We Are Applied Engineering
Industry heads' speak about INSOFE
Ajanta Chatterjee
VP (Learning and Development) - Vodafone
"INSOFE conducted a 2-day Data Sciences / Analytical Thinking workshop for our High Potential employees. The feedback from participants was positive and it was extremely well received. Workshop helped in creating mindset towards analytics i.e. data to insights to actions. We look forward to working with INSOFE again."
Kumar Vaibhav
Sr. Software Engineer (R&D) - ABCO Advisory Services India Private Limited
"...After seeing the profiles of the trainers at INSOFE, we were convinced that we had found the right trainers for our engineers. They were very co-operative from the beginning...By the end of this 5 day training, our engineers were already working on data science use cases from their areas of work. I am concretely convinced that INSOFE delivers India's (and probably world's) best Data Science training."
Sriram K Moorthy
Director, Global Analytics at Hewlett-Packard
“We leveraged INSOFE to conduct an engaging yet thought provoking session for all our managers on some of the emerging tools and techniques... These sessions exposed the team to concepts using real-world examples. The quality of the training content, impeccable delivery, excellent mentions of key relevant analytics concepts and applications... is something that cannot be faulted. The little tips were simply fantastic and I found myself sitting through these trainings myself.”
Tahia Infantes Morris
Staff Engineer - Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (Vistakon)
"I thought Dr. Murthy's course was interesting and informative, as well as, well organized...In terms of teaching, I appreciated learning about statistics-based analytical methods and when to apply them, as well as, receiving a refresher course on data mining and machine learning techniques... Thanks again."
Abhijay Datta
Associate Director - Novartis
"We work with Dr. Murthy and his team on some exciting analytics projects. They have been proactive, quick, insightful and also communicate very well. What was most impressive was Dr. Murthy always presenting multiple options in front of us to help make decisions."
Ramesh Loganathan
VP (Products) & Center Head, Progress Software - Hyderabad Labs
"INSOFE's program on Enterprise grade product development was well designed and gave our engineers exposure to product design and engineering challenges when working in cutting edge technologies."
Pradeep Pasupuleti
Founder- Datatma (Humanizing Big Data)
"This course indeed taught our team sophisticated analytics in a truly commendable manner. The team has benefited immensely and learnt firsthand the true relevance of Applied Engineering.

INSOFE's impetus on solving problems on high dimensional data, the world class faculty, the breadth of innovative thought has definitely imbibed in us a sense of achievement already.

This is definitely a worthy pursuit for all those who believe in riding the wave of Big Data and Advanced Analytics and play in this Next Gen technology space."
Anurag Seth
VP and Global Head - Transportation vertical, WIPRO
"INSOFE's Certificate in Engineering Excellence program for advanced analytics skills is an encouraging initiative to bridge the gap that exists between the demand that new age analytics world has versus the supplies that we end up seeing from existing relevant academic institutes. This is in line with Wipro's vision of building a large analytics team by organically grooming our talent pool.

Concepts were taught with cases relevant to real-world situations. Our employees who took the course are confident of handling projects in Analytics, and solving problems systematically"
V Ramasankaram
Chairman, HRDC - Defence Electronics Research Laboratory, Hyderabad
"International School of Engineering conducted a two day workshop on "Systems Engineering and Failure Analysis" during 27-28 March, 2012 at Defence Electronics Research Laboratory, Hyderabad for senior scientists.

The workshop was innovative, interactive, and brought new perspectives on system engineering aspects. The case studies that are deliberated upon are essential tools for system managers."