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Our alumni in the past 4 years authored three data science books and built 3 products.

So, When they say
we are the best place to find Data science talent...we tend to agree.

We invite you to join the group of diverse companies from small startups to large corporates to recruit data scientists and engineers.
We graduate around 40 data scientists every quarter. We teach them cutting edge data science, make them do projects, use tools and communicate the results clearly. What is better, they come with diverse experience (0-15 years). So, whether you are searching for an entry level data scientist or someone to head your North American Business Unit, you will find the suitable candidates here.
If you are interested in hiring a great data scientist, let us know. We will facilitate the interviews.

Project interns

We have extremely bright students working on capstone projects under the guidance of a data scientist. If you want our students to help you solve a challenging problem (you will be surprised to see how much they can do in 3 to 4 months), please contact us.