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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Carleton University for an MBA

Carleton University in Collaboration with INSOFE provides a Masters in Business Administration(MBA) Program, which is specifically designed for individuals who aspire to be data-savvy leaders. Students who fulfill the admission requirements of the MBA program at the

Predicting Failures in Change Requests

Client:  A large Canadian Telecom services company Problem they faced: They fail in delivering roughly 3% of the change requests they get.  They want to predict those changes upfront and take enough care. What was tricky? They

Predicting Customer Churn Patterns

Client:  A Large European Manufacturing Company Problem they faced Roughly 4 to 5% of their customers are not renewing contracts.  As each contract has a lot of value, this loss is huge. They want to predict in advance

Transform your career with a Tech MBA in Data Science

The Tech MBA with a concentration in Data Science is designed for individuals who wish to combine Business and Artificial Intelligence skills to build a career in the USA. Additionally, students who pursue this program will receive

Tech MBA with a STEM OPT eligibility

MBA programs in the USA are generally eligible for up to 1 year OPT upon graduating from the program. On the other hand, the international Tech MBA with a concentration in Data Science at Walsh College is