A Triple Certified Global Program: PG Certificate with Honours in Data Science

  • Coding and architecting modern AI Applications
  • Building and deploying large scale Machine Learning Applications
  • Conducting cutting edge Research in AI

After a lot of research, the reports say that the industries are in need of AI Engineers who not only have deep modeling skills but also very good at deploying and scaling AI application products. There is a strong demand for such exceptional AI Specialists who possess expertise in data science, computer science and research!

PG Certificate with Honours in Data Science is one such program that offers the trio – Data Science, Computer Science and Research! The program is specially designed to meet the needs of the current industry. 

INSOFE’s PG Certificate with Honours in Data Science is offered in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Ropar and CICE – Carleton University, Canada. The program is designed for exceptional graduates and early career professionals of any engineering discipline. It helps students to accelerate career progression with a deeper understanding of Data, Engineering and Application Development. 

Students will learn to build and deploy large scale Machine Learning applications through intensive Bootcamps. They will excel in coding and architecting modern AI applications. In the 11-month program, students will conduct immersive research under the supervision of research scholars. Students will also contribute to the cutting edge AI research.

650+ Hours of Teaching, Research and Product Development

  • Teaching and thesis guidance by world-class faculty of INSOFE, IIT – Ropar, CICE – Carleton University, Canada
  • A unique combination of Data Science, Software Engineering and Research
  • Hands-on Product Development skills with intensive Bootcamps and Hackathons
  • A full-scale, 4-month thesis to transform you into an AI researcher

AI specialists are the highest paid jobs in the world today!!!
Top product development companies and research labs are looking for exceptional AI Specialists.  There is a huge shortage of talent and companies are willing to pay 100-150 percent more salary than IT Engineers of the same experience.

The average salary of an AI Engineer is around ₹10-15 Lakhs in India.
While the Machine Learning expert earns $144 thousand per year,
in the US and $85,000 – $185,000 in Canada, says Glassdoor reports.

Last year, at INSOFE, 50 students were placed in the top AI companies with a median salary of ₹12.4 Lakh.

Get the most sought after career in the AI space:

  • Unparalleled career guidance
  • Mock interviews
  • Live sessions by world-renowned faculty and researchers
  • Resume building sessions
  • Easy assessments
  • Personalized weekly mentoring sessions
  • 24/7 students support with frequent performance evaluations
  • Hands-on assignments and case studies

Attend the weekly information session to understand more about the PG Certificate with Honours in Data Science Program.


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