Doctorate of Business
Administration in
Data Sciences &
Artificial Intelligence

Offered by Rennes School of Business
in collaboration with INSOFE

Admissions are in Progress
Next Cohort: February 2023


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Become a Data Science Thought Leader
2 Publication Opportunities
Present at a Global Conference

World’s first Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) Degree in Data Science

The Global Doctorate in Business Administration in Data Science is a 3-year executive doctoral programme that provides the highest postgraduate qualification without interrupting the careers of our participants.

This programme is designed for senior managers with extensive professional experience who work on leading their organizations towards digital success.

The Global DBA is a seamless amalgamation of Business Management and Artificial Intelligence where participants will learn applications of AI, strategy development, and resolution of project failure operations.

The graduates of INSOFE-Rennes School of Business are the future Thought Leaders who can plan, deploy, and implement critical short, medium, and long-term initiatives successfully.

Salient Features

salient features

salient features Flexibility (designed keeping a busy manager in mind) to balance work and study

salient features Guidance from business and data science professors

salient features A highly balanced course work on data science and research methods

salient features Thesis on problems that you are passionate about

salient features A highly respected profile with the ultimate degree a university can confer

Program Overview





The Doctorate of Business Administration in Data Science is a seamless amalgamation of business management and artificial intelligence. Students are taught courses on business strategies, thought leadership skills, and product development along with applied machine learning, data science knowlegde, artificial intelligence, and decision sciences.

These new-age, disruptive skills transform the candidates to thought leaders who will take on critical responsibilities within the organization in designing, leading, and driving digital transformation activities.

Dr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru
President, INSOFE

“This joint DBA in Data Science puts together two key elements essential for a quantitative jump in your career. The solid research training from Rennes School of Business coupled with the deep expertise in Data Science and AI brought by INSOFE.

In a changing world where knowledge is a highly prized commodity, there was no better time to embark on a degree. And this DBA program equips you with the tools to come up with innovative solutions for business and society.”

Director General & Dean, Rennes School of Business


75+ World-Class Faculty

DBA Milestone Roadmap

Dr Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru

“These new-age, disruptive skills transform the candidates to thought leaders who will take on critical responsibilities within the organization in designing, leading, and driving digital transformation activities.”

Dr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru,


The courses on Data Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Management of the Global DBA are offered online in a synchronous manner (unless specified otherwise) with optimum classroom intervention.

Most DBA programmes just have online videos for students to watch and learn from. This is the only DBA to provide over 450 hours of classroom instruction and interaction with experienced industry professionals.


Year 01

(Stats and optimization)


Research methodology and process, Qualitative and Mixed Research Methodology, Quantitative Research Methods
(24 hrs each, RSB)

(AI and ML)


Digital strategy

Digital technologies
for managers


Future of work, workplace and work force

Data science


Research preparation workshop

Patent survey



Thesis Proposal Defence

Year 02

Thesis support
(24 hrs)


Thesis support
(24 hrs)


Thesis Proposal Defence

Creating value
from research


Thesis Proposal Defence

Thesis support




Year 03

Thesis support workshops (24 hrs)

Q1 to Q4

AI & ML Research seminars (the student must
attend at least 10 seminars and
present their research once.

Application Process

Process Process

Master’s Degree Graduates Work Experience: 5 Years


Bachelor’s Degree Graduates Work Experience: 8 Years

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Program Benefits

Programme Benefits

  • A highly balanced coursework in data science, research methods, and business management
  • Design, develop, and deploy AI based blueprint to solve domain specific business problems
  • Create production diagrams to enable ease of organizational communication
  • Present at a global conference and publish your work in reputed journals
  • Access to the Rennes School of Business digital library
  • Build a highly respected, in-demand profile
  • Receive the highest degree a university can confer

Thought Leaders' Demographics

INSOFE’s DBA currently has 80+ students, making it one of the largest executive doctoral programs in data science. With students from 20+ different countries working on different research topics, it is the most diverse and multicultural data science doctoral program that one can be part of.


Career Opportunities

According to LinkedIn’s 2020 emerging jobs report, Artificial Intelligence Specialists (74% annual growth) and Data Scientists (37% annual growth) possessing skills such as Machine Learning, Python, and Deep Learning are the most sought after individuals across industries.

A doctoral degree in Business Administration in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence provides great exposure to the advanced tools, strategic planning,

and decision making which are immensely vital to succeed in the AI/ML industry.

This Global DBA will make you a Thought Leader in your industry and provide the experience required to work in senior management positions such as CXO, VP, and Head of Analytics.

Fees & Financing

  Rennes School of
Business Direct Application
Enrollment through INSOFE
Program Fees $45,000 or €38,000
+ 2 weeks accommodation in Paris
$35,500 or €30,000
+ 2 weeks accommodation in Paris
Scholarship Up to the discretion of Rennes School of Business Guaranteed €8,000 scholarship
Loan Assistance   100% education loan assistance from 13 leading banks

The Global DBA Programme tuition can be paid all at once or according to the following payment schedule, when you enrol through INSOFE.

1st year: €10,000

2nd year: €10,000

3rd year: €10,000

Loan Assistance

  • AXIS bank
  • HDFC

Program Fees
€10,000 per year

(Roughly 8 Lakhs INR)

100% academic loans with attractive EMI available.


Admission Requirements

Candidates should possess

A Master’s Degree with 5 years of Industry Work Experience


A Bachelor’s Degree with 8 years of Industry Work Experience

Advisory Session

Dr. Venkatesh Sunkad

Dr. Venkatesh Sunkad conducts the information sessions for the Doctorate of Business Administration MS in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. As one of the architects of the program, a research advisor, and professor, he will walk you through the course, its content, opportunities, and fees in detail.



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