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High Demand Skills, Rigorous Training, and Exciting Opportunities

INSOFE offers 3 different Post Graduate Programs (PGP) in Data Science for engineers, for practitioners of computer science, programmers, and business aspirants. These data science courses are jointly certified by Case Western Reserve University and eligible for lateral entry to master’s programs at our partner universities in India, Canada, France, USA, and UK.

Students who successfully complete the master’s degree requirements at our partner universities are also eligible to apply to the appropriate work permit upon graduation and receive global exposure that will enhance their understanding of the field.

The PGP data science courses are designed to create technical competency. Students are taught advanced

data science concepts such as machine learning, deep learning, big data, optimization, natural language processing, and computer vision.

Apart from the coursework, the data science certification programs require students to engage in hands on projects connected to industry problems and be able to use languages such as r programming and python to come up with innovative solutions that will help them build a strong career in data science upon graduation.

In addition, the PGP programs have been designed such that students pursue a data science specialization that is most connected to their skill set and educational background.

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Dear working professional,
Add that extra zing to your resume through a world class data science course


The PGP data science courses are part-time certification programs offered to working professionals. Though newly graduated students can also apply to the programs, it is better for them to choose a master’s degree. These data science certification courses are intended for individuals who wish to pursue a career in data science but do not wish to enroll in a master’s program.

A PGP certification in a field of data science and a niche specialization will help enhance your career in data science and give your resume a competitive edge over your peers when applying to data science or analytics roles across industries.



The different data science course certifications were created to meet the needs of people with diverse educational backgrounds, understanding of mathematics, varied programming skills and industry requirements for skilled data science professionals.

In this data science certification programs, the small faculty to student ratio (1:10) ensures that students receive individualized guidance and numerous opportunities to learn applied data science; making it one of the best data science course certifications to be offered.

Most Comprehensive Data Science Course Structure

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The pedagogy of the PGP data science certification has been designed such that INSOFE’s world class mentors are involved in teaching applied theoretical and conceptual sessions pertaining to concepts such as data science, machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence, and design thinking.

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Lab work

Following the theoretical sessions, experienced data scientists engage students in hands on lab sessions on different libraries such as R programming, Python, Excel, Azure ML Studio, or Knime. These hands-on sessions provide students an in-depth understanding of data analysis and the application of data science and machine learning in different industries.


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Students work on various real-world data science projects under the guidance of expert mentors and skilled data scientists. These projects give them a chance to practice the theories learnt in class to solve real-world industry problems.

The data science and machine learning projects are embedded into the structure of the three Data Science course certifications and require students to utilize domain knowledge to come up with innovative solutions.

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Students will also have the opportunity to apply for apprenticeship positions with INSOFE partners and work on consulting projects that can be used for employment upon graduating from the certification. As part of the apprenticeship, students under the guidance of experienced data scientists will get opportunities to engage with clients in a real world setting and understand the requirements of organizations in different industries to build products and find innovative solutions. Students who perform well during their apprenticeship also have the opportunity to apply to a job at the center and continue the exciting work.


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The best
data science
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This combination of theory and practice on real-world problems helps students understand and execute data science and machine learning solutions better in the industry. The data science certification jointly provided by Case Western Reserve University further enhances the student’s resume to become a data scientist, data analyst, business analyst or machine learning dev ops engineer upon successfully completing all the program requirements.

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How do we teach our data science courses: Live, Classroom, Hybrid, and more

At present, PGP Business Analytics is offered in an online mode where students can attend classes from the comfort of their home. However, PGP Data Science and PGP Computational Data Science courses are held as in person classes at the INSOFE campuses located in Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

All three PGP data science courses are designed to ensure that working professionals can comfortably attend INSOFE lectures and lab sessions without compromising their work schedules. The in-person data science courses pertaining to PGP Data Science and

PGP Computational Data Science are offered over the weekend. The online data science course pertaining to PGP Business Analytics is offered in the evenings on weekdays.

Irrespective of the format in which the data science course is presented, INSOFE strongly believes that the best data science learning occurs when applied theoretical knowledge is combined with hands on lab sessions on industry problems under the guidance of experienced mentors and data scientists.

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Data Science Career Opportunities

Data Science is the most in demand and growing field with a projected growth rate of 26% and 11.6 million jobs being created by 2026 (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics). With every organization gathering and using large amounts of data, there is a dire need for professionals who can extract meaningful information, analyze the data, and develop solutions to solve business problems across industries.

The PGP certifications provide expert guidance from experienced mentors and numerous opportunities to work on real world industry problems.

Senior data scientists guide students during the course of study such that individuals who graduate from any of the programs are highly sought after by different industries and top recruiters in the country.

You will receive assistance from the INSOFE career support team and counsellors upon completing all the program requirements so you may apply to roles such as data scientist, data analyst, machine learning dev ops engineer, or business analyst.

World’s Most Recognized Data Science Certification

INSOFE’s PGP data science courses are recognized by numerous leading education institutes across the world. Our PGP in Data Science, Business Analytics, and Computational Data Science courses are one of the best data science certifications and the only programs accepted as a first-semester curriculum at our partner institutes in Canada, France, India, and USA.

We currently have 14 collaborative master’s, and doctoral data science courses that students can choose to attend after successfully completing their PGP data science certification with INSOFE in India.

Our prowess doesn’t end here, more than 500+ Companies recruit INSOFE students as Data Scientists every year! This reputation in academia and industry is one of the unique strengths of INSOFE.

In addition, several industry bodies such as Analytics India Magazine, KDnuggets, have recognized and awarded INSOFE’s Data Science courses, since 2011.


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