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A program designed to prepare students for the most
demanding and rewarding jobs in Data Science
consulting, R&D and product development.

Our program is not just about building products.

In the last year, roughly 500 companies interviewed INSOFE students. During those interactions, we realized that companies themselves are at various stages of the maturity curve in AI adoption. Some are just beginning and looking for people who can aggregate data and create dashboards. Some are on their journey and looking for people who can create standard machine learning models with discipline.

Most INSOFE students were able to easily handle these interviews and get selected.

However, a group of companies are far ahead in the curve and want top class data scientists who can push the boundaries. They are willing to pay 80-150% more for a data scientist than the other companies at all levels. However, they demand exceptional skills (programming, mathematical and domain) of data science. They want engineers to also understand the intricacies of product development as the jobs involve creating products and automation tools.

PGP-α (Alpha) is designed to meet the needs of these companies which are way ahead in their Data Science curve.

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INSOFE in collaboration with CICE, Carleton University, Ottawa
designed PGP-α (Alpha) to create data scientists with exceptional
consulting and product development skills.

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Phase II



course description Course Description

CIO certificate

Institute in Asia to feature in

‘ 26 big data
certifications that
will pay off ‘

Published in
on SEP 20, 2018.


A set of hand-picked students go through rigorous training in Data Science for 6 months under the guidance of world-class INSOFE faculty. During this period, they study INSOFE’s PGP in data science and a mandatory specialization.

Students will be allocated to their Canadian companies and given their industry projects in the 4th month. A dedicated mentor then will work with students and help them architect and build prototypes . The collaboration with the Canadian companies begin while in India.

Student chooses the specialization mostly to align with their industry project.

@Carleton University

After completing the PGP program with a specialization, students spend at least 3 months in Canada (either Ottawa or Toronto) working on their industry project. This can be extended to 6 months if the student prefers. During this time, the students work on real projects, build world class hands-on skills, awareness of the western work culture and a deep understanding of the best of the breed practices.

Students also attend classes in Technology Product management and Innovation by world class Professors and researchers of Carleton university during the internship. Dedicated mentorship will be available to the students even during the 3 months internship to ensure that they successfully complete the project.

  • World class faculty of INSOFE, India and
    Carleton University, Canada
  • Work in Canada with International firms
    and develop exciting products
  • Network with techno-managerial
    entrepreneurs and transform your career

These 9 months of technology learning, prototype building and networking helps transform students in to a complete AI and ML engineer who can build next-gen products and services for the best of the firms.

v Course Structure

PGP in
Data Science

6 Months

  • Foundations of Probability and Statistics for Data Science
  • Essential Engineering Skills in Big Data Analytics Using R & Python
  • Statistics and Probability in Decision Modeling
  • Methods and Algorithms in Machine Learning
  • AI and Decision Sciences
  • The Art and Science of Storytelling with Data Visualizations
  • Foundation of Text Mining & search
  • Data Management
  • Applying ML to Big Data Using Hadoop and Spark Ecosystem
  • Internship Project (Project and Viva)


Certificate in
Technology Product
Management & Innovation
@Carleton University

3 Months

  • Orientation Day: Canadian culture, work practices and people
    • Industry project in a Canadian company
  • Seminars by the professors from Carleton on
    • Developing and managing Products & Services
    • Open source technologies and Business models
    • Business intelligence tools
    • Leading to a certificate in Technology Product Management and Innovation

v Program Outcomes

All participants who complete the program will get 3 certificates:

PGP in Data Science
Letter of Work completion
from the company
where they worked
Certificate in
Technology Product Management
and Innovation

A Demonstrable Project Prototype

Upon return, INSOFE provides assistance in

2 guaranteed interviews with
Top-tier analytics companies
Processing work permits in two
nations for the interested candidates


This is a challenging program and we admit a maximum of 10 students every quarter in each of our centers in Hyderabad/Bengaluru and Mumbai.

  • Graduate Degree in any discipline with 70%
  • Fluency in English (written skills will be tested)
  • No age limit
  • TOEFL and IELTS waived off
  • Online Entrance Test (coding and mathematical skills will be tested)

Course Fee

CAD $13,800(to be paid to Carleton University directly)


  • Average Annual Salary:
    • Data Analyst: $50,000 - $60,500
    • Data Engineer: $65,000 - $120,000
    • Data Scientist/Analyst Manager: $90,000 - $120,000
    • Machine Learning Scientist: $85,000 - $185,000
  • Public companies paid a median salary of $105k.
  • Government and education sector jobs were at $90k.


About Ottawa

  • With nearly 1,800 technology companies, Ottawa, Canada’s capital, is often referred to the “Silicon Valley North”. Ottawa is home to some of the country’s largest business parks, which holds tech giants like Bell Canada, Nokia, Interset, IBM, Adobe, and Blackberry QNX.
  • Ottawa is ranked 3rd best city in the Americas (Mercer), behind Vancouver and Toronto.
  • Ottawa is ranked 19th best city in the world (Mercer).
  • Ottawa’s climate, due to being situated in a valley, can fluctuate. Summer’s can be humid and hot, and winters are cold and snowy.

Ottawa has nearly:


Native English Speakers

Native French Speakers

Other Languages