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All information sessions at INSOFE are offered by very senior advisors and can help you get absolute clarity on the curriculum, opportunities and financials about program(s) of your interest.

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Learnt, explored the untouched Data territories at INSOFE

INSOFE’s course curriculum is similar to a tough marathon. But the guidance from world-class mentors and closely monitored hands-on sessions during labs helped me understand the underlying math of Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms.

Rajani Sundara
Sr Engineer ML, CrediWatch


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Computer Science Oriented Data Science Programs

  • M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence (UGC accredited)
  • PGP (Honours) in Data Science (co-taught, co-certified and executive alumni status with IIT Ropar: India’s highest rated engineering institute by Times)
  • PGP LIVE (recognized as first semester curriculum in 10 different Masters programs in 4 countries)

Upcoming Session

date Aug 15, 2020

date 12:00 PM IST


Management Oriented Data Science Programs

  • PGDM in Data Science (AICTE accredited)
  • M.Sc. in Data & Business Analytics (You study one semester in France and get automatic 2 year work permission)

Upcoming Session

date Aug 14, 2020

date 7:00 PM IST


Engineering Oriented Data Science Programs

  • Master of Science in Core Engineering and Data Science from Case Western Reserve University (You study in the USA and get 3 years work opportunity. Perhaps only certain way to go to USA and work with all changing work Visa regulations)

Upcoming Session

date Aug 15, 2020

date 11:00 AM IST

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