A set of FREE and exciting
technology courses offered online

FACET introduces exciting new technologies and thinking paradigms to enthusiasts of technology.

It stands for Free & Applied Courses for Enthusiasts of Technology.


Design Thinking in Data Science

A 20-hour course that introduces hands-on applied data science to students with any background.

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Consulting services

Graphs and Data Science

The 10-hour course introduces engineering students and working professionals to the art of computational problem-solving in data mining.

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Team building services

Autonomous Navigation

Navigate your Career in the autonomous world with the 10-hour free course on algorithms for self-driving cars.

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While each course has its own curriculum and structure, there are some common features that tie them all.


  • Classes are conducted live & online.
  • A live one-hour session every week between 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM IST.
  • Recorded lectures will be made available in 48 hours in the portal.
  • Discussions integrated to a LMS system to facilitate revision and learning.
  • Every class is associated with an online quiz of 5 questions.
  • We make the modules as independent as possible. So, students can join at several points and then complete the course.
  • In addition, we conduct interviews with successful data scientists working in the industry and learn from their experiences.

Data Scientists: Up Close and Personal

In these bi-weekly interviews, the INSOFE team interviews successful data scientists from the industry. We ask them the kind of problems they solve, the skills they use and how their work life.

More importantly, you get to interact with them.

Admission and Course Completion

There will be a diagnostic test in quantitative and verbal skills. We have 10 questions. Only those who score more than or equal to 5 points are eligible for joining the course.

Every class has an associated quiz. As these are online, students can take whenever they are ready.
Students who score 35% are eligible for a digital INSOFE badge.

Students can display these badges in their social media profile and attract employers.


Those who get


Those who score between 50-70%


Those who score
more than 70%