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Driven by analytics expertise, INSOFE engages with corporates to build COEs and deliver compelling Data Science solutions. Here are some solutions and case studies that showcase our strengths:


In collaboration with iCube, INSOFE developed a product Intuceo, a business user interface which simplifies complex data and hands the analytics to the business user for easy use. The platform is used by several clients to study deeply hidden patterns, analyse and find optimal strategic actions even at very high dimensions. Lockheed Martin, Chrysler, Pearson, Philips are amongst such clients that tested the product as a part of POC.


INSOFE worked with Soothsayer Pvt. Ltd., to build a center of excellence and build a world-class analytics team. Soothsayer works with some of the largest firms in USA, delivering analytics services for clients in retail, manufacturing, supply chain and healthcare sectors. In collaboration, they worked on some cutting-edge projects for Abercrombie & Fitch, Worthington Steels, PreferredMeals Dunn & Bradstreet etc.

INSOFE is actively pursuing consulting and research in an array of industry verticals. Each project is headed by an expert with rich consulting and business experience. Here are snapshots of some of such projects at INSOFE:

Smart Systems and IoT

INSOFE is working on building smart systems that warn organizations about risk and help identify solutions to mitigate the risk. Dr. Gnana Bharathy and Dr. Parag Mantri head the center and their primary areas of interest include identifying risk in an enterprise using AI techniques.

The center is building a system that helps recognise risk and innovation intelligentially and automatically in a structured manner. INSOFE worked with several organizations to help deploy such systems.


The INSOFE Advantages

  • Projects spearheaded by best-in-industry intellectuals
  • Scalable cost-effective solutions
  • Dynamic team with sheer subject expertise
  • Full-fledged business solutions tailored to meet specific and challenging business needs
  • Visibility & seamless communication

Retail & Supply Chain Management

Data science is revolutionizing retail and SCM with its capabilities such as accurate demand forecasting, minimizing the cost of warehousing & storage and creating new product design & understanding market perceptions.INSOFE’s Retail and SCM center is involved in taking retail to the next level of digital revolution through smart analytics and AI. Dr. Manoj Duse holds 25 yrs of experience in Analytics Product Development and heads this center along with well-equipped and knowledgeable Data scientists and interns.

INSOFE’s Retail and SCM center is involved in taking retail to the next level of digital revolution through smart analytics and AI. Dr. Manoj Duse holds 25 yrs of experience in Analytics Product Development and heads this center along with well-equipped and knowledgeable Data scientists and interns.

Through its partners INSOFE worked with some of the largest brands in the world in the areas of Fashion Retail, Telecom, Food, Manufacturing and others in solving some of their challenging problems like Route Optimization For a U.S Based Cleaning Company, Ship From Store Optimization for a world’s leading retailer, Demand Forecasting for a retail company, Customer Churn Analysis for a US based company and many others.

INSOFE is currently working with a start-up based out of Silicon Valley to help them build a smart suite of analytics, a product suite that enables retailers to understand and profile their customers effectively based on several factors and place their products accurately to increase sales. The center is also working on a project using social media data to create accurate avatars of clients that help companies in digital marketing.

IoT Driven Healthcare

Escalating costs of healthcare call for nothing less than a disruptive inclusion of technology to make healthcare affordable and accessible to the growing population. INSOFE is at the forefront working with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies, hospital systems, and insurance organizations to solve a variety of problems pertaining to various points of healthcare lifecycle.

Dr. Anand Jayaraman heads the center and its work with a major hospital system in the US involved designing IOT based alternatives for physiotherapy. INSOFE also worked on other intriguing projects like Fraud Detection in Clinical Trials for pharmaceutical companies, Failure Detection in Medical Devices in manufacturing, Understanding Patient’s Adherence Behaviour and Generate Fore Warning Systems for insurance companies and many others of high importance.

INSOFE is currently working with an Austin based healthcare start-up in designing analytical models for early detection of patient behaviour in hospitals. Two of the largest hospitals in the U.S are associated in this Clinical trial program where the team involves medical doctors and consultants from 3 continents.

Deep Learning & Edge Analytics

Perhaps the most revolutionary and popular technology of AI of the last decade has been Deep Learning. Today, we are beginning to understand text images and videos with a much higher accuracy. Deep Learning and Edge Analytics team lead by Dr. Kishore Konda and Dr. Suryaprakash Kompalli is at the forefront with state-of-the-art infrastructure (7 nodes with a 20-Core processor, 512 GB RAM each and 10 state-of-the-art GPU cards with 100 GB total capacity), on which our faculty are conducting research on advanced video and image processing at an accuracy that rivals humans.

However, to add to the excitement, INSOFE is working in association with Wuhan Hongshi Technologies Co., Ltd., a firm specializing in iris recognition technology, using an embedded chip device with inbuilt analytics capability, eliminating the entire process of transferring files over internet and the possible potential hacking issues. This project in combination with chip manufacturer gives it that edge and the center also works to deliver a variety of smart solutions in the area of manufacturing and smart cities.

Blockchain Security and Analytics

Financial industry is looking to adapt to blockchain, a powerful technology that can standardize and ensure data security. A range of applications including smart contracts and faster computation to enable several data security based activities are readily using Blockchain technology.Dr. Praphul Chandra and Dr. Suryaprakash Kompally are working on blockchain 2.0 applications with primary focus on designing smart contracts where Machine Learning algorithms take the role of arbiters between service provider and service vendor to effectively automate the entire process.

An era of secured reliable payment systems has arrived. The use of Drones and ML algorithms enables automated data tracking and in addition to that, a smart contract is activated between the parties. The required conditions related to payment and other factors are taken into consideration and the system virtually negotiates based on the activity tracked. Smart contracts where AI algorithms or oracles help arbitrate and negotiate, Blockchain ensures non-repudiation. Deploying analytics solution is more than a simple process as it involves interfaces with existing software and humans of various levels of intellect.