AI Adoption

Our research group’s focus is to help organizations adopt AI systematically and efficiently.

We work on three layers:

CXO layer: Here we build frameworks and tools that help the CXOs measure their current state, the difficulty of adoption and the right framework for adoption.

Mid manager layer:  Here we build tools and frameworks that help a business user increase the utility of an AI tool.  The goal is to help organizations transform from a prototype factory to a product house.

Engineer layer:  We are building libraries that help engineers implement state of the art ensembles and deep neural networks with the least amount of experimentation.  We test hundreds of developments, filter the best and create libraries whose default settings more or less work in a business scenario.  

Our group is lead by three professors:

We also have two full-time data scientists:

We have 4 doctoral students working.  If you want to join our group or collaborate with us, feel free to contact us on Linkedin.

One of the primary contributions of our group is the boot camps we have developed for CXOs and Business users.  These are offered to 100s of participants and received extremely positive reviews.  

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