
  • Ways to boost confidence and raise self-assurance
  • Methods and techniques for articulation and assertion
  • Explore & improve listening & comprehension ability
  • Tools and Techniques for writing a resume and acing an Interview

A plethora of resources and opportunities



120 Lecture sessions

Weekly group discussions with mentors


Hands-on sessions

224 Lab sessions

Hackathons and Projects to brush-up on Python, build an online presence and solve actual data science problems




Regular Quizzes, Assignments, and a Capstone Project


Performance Insights

50 Evaluations

Manual and automated grading and feedback with SCT



Is there something you can’t wait to solve? Well, don’t! Get started on your dream project while becoming an expert in your area. Just don’t forget to make full use of our faculty’s valuable support. Here are a few sample Projects.

 higher edu options

Students can apply to master’s programs at top U.S.A and U.K universities and receive relevant work visas upon successfully completing the graduate degree.


M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering with dual specialisation in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

M.Sc in Civil Engineering with dual specialisation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

M.Sc in Civil Engineering with dual specialisation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


M.Sc in Machine Learning and Deep Learning

career options

U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there is a 31% growth rate in data science employment opportunities from 2019-2029.

Individuals not interested in pursuing a masters can apply to data scientist job positions upon successfully completing this graduate level certification in data science.

In all our programs, students enjoy the double benefits of career services by INSOFE and the university partner.

Over 500+ companies interviewed on average 4 INSOFEans per day last year.

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Fees & Financing

Starting at 4,797 per month EMI*

* To make this extremely career-defining investment, we offer easy installment payment methods.

Online Mode - 7 Months

Program Fees: 2,85,000* + GST

Admission Fees: 50,000 + 18% GST (Non-refundable)

First instalment: 1,00,000 + 18% GST

Second instalment: 70,000 + 18% GST

Third instalment: 65,000 + 18% GST

*5% discount on the program fees is offered to those who pay the full fees at a go before the course commencement. So, the total fee will be INR 2,70,750 + 18% GST.

Classroom Mode - 6 Months

Program Fees: 3,35,000* + GST

Admission Fees: 50,000 + 18% GST (Non-refundable)

First instalment: 1,00,000 + 18% GST

Second instalment: 90,000 + 18% GST

Third instalment: 85,000 + 18% GST

Due to the Government Regulations in view of the Pandemic, the classroom mode is currently suspended.

  • Lectures by world-renowned faculty and researchers
  • Hands-on assignments and case studies
  • 24/7 students support with frequent performance evaluations
  • Personalized weekly mentoring sessions with easy assessments
  • Unparalleled career guidance, mock interviews and resume building sessions

*Guaranteed Scholarships up to 60,000

100% collateral free loans

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Our counsellors will assist you with details.

World’s Most Recognized Data Science Certification

INSOFE’s PGP programs are recognised by numerous leading education institutes across the world. Our PGP in Data Science is the only program accepted as a first-semester curriculum in education institutes in the UK, USA, Canada, and France. We currently have around 15 collaborative programs and 1 doctoral program across 3 continents that students can choose to attend after successfully completing their PGP training with INSOFE in India.

Our prowess doesn’t end here, more than 500+ Companies recruit INSOFE students as Data Scientists, every year! This reputation in academia and industry is one of the unique strengths of INSOFE.

In addition, several industry bodies such as Analytics India Magazine, KDnuggets, have recognized and awarded INSOFE’s Data Science Program, since 2011.


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