AI and ML in Sentiment Analysis to Strategic Planning

The Marketing Tool: AI Sentiment Analysis

Have you ever imagined a machine with a heart?
Well, think of Artificial Intelligence having “emotions” in it!
So strange but pretty fascinating, right?

True that! AI has turned out to be a sensation with its ability to understand human emotions and their responses to news, product experiences, social media posts, emoji usages in texts and many more. As humans are complicated and fascinating, this is necessarily a good thing to happen for businesses.

Sentiment Analysis is an automated process that understands human emotions through a written opinion. This enables companies to address negative feedback and resolve the issue in less time. Sentiment Analysis can be used as a survey tool and analyze the positive, negative and neutral responses and the meaning behind the customer’s message on social media. Through the insights provided by the AI sentiment analysis, companies can also track all the psychological trends and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Customer Satisfaction is the Secret Sauce

As businesses invest customer satisfaction as their secret sauce, it is essential to catch a customer’s issue and resolve them ASAP! But it is quite difficult for a company to go through every individual review and come up with a solution. This might take months together for a company to get back with a customer in person and solve the communication obstacle. But using the AI sentiment analysis, a company can reach it’s customers smartly, relatively in a short time, resolve the issue, overcome the negative talks and personalize marketing content to reach the targeted audience. 

  • Stay a Step Ahead!

Sentiment analysis enables a company to stay a step ahead of the competition. The AI sentiment analysis digs deep into what people are thinking about other products or services of other companies. This competitive research allows a company to set up goals and improve the quality of the services.

  • Well-trained to Recognize Sarcasm

Well, a few algorithms are trained to recognize the sarcastic feedback too. It is essential to understand the caustic reviews on social media, which could damage the reputation of the company. Snide comments come with a lot of pre-loaded noise, and they do interfere with the results. The sarcastic texts come-up with a positive connotation of words but convey negative emotions. 

Oren Tsur has developed a sarcasm-detecting algorithm. The program detected hundreds of user reviews on Amazon. The sarcastic reviews that were considered to test the program consisted of the below smartphone review too:
“This smartphone has all the features you want. But they don’t work.”

The program almost analyzed 66,000 reviews related to 120 products and resulted in hundreds of patterns. It was also given a number of tweets to perform a similar task to check the accuracy.

Thus, to recognize the sarcasm, sarcasm detection acts as a preprocessing step in identifying the noisy samples before the analysis.

Softwares Launched by Top Companies to Recognize and
Analyze the Emotions

Amazon – Amazon Comprehend
Microsoft Azure – Microsoft Cognitive Services Text
Analytics API

AI in Strategic Planning

Artificial Intelligence and Strategy are two different things. Combining AI and Strategy makes a significant difference in the enterprise world. 

In the last couple of years, AI has played a ‘smart’ role in raising the infrastructures, which is one of the best developments in the field of AI. And today, we see AI influencing strategic planning and becoming more business-friendly than ever before. 

AI strategic planning is quite a tough challenge that works best for any business. It considers all the external and internal factors in building a strategy for a company. AI improves products, services, and processes by creating precise objectives. It is successfully crafting the best AI strategies for the companies with a proper diagnosis of the complete businesses, their policies and taking coherent actions.

AI strategic planning has become an alternative to human workers, which is leading to significant results in business. Through the AI-driven strategic plan, the company’s ability to test news ideas has increased and thus, instead of dozens, thousands of strategies are being tested more efficiently.

The modern tools of AI say dynamic pricing, dynamic personalization and automated A/B testing are helping in generating more ideas in rapid-pace. With the rise of machines, not just the large businesses but all the small entities are utilizing AI for strategic planning and running some decent number of tests every day. The AI strategic planning helps companies to increase their revenues by analyzing the massive data, bringing out all the observations, creating insights and changing the way by producing better decisions, quickly and effectively.

This is going to be more exciting in the future as humans will be able to do more productive work in other aspects of the business. Thanks to AI!

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