PGP in Data Science

PGP in
Data Science

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Program Overview

PGP in Data Science and Specializations

With new talent and new opportunities, data science is witnessing numerous applications, and data scientists are actively sought after by nearly every sector - from banking to retail to health. Here, at INSOFE, we created one of the finest data science training programs in the world.

The program has been rated as one of the best programs by Analytics India, Analytics Insight and ranked as one of the top programs consistently by Some of the premier global institutes have recognised the diversity in this program and have entwined the same into their Master’s Programs. Students who complete this program and intend to go for their International Masters end up getting direct entry into second semester at selected Universities in America & Europe.

This program coexists with various specialization courses to choose from.
Applied Engineering & Real-Time Big Data Analytics, Financial Markets Analysis, Advanced AI, Digital Supply Chain and Healthcare.

Program Benefits

70+ World-Class Faculty
Closely Monitored Hands-on Sessions, 2 Hackathons and
2 Weeks Bootcamps to further develop the Hands-on Skills
₹3.8 crores Merit-Based Scholarships
have been Awarded till date
500+ Placement Network

Curriculum of PGP in Data SCIence



11 credits

humanities &
Business Modules

2 credits


2 credits

Core technology modules
Foundations of Probability and Statistics for Data Science
Essential Engineering Skills in Data Analytics Using R and Python
Statistics and Probability in Decision Modeling
The Art and Science of Storytelling with Data Visualizations
Methods and Algorithms in Machine Learning
AI and Decision Sciences
Deploying AI/ML Solution on Cloud and On-Premise
Core humanities & Business Modules
Design Thinking and Research
Transformation through Trance - Formation
Technology electives (any 2)
1 Credit each
Reinforcement Learning
Introduction to Computer Vision and Applications
Foundations of Text Mining and Natural Language Processing I
Foundations of Text Mining and Natural Language Processing II
Foundations of IoT
Operations Research for Industry 4.0
An Overview of Big Data and Hadoop Ecosystem
Optional Specializations
3 Credits each

You could be a fresher or an experienced software professional desiring to learn advanced big data technologies to enhance your skills in NoSQL, Streaming Analytics, etc., this specialization is for you!

Key Takeaways

  • A deeper understanding of Hadoop and Spark Ecosystem
  • Data Ingestion at Scale for Big Data Platforms
  • AI/Machine Learning Platforms for Big Data

Using the Data Analytics, take a far more holistic view of the financial industry, analyze and forecast the market changes.

Key Takeaways

  • › Financial Arithmetic
  • › Risk Management Strategies
  • › Algorithmic Trading

Study and understand the principles of Artificial Intelligence using advanced deep learning with an application focus on computer vision and NLP.

Key Takeaways

  • › Advanced Tensorflow
  • › State-of-the-art (SOTA) AI for Computer Vision & NLP
  • › End-to-End pipeline development for innovative commercial applications

Industry 4.0 is all about disruptive technologies; AI, IoT, Blockchain, Big Data to name a few. Conventional Supply Chain (or Analog Supply Chain) reacts to demand and addresses it. This narrative changes with the Digital Supply Chain which leverages above mentioned disruptive technologies.

Key Takeaways

  • › IoT: Hardware, Software, and Networking, powered by AI
  • › Blockchain, Optimisation, Big Data, and Cloud Technologies
  • › Architecting Digital Supply Chain solutions with Industry 4.0 Disruptive Technologies

Apply your deep knowledge to transform the healthcare industry by leveraging data to help prevent and cure diseases and cut down the costs in the healthcare landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • › Medical Classification Systems
  • › Data flow in a typical hospital setting
  • › Prognostication

We Help you Find the Best Career

Our career skill experts conduct monthly workshops on resume building.
These sessions are online and hence can be attended at the convenience
of the students. All students can register for mock interviews where
technology and HR experts conduct interviews.




Mock Interview

INSOFE students get an 80% rise in the salary typically. The average fresher salary is 6.5 lakhs. But, that is not where it ends. Several of our students reported over 300% hike in the second year with just 12-18 months of experience.

Structured Scholarships

INSOFE has awarded over ₹3.8 crores in scholarships.

