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What to expect after completing a Data Science Certification Program?

1 in 3 ads we see now, sell ‘Certification Courses’ that would transform careers. There is hardly any talk about what to expect once we complete an online certification program/course, especially to change one’s line of profession.

Optimizing Procurement

Client:  A Large Aluminum Manufacturer Problem they faced   They had roughly 50 suppliers of coal.  Each had a different contract, different price points, different quality, different supply chain processes (time of delivery).  The goal is to get

Detecting Product Output Quality

Problem they faced A steel pipe manufacturing company provides sturdy pipes used in oil drilling.  The pipes made are shaped at the end based on the specific drilling needs.  Hence, the company stores the pipes in a

Education Research

Our motto is LEARNED: Learning Effectiveness Amplified through Research eNabled EDucation. Our focus is to enhance the learning outcomes for ALL learners from recent graduates to senior executives of various organizations as they deal with fast-changing technology

Industry Connect Live – Tejas Patel

Enjoy getting to know the root causes of a problem using Data? Our Alumnus Tejas Patel spoke to us about how he built his career through Reporting as the first step at NSE (National Stock Exchange). Taking