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AI & Deep Learning

Dramatically enhance your organization’s AI capabilities to develop
cutting-edge products and services.

This 1 day program aims at helping decision makers systematically implement disruptive technologies and gain competitive edge.

INSOFE’s CXO series focuses on teaching a suit of frameworks and tools, that can help the applicant ask the right questions, set the right processes, and build high-functional teams to implement deep learning successfully in their organization.

Who will it benefit?

This program is best suited for senior-level executives with a P&L who want to harness AI & Deep Learning to gain a competitive advantage, predict the future, and revolutionize business processes. This is a domain-agnostic seminar that is ideal for leaders of any size company looking to disrupt the status quo.

Program Takeaways

Enabling futuristic deep learning solutions in your organization.

The program gives an exposure to some of the cool AI applications like autonomous cars, smart shopping, personalized advertising, medical diagnosis, fraud detection, electronic trading and several others.

It helps you create a blueprint for your organization to analyse risks and limitations and provides you the ability to methodically answer questions such as:

  • How will my organization benefit from AI & Deep Learning?
  • What new products, solutions, services, and processes can we create to revolutionize our business and performance?
  • How do I democratize these new technologies?
  • How do I build an internal center of excellence and/or properly vet and interact with external partners?
  • How do I minimize organizational friction and maximize utility while instituting these disruptive innovations?

During the program, the participants will be exposed to several use cases where organizations successfully implemented A.I. & Deep Learning solutions by combining technical expertise, design thinking, sound strategy, and agile methodologies.

Key program benefitss

  • Learn what AI can do and what are its limitations.
  • Learn how to make your organization ready to embrace AI efficiently and reduce the learning curve drastically.
  • Learn how to apply design thinking and agile methodologies to develop usable AI solutions that deliver value.
  • Network with peers from diverse industries and functional areas to get fresh ideas.


Deep Learning for CXOs is a one day program and is structured into three sessions that collectively deliver a holistic, innovative, and actionable learning experience.

  • Deep Thinking: You will analyze deep learning as a new way of problem solving that combines deep design and agile thinking principles.
  • Deep Learning for Decision Makers: You will look at practical applications of deep learning like marketing, customer profiling, HR to help you see connections to your own organization. Most deep learning solutions are so futuristic that many CXOs may think their organization may not need it. You bust that myth systematically.
  • Deep Strategy: You learn a suite of frameworks that help you step by step build a blue print to enable your organization embrace deep learning seamlessly. You also understand the risks and limitations.

Admission & Finances

Technical background is not expected. This one day program is designed exclusively for executives and focuses on business building aspects.

Program Fees
Rs. 25,000/- + 18% GST

To confirm attendance, the full fee needs to be paid in advance.
It is non-refundable except under extenuating circumstances.