INSOFE recognizes top performers and rewards them for demonstrating outstanding achievement at every phase of the program based on their performance and eligibility criteria.

At each phase of the program, top performers are awarded rankings based on which scholarship winners are announced. Top performers can potentially win scholarships ranging from ₹25,000 up to ₹1,75,000 and this can be attained on the successful completion of the program.

Based on performance in mid-term hackathon
Final Phase
Based on performance in final hackathon and defence.

Scholarships are disbursed to the top performers only after they successfully complete the course with no fees outstanding.


Bootcamps & Mindcamps

Bootcamps and Mindcamps are two-week intense programming and personality development sessions conducted at all three INSOFE campuses (Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad) on a regular basis.

A typical day in a bootcamp would be 6-7 hours of hands-on programming focussed on either deep-dive into an ML algorithm or using these algorithms to participate in an online competition such as Kaggle. Coding session will be followed by 1-2 hours of mindcamp sessions (debates, discussions, role-playing, etc.) which will help students build essential professional skills needed in the industry to complement the technical skills learned in the bootcamp.


These bootcamp-mindcamp sessions will be roughly offered once every month at any one location. Please check the bootcamp-mindcamp calendar for upcoming sessions. The theme for every session may marginally vary and hence, specific schedule for the 2-weeks will be announced after registration.


Bootcamps and Mindcamps are designed primarily for refreshing your PGP curriculum through a complete hands-on approach, to inculcate in you a holistic approach towards problem-solving and to better prepare you for your job interviews. It will also encourage you to build your public profile and contribute to websites such as Kaggle, GitHub, StackOverflow, etc.

Who should attend

It is highly encouraged for all PGP students to attend after completing your course. If you are seeking career services from INSOFE, you may be REQUIRED to go through at least one bootcamp-mindcamp session depending on your performance in PGP.

Is it mandatory for PGP certification?
No. It is encouraged but not mandatory for certification.

Can I attend multiple bootcamps-mindcamps?
Yes, you can attend as many bootcamps and mindcamps as you want across the cities. You may be required to register separately for each one. However, we may restrict the admission if too many people subscribe to ensure that we give focused care. In such cases, people attending for the first time, needing mandatory career services are given priority.

When will bootcamp-mindcamp for my batch offered?
Bootcamp-Mindcamp sessions will not be offered per batch. There will be calendar published and you can register for one as per the calendar schedule and your own availability. In general, we do one bootcamp per city per quarter.

Do I have to pay to attend bootcamp-mindcamp sessions?
No. It is free for all PGP students.

Do I get a monetary benefit for attending these sessions?
No. There may be a prize for the best performer at the end of two weeks but you will not get paid to attend the sessions. This is an additional service being offered by INOSFE to better prepare for industry those students who need additional help. While all students will benefit from these sessions, our focus will remain on those who need additional support to gain expertise.

Under what circumstances, bootcamp-mindcamp will be mandatory for me?
If you are seeking career support and have not been able to perform to the desired level in the course, Career Services team may make it mandatory for you to attend a bootcamp-mindcamp to become industry-ready before they start showing opportunities to you.

Can I take this bootcamp-mindcamp remotely?
No. You will be required to be physically present in the bootcamp-mindcamp sessions full day (9-7 PM) for all the 10 days (2-weeks). We will offer these in our Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai locations.

What exactly is mindcamp?
Mindcamp sessions are daily 1-2 hour sessions for personality, confidence and resume building. These will be non-technical but heavily interactive sessions where everyone in the audience will be expected to participate. It is simply not sufficient to be strong technically in a subject like Data Science where your holistic thinking skills become as important to solve industry problems.

What do I get out of this bootcamp-mindcamp?
Knowledge refresher, hands-on coding, public visibility through popular profiles, confidence-building and resume writing sessions. This will collectively help you prepare for jobs. This will help you not only for getting a job initially, but also to grow in the career well.

Can I attend only the Bootcamp or only the Mindcamp?
No. All these sessions have various aspects integrated into each other. You have to attend all sessions.

