Corporate Programs

Leader in Classroom Driven Executive Education Programs in Data Science, AI and Machine Learning


Leader in Classroom Driven

Executive Education Programs in

Data Science, AI and Machine Learning

Sachin Bhansal

INSOFE’s Corporate Training Services allow companies to innovate and reshape talent for the future, using AI and ML.

Prof. Anuradha Sharma
Dean - Corporate Transformation Services

INSOFE pioneered Data Science education for the CXOs, Business users, technical architects and engineers.

In addition, the research strength of our faculty helps us offer custom education in healthcare, financial markets and supply chain industries.

We also offer Blockchain and IOT education.

Trained 4000+ Employees in the last 5 years across 9 countries

CXO Workshops

Our 1 day CXO program is designed for top executives in-charge of P&L or innovation within the enterprise. Focus is on teaching frameworks that help the senior leaders define the AI blueprint, people strategy, infrastructure strategy, data strategy.
  • State of the Art in AI
  • Designing AI manifesto: Frameworks and Tools
  • Developing AI consistent People Strategy

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CXO Workshops

Our 3-day Translator Workshops are designed for business managers, product managers, consultants who need to play a crucial role in AI projects. They learn how to align AI with business and ensure that AI projects are executed with a business goal in sight.
  • Session 1:
    • State of the Art and AI way of solving problems
  • Session 2:
    • Blueprint for AI project execution
  • Session 3:
    • AI and ML for program managers

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CXO Workshops

In your organization, the technical leaders must have left the college before the term deep learning was coined. However, they need to lead teams that do not know any other form of machine learning!
This 5-day program is designed to bring the architects up to speed in the latest technologies.
  • Day 1 : Introduction to AI/ML
  • Day 2 : Shallow Learning Fundamentals Day
  • Day 3 : Deep Learning - Multi Layered Perceptron
  • Day 4 : Convolution Neural Net for images
  • Day 5 : Recurrent Neural Nets and
    Transformer Architectures for text

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We have more than 100 modules from which you can pick the most specific education your engineers need. Modules range from basic statistics to advanced AI like reinforcement learning. All programs have both concept sessions and hands-on sessions. We can replace hands-on labs with Hackathons or Prototype building sessions. Based on the modules, the program can range anywhere from 1 day to several weeks.

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Sachin Bhansal

INSOFE’s program on deep learning was excellent and insightful. It was very useful for me and my team. I liked the faculty’s passion and knowledge.
I highly recommend it.

Sachin Bansal