INFER helps students and faculty of your college become strong in cutting edge technologies
like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,
IoT and Big Data.

Mahesh Kumar Duvvarapu
Lead Data Scientist

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To become an Associate

Dear College Administrator,
Do you need external help in building a AI center of excellence in your campus?

You may feel that you are already conducting a few ML workshops in association with a few external companies. Then why plan for one more?

Good question! Start with introspection.
Are your current workshops adequate? Here is a good way to assess.

  • Do you get at least 2 publications in AI and ML done by your students every year?
  • Do you have at least one student/alumni building a prototype for her/his start-up in AI and ML every year and presenting to industry panels?
  • Do you attract specialized AI and ML product companies hiring your students above Rs. 8 lakhs per year salary regularly?

If you are already doing all the above, honestly, you do not need the partnership that we are proposing. Thanks for your time!

If your students are not doing the above and if you want a sure shot way of achieving them, great news!! We can present a well thought out solution and a partnership.

The problem definition

While most engineering colleges are teaching theoretical skills well, the students are not where the industry wants them in applied skills or where they can conduct research or build a product company.

Even the MOOCs offered by prestigious universities do not address this issue. They do a very good job in providing foundational scientific skills but not applied industry skills.

This gap (conceptual versus applied) can be easily filled. INSOFE developed INFER precisely for this. INFER has several components.


EXCITE are open sessions in cutting edge technologies
conducted by INSOFE’s world class faculty.

Every year, one of our esteemed faculty members will visit your campus and conduct open sessions; one for the faculty and one for the students. The topics are going to be from cutting edge technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain or applications of the same in capital markets, healthcare and supply chain industries.

The aim of these sessions is to help your students and faculty get motivated to pursue these technologies as research or further education.

We offer this at free of cost for colleges that have Bold program running!


Best Opportunity to Learn Data Science”
A selected student's journey in INFER starts with BOLD

What is BOLD: A certification with 4 levels in industrial data science.

Who is it aimed at: A good starting point is 2nd year engineering students from any branch. But, in our start year, we might accept highly devoted 3rd year students also.

What do we teach in BOLD: Each semester, student spends 20 hours with INSOFE faculty in the classroom. INSOFE faculty visits your campus and conducts the workshops. We can decide how to schedule without disrupting your college hours. But, you must allocate 4 hours during every visit and 5 days in a semester (not continuously).
In addition, students must complete 10 hours of online education developed exclusively from applied perspectives.
BOLD is applied, case-driven and hands-on. It systematically builds the competency and confidence of the student to tackle real-world problems and make the students industry ready.

BOLD has 4 levels

  • Level 1 is Certificate in scoping, auditing and analysis of AI, ML and Data Science projects
  • Level 2, is Certificate in Applied Big Data Analysis
  • In Level 3, Certificate in Applied Machine Learning on real-world data
  • In Level 4, Certificate in productionizing Machine Learning models in industry

How does BOLD positively impact your student’s career?

  • After every level, your students get a certification.
  • Those who complete all 4, will in addition get a “Engineer with Data Science Skills” certification. As they add “Data Science" skill to their resume and prove it with their certifications, their prospects zoom ahead. Typically, engineers with data science skills earn 30% higher salaries than normal IT jobs and 50% higher than testing and support jobs.
  • We will share their resumes with more than 200 firms who constantly recruit from INSOFE
  • Those who complete 2 levels become eligible for our select bootcamps (explained later).
  • Those who complete all 4 levels become eligible to join in a global M.Sc. in their 8th semester. So, your students complete their first semester of Masters in their 8th semester. Then they would fly to France and complete the 2nd semester.

Can anyone join BOLD?

No. We will conduct a FREE online exam covering basic quantitative skills, English skills and C programming skills. In addition, we analyze their first year performance or 12th grade (if first year results are not yet released). Only those who score more than 60% cumulative are eligible for admissions.
Roughly we select 40-60 students from a college (all branches included). We may select fewer if less people clear the exam but not more in any batch.
In addition, to go to Level 2, the student must have successfully completed Level 1.

BOLD is only for the passionate.

Student can only appear for one certification in each semester. Students can take 1 level or all 4 levels.

The fee per certification is Rs. 8000/-


For a Global Exposure after completing 2 levels of BOLD
a student can opt for one of the 2 bootcamps in R&D or Product Development.

Those who complete 2 levels of bold successfully may become eligible for one of the 3 bootcamps mentioned below. All bootcamps roughly take one month. In all these bootcamps, students spend one week at a INSOFE campus (Hyderabad/Bengaluru or Mumbai).

  • R&D exposure bootcamp: Students work with a researcher and publish a AI and ML conference paper. Students get a research certification.
  • Product exposure bootcamp: Students work with a product developer and build a AI and ML product prototype and get a global certification
  • Entrepreneurship bootcamp: You work on a start-up idea, build a prototype and demonstrate it to a panel from industry along with a business plan.

How do Bootcamps transform your career?

  • If you are interested in R&D, Product Development or Entrepreneurship, Bootcamps help you start your journey in the right way under the right guidance.
  • With additional global certifications, your market value goes up even further. Salaries can be 50-60% higher than typical IT jobs and 100% higher than testing and support jobs.
  • We present your profile to 100 top data science product and R&D labs for both internship opportunities for your final year projects and for jobs in 8th semester. This is in addition to the 200 companies to which we submit with BOLD certifications.

Can anyone join Bootcamps?


  1. As a base, you should have completed 2 levels of BOLD before you become eligible for a Bootcamp.
  2. Roughly 15% of the BOLD qualified students will make it to the bootcamps. We use performance in BOLD, demographic balance (equal distribution of rural and urban) and gender balance (equal distribution of men and women), branch balance (equal representation from all branches) to select the candidates.

Bootcamps are extremely competitive to get in. The fee of each boot camp is Rs. 32,000. There is a zero interest, easy EMI option to pay. A student can join in only one bootcamp at a time.


INVOLVE is our Faculty Development Programs.
3 faculty members from partner colleges running INFER get free passes to the three-day FDP conducted on cutting edge research areas. We not only cover important topics but discuss new frontiers, potential Ph.D. and grant topics.