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PGP in Computational
Data Science

Application Deadline
January 22, 2022



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PGP in Computational Data Science is Ranked #1 for Program Success by Analytics India Magazine rankings 2021



PGP is jointly certified by
Case Western Reserve University.

With 10 years of experience in training and after working with over 500 companies, we at INSOFE strongly believe that selecting the right people and providing the right training combined with hard work will ensure absolute success for any candidate.

After making substantial modifications to our PGP Data Science, both in curriculum and the selection process, we are bringing you a revamped PGP in Computational Data Science with a 100% job guarantee. Going back to a classroom mode has further enhanced this mission of teaching you to excel in data science.

“It’s like a Master’s, but much more rewarding!”

PGP -CDS Program Journey 9 months

4 months - Course work

5 months -
Training & Paid Internship

Rs. 12,000 per month


We will get you a job within 3 months of course completion, else the entire fee along with GST will be refunded.

As we consider the implications of advanced digital skills in today’s continuous learning economy, the field of Data Science holds a uniquely central position in providing avenues for retraining and upskilling, ensuring both individuals and organizations remain economically and educationally competitive.

Case Western Reserve University’s Siegal Lifelong Learning Program is excited to offer certificates in Data Science education in conjunction with INSOFE. This credential demonstrates proficiency in some of the foundational skills associated with a number of key areas within the broader field of Data Science.

Brian Amkraut
Case Western Reserve University


Program Overview

This PGP certification is designed for Machine Learning enthusiasts from science or engineering backgrounds. The certification in Computational Data Science will equip students to develop algorithms and build large scale enterprise grade AI applications and complex machine systems to solve real world problems.

The coursework in this certification is rigorous and accredited by the computer science department at Case Western Reserve University as 15 credits of graduate study course work.

Only individuals with a bachelor’s degree and a good mathematics background (roughly the mathematics taught in 12th grade) are eligible to enroll in this unique globally recognized graduate certificate program. However, final year students are also eligible to apply to the certification as long as they can get permission from their respective departments and colleges to attend all INSOFE classes.

This program requires students to study full-time and is currently only offered at the INSOFE Hyderabad campus. Working professionals who wish to attend part-time classes will not be eligible to attend the Computational Data Science certification classes.

Application Process

Excited to join now? Check your eligibility today.

Universities seem to have different ways of awarding grades, some stricter than others, but we also see more companies encouraging talent irrespective of their undergraduate performance. As a result, we decided not to worry about your previous degree percentage. If you believe your 12th mathematics is strong, we welcome you to try your hand at this program.

Application Process Application Process

The final selection of a candidate to the Computational Data Science certification program is based on a cumulative assessment of the student’s performance during the

  • Bachelor’s/master’s degree
  • INSOFE entrance exam and
  • Interview with INSOFE experts

We only select candidates that we are confident we can train and if the student puts in their best, we can place them in a job within three months of graduating from the Computational Data Science certification.

75+ World-Class Faculty

What do We Teach

An ML engineer is expected to be very strong in the following 4 areas and
we teach them all. 



  • Advanced calculus
  • Linear algebra
  • Numerical analysis and simulations



  • Data structures
  • Advanced python
  • Contemporary topics in Big Data



  • Statistical modeling
  • ML modeling
  • Deep learning
  • Graphs


Soft skills

  • Presentation
  • Consulting skills
  • Project execution skills

How do We Teach


700+ hours of learning

The program lasts for approximately 27 weeks with students spending over 700 hours learning the required computational data science theory and lab sessions. This is more than what most master’s programs teach globally!


1:10 data scientist to
student ratio

At INSOFE, we have a hybrid program (classroom and online sessions) where roughly 20 hours per week are spent on classroom lectures taught by our world-class faculty while a data scientist helps students receive individualized guidance with the hands-on-labs sessions.




The certification will require students to complete 35 assignments, 2 hackathons, and 7 projects.


End Goal

Students will be able to work on industry relevant projects, get trained to build complex code, and present their results convincingly upon successfully completing all the certification requirements.




In Computational
Data Science

Globally recognized and jointly certified by INSOFE and Case Western Reserve University, USA



The PGP in Computational Data Science is jointly certified by Case Western Reserve University and INSOFE. To receive this certification, you need to score a minimum of 50% in the program.

However, to become eligible for the job guarantee, you must score 70% in your PGP, there are no exceptions to this requirement.

We only take students who we are convinced are capable of scoring 70%. If you worked hard, there is no reason why you should not get the minimum requirement and receive job guarantee from INSOFE.

Career Opportunities

According to many surveys, ML Engineering provides you the fastest growth opportunity. It is not just a great beginning but a great journey.

Based on your performance in the PGP course, starting with your 7th month in the program you will begin engaging in the recruitment process and start attending interviews. In addition, campus drives will also be conducted exclusively for companies looking to hire data scientists, machine learning engineers, AI specialists, and data engineers.

3 Months

We will get you a job with a minimum CTC of ₹5 lakhs* within 3 months of course completion, else, the entire fee along with GST will be refunded.

Some of Our Top Recruiters

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Fees and Financing

EMI starts as low as. 6,000 per month.

Program Fees: 3,35,000 + GST

Entire program fee to be paid one week before the start of the program.

Our financial partners provide you 100% education loan assistance. You also get a 9 to 15 month moratorium where you just have to pay an instalment of ₹6,000 per month during that time. This means you incur a mere expense of ₹54,000 before you get your dream job.

To transform your career, start your journey with us today!


If you score more than 70% and we fail to get you a job within 3 months of graduating from the PGP, the entire fee along with GST will be refunded.

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