If I miss one or two sessions due to unavoidable circumstances, will it disqualify me from getting Career Services?
Please understand that we are going the extra mile, only to help our students. We expect the students to reciprocate for their own benefit. If you miss one or two sessions, we may ask you to attend another bootcamp-mindcamp session again for 2 weeks, unless you have performed so well in the remaining time that we assess you are ready to face interviews. This will purely be our subjective assessment and no discussion on the decision will be entertained. Again, please note we are doing it for you and so, you must follow our rules and decisions, which we take only in your best interests.

Fees & Education Loan

Application Fees: ₹3000 (Non-refundable)
Total Program Fees: ₹3,35,000 + 18% GST
Discount on Program Fees: 5% discount on the program fees is offered to those who pay the full fees at a go before the course commencement.
So, the total fee will be ₹3,18,250 + 18% GST
You can pay the fee in 3 installments.
Admission Fees:
50,000 + 18% GST (Non-refundable)
First instalment of the program fees:
1,10,000 + 18% GST
Second instalment of the program fees:
90,000 + 18% GST
Third instalment of the program fees:
85,000 + 18% GST

We make it extremely easy for you to make this career defining investment.

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Our counsellors will assist you with details.
Our scholarships and internships allow you to earn back the
investment even during the program.
Average 80% hike in salary means your investments are returned
in less than a year in more than 95% of the cases.
Naveen Tummula
Naveen Tummala
Agile Delivery Lead
at Cognizant
Challenging but Satisfying!
The exceptional faculty, comprehensive curriculum along with extensive lab-sessions made me choose INSOFE. INSOFE’s Data Science program and my 19 years of work experience in the software industry, made me grab good job opportunities in the AI and Analytics domains.

Scholarships - Icing on the Cake
Participating in the hackathons and winning the scholarships was a great opportunity. They made me learn and develop more and more every day.
Srimahitha Kaliki
Srimahitha Kaliki
Sr. Data Scientist
at Amazon
then the magic happened!

After my Ph.D., INSOFE almost became a second university for me. The faculty make very tough subjects easier to learn - which is not an easy job. The curriculum does come above and beyond industry expectations. As I previously worked as a Data Analyst in the Healthcare industry, I was able to relate to it quite well.

INSOFE faculty teaches a lot of stats, regressions, logistics and classroom analysis. The way they taught made me articulate and communicate very well.
Shubham Maheshwari
Shubham Maheshwari
Associate Data Scientist
Internships were the game-changer!

I got an opportunity to do my internship under Dr. Anand Jayaraman. We were working on leveraging machine learning to make a profitable trading strategy. It was a complex project where we used a lot of advanced techniques. I was fascinated with AI and mathematical concepts with which I was able to think of new invigorating ideas and recreate a new piece of code. This live internship helped me with my research and explore the latest technologies. And the Scholarships helped me give my best!
Aashutosh Bhattad
Aashutosh Bhattad
Business Analyst
Axis Bank
Learnt, Understood and Mastered!

The ability to predict the future with data science caught my interest and drove me towards the Data Science industry. I chose INSOFE because of its intensive curriculum. I found my Data Science journey more interesting when I had an interaction with the faculty. I learned, practiced and mastered the advanced concepts and technologies related to Data Science. It turned out to be pretty amazing!
Punit Agarwal
Punit Agarwal
Associate Data Scientist
Krithi Systems
Encouraging and Engaging...

INSOFE’s Faculty encourage students’ to think creatively. The classes are engaging and are backed by assignments, hackathons, presentations and case studies which give you hands-on knowledge about important data science tools. They also help you in learning practical approaches to solving data science problems. The career services team is proactive and provides immense job opportunities. Overall, I think INSOFE is an excellent place to learn applied data science.
Shamik Podder
Shamik Podder
Professional Data Analytics
Sutherland Global
A Great Journey!

INSOFE's pedagogy instilled huge confidence in me as a Data Science professional which eventually helped me get placed at Sutherland Global Services, right after the completion of my program. The highly qualified mentors and data scientists paved the way to lay a strong foundation for the concepts. The lab sessions really helped us to get our hands dirty with complex real-world data sets. Growing from an enthusiast to becoming a professional, It was a great journey!