AI – Cognitive Content Marketing to Competitive Intelligence

“Siri, Could you tell me the cricket score?”

We are already experiencing cognitive augmentation using the systems that are progressing every day, using Artificial Intelligence. Siri is one of those exceptional AI applications. 

We are in an era where all of our natural capabilities have gone ‘augmented’ by computational systems. All these systems are helping us think, machines are helping us create something unique, and certain digital systems are enabling us to connect to the world which is very-very far and that is beyond our natural senses. AI is created with and powered by algorithms, which enables machines to learn and evolve on their own. AI has been helping humans to do cognitive tasks. And now the AI systems are also supporting marketers to create content using the right scale and deliver the content at the right time, and reach the targeted audience, through the right media.

Engage, Enthral and Educate…

Cognitive Content Marketing is a process of AI, creating and sharing high-quality content – to engage, enthral and educate the audience. This process of producing the content is helping companies reach targeted customers easily, attracting them in buying the products on a regular basis. Today, Artificial Intelligence is the real force in the marketing industry. Smart machine algorithms enable the production of smart, cognitive content. And of course, the content produced by it can create some buzz, in fact, the hype about a product. The content produced using AI helps consumers spend more time, just because it talks about their interests, showcases the relevant information according to their interests, with complete control and drives them to get to know more information about the product. 

AI agents are not just generating the content or reaching the targeted audience but also providing some deeper insights for marketers. This helps marketers understand how campaigns and actions are working as they have never before. AI also analyzes the existing content and fulfils the gaps and chooses the right keywords for content optimization. 

Each and every company that is active online can get good marketing insights using AI. This means companies can make a strong presence on digital platforms. 

The advanced AI has made almost everything possible. A company can create and promote its products using the automatically generated content. And on the other hand, gather the data, analyze and make use of the competitive intelligence to strongly compete with other companies. Companies should implement competitive intelligence to convert massive data into intelligence to get the real-time results of their own competitive landscape. 

The competitive intelligence helps a company know about the business environment, monitor competitor’s business and its products or services. The gathered data is transferred into the information using the intelligence and supports in strategy making as well as in fulfilling the competitive gaps. Therefore, competitive intelligence not only generates and analyzes information but also produces important insights to the marketers. 

Mind You: AI’s Cognitive Content Marketing and Competitive Intelligence makes a smart and intelligent difference to a business. So beware!

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