Dr. Gnana K. Bharathy, Ph.D.

Dr. Gnana K. Bharathy
"Extremely cutting-edge products to AI based chatbots, INSOFE students gain hands-on expertise while developing innovative solutions."

Dr. Gnana K. Bharathy


INCOSE-Stevens Doctoral Award.

Areas of Expertise Diagnostics, Design, Data science, Delivery Management, Analysis, Modelling, Decision Support, and Project Execution Services.

Anand Jayaraman


  • M.S.E and Ph.D. in System Science Engineering from University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • M.E. in Process Engineering from University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • B.Tech. in Engineering from NIT Trichy, India

Awards & Recognitions

  • INCOSE-Stevens Doctoral Award


  • 16 Publications in high impact factor journals


  • PMP from PMI

About the Professor

  • Gnana has a dynamic mingle of research, teaching and IT background in Analytics with 15 Years’ work experience. He works as Principal Consultant: Data Science and Enterprise Analytics at Nomura Research Institute (ASG). He is also associated with Systems Wisdom company.
  • Previously he worked as a Project Manager at the University of Pennsylvania and Taught at Old Dominion University as an Assistant Professor. He hones volunteer experience of teaching High School students from Poorer Suburbs.