Leader in Corporate Programs in Data Science,
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Anuradha Sharma

INSOFE’s Corporate Training Services allow companies to innovate and reshape talent for the future, using AI and ML.

Prof. Anuradha Sharma
Dean - Delivery and Quality

INSOFE is a multifaceted AI specialist that provides you the best data science training you could hope for.

Clients ask us how our (live and classroom) sessions differ from much more comfortable and convenient self-paced videos and evaluations.

Self-paced videos are great for exciting the professional and give a basic overview of the field.

Our classroom sessions are designed to put your employees in front of the customer right after the class as a data scientist or create the confidence to make informed organizational decisions to enhance your enterprise growth.

An overview of how INSOFE classes will enhance your organizational growth

INSOFE E-learning or
Pre-recorded Sessions
Classroom structure designed to provide you a highly advanced real-world problem-solving understanding of AI, ML, and data science applications. Created to provide you an overarching awareness of data science as a field.
Rigorous structure with established deadlines and continuous feedback to resolve questions on the spot. Videos used as a reference with no set timeline to assess understanding.
Theoretical knowledge is combined with hands-on learning projects and lab sessions. Theory oriented videos with limited mentoring sessions with different teams
Individualized guidance and support by world-class mentors and experienced data scientists. Self-paced learning

A decade of enterprise education taught us that every member within the enterprise has a different role to play in Data Science adoption.

Hence, at INSOFE, building enterprise AI skills is a well thought out and customized effort.

We discuss with the stakeholders, create a learning roadmap and custom design a series of bootcamps, workshops for various layers. We build tools to measure the ROI through robust evaluations. We carry out adoption evaluations at individual, group and enterprise levels.

Did you Know

INSOFE is helping a 40 Billion dollar global petrochemical leader as an exclusive partner in AI adoption.

This work involves designing and delivering bootcamps for roughly 30,000 employees divided into 5 different layers based on AI skill needs.

custom programs

How do we develop a custom plan rapidly ?

INSOFE faculty developed and delivered effective workshops and bootcamps for every layer in the enterprise across dozens of verticals, geographies and 100s of enterprises.

We armed this experience with extensive research to create several accelerators and frameworks. We combine these accelerators and frameworks effectively and create a highly customized program that suits the needs of your enterprise and achieve rapid transformation.

Here are a list of core modules we use
to create a highly effective enterprise learning plan



  • AI for executive leadership
  • AI for translators
  • Visual thinking and communications
  • AI-IQ measurement framework


“INSOFE is the best choice because of its intense curriculum, world-renowned faculty, and resources that made me a leader in the field of Data Science.”

Sheel Dashrath Singh
Principal Consultant


IT and Data Science teams

  • Hackathon framework to measure skills in any specific area
  • Analytics programming in R and Python
  • AI architectures for real time systems
  • AI engineering
  • Big Data administration
  • Big Data engineering
  • Scaling and deploying AI applications
  • Statistical modeling
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Deep learning on structured and unstructured data
  • Reinforcement learning

Did you Know

INSOFE team helped an IT team of a large global pharmaceutical firm develop a novel ML powered model to detect next hotspot for a pandemic.


Functional teams

  • Data Science for HR
  • Data Science for finance
  • Data Science for sales and marketing
  • Data science for operations
  • Data science for capital markets managers
  • Data science for healthcare professionals
  • Data science for supply chain managers


"INSOFE's course was interesting and informative, as well as, well organized... In terms of teaching, I appreciated learning about statistics-based analytical methods and when to apply them, as well as, receiving a refresher course on data mining and machine learning techniques. Thanks again."

Tahia Infantes Morris,
Staff Engineer, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (Vistakon)


Auxiliary technologies

  • AI and Robotics
  • AI and Blockchain
  • AI and Cloud

Did you Know

INSOFE faculty developed, patented and are actively deploying a block chain infrastructure for organizations to quickly adopt Blockchain.

We can help you in evaluations and ROI measurements


We understand that enterprises need to understand how participants have received the programs and the benefits of each training program. We use a variety of interventions to measure and report the ROI

  • During the session, we conduct quizzes using mentimeter.
  • For any bootcamp or workshop, we conduct an instant survey and collect feedback if you already do not have such mechanism in place (but in most cases, our partners have their own systems).
  • Wherever relevant, we can conduct assessments after the program to ensure that participants assimilated the contents thoroughly. Typically, this is done within a week of the workshop. We share the analysis at a group and individual level with L&D. As an incentivization, we have the framework to design a joint digital badge that the participant can showcase in social media.
  • We can conduct a survey (typically, after a quarter) to understand how participants are applying their learnings. We analyze these responses and report our results to the learning and development divisions.


“It was just a phenomenal experience to get up to speed on some of most recent and cutting edge Deep Learning and ML techniques and their applicability to various business and consumer opportunities. Clearly, compressing 40 years of 11 evolution of DL/ML into 7 days is not for the faint-hearted! Bravo!”

Sunil Gopinath
Senior Vice President at Rakuten

We would love to work with forward looking enterprises and help them adopt AI better and faster.

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