AI-enabled Applications to AI-enhanced Market Platforms

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are one of the fastest-growing omnipresent technologies today. AI and ML have become a crucial part of daily human lives by providing assistance in almost every scenario. No matter, whether we accept it or not. There are numerous hottest AI & ML applications and marketing platforms coming up every day and making the largest commercial impact on businesses. Probably you already know some of the AI applications such as Netflix, Spotify, Siri, among others, that we use every day. All these are the ones that we could’ve never imagined in our life. 

Exactly a decade ago, it was not so easy to get the perfect results using search engines. Today, “Search” has become smarter and every time you search for something on Google, the AI agent helps you find the right information. It helps you find the perfect restaurant that you are looking for, near your place; enables you to watch your favourite comic show on Netflix, with just a simple smart click. In fact, we’ve got a great opportunity to have a personalized shopping experience, whether you like it or not, you can still find diverse collections from various online stores with just a single click. This is all because of AI and ML.

Other than these, booking a trip online; receiving some product suggestions from Amazon; scrolling across the ever so fascinating Facebook newsfeed, that means AI is always lurking around in the background.

Wondering, how are you using AI and ML?

Well, AI gets through all the millions of your conversations, searches, lectures, interests, or themes and finds the best suitable results using big data. The ML algorithms programmed by the ML engineers make data available to the user according to their interests.
Wow!!! That’s amazing. Isn’t it?

Coming to the Marketing platforms, there are rapid-fire advancements in the technologies which support companies to aim and meet the industry standards. Several companies have developed AI marketing tools that allow marketers to optimize emails and website communication through the user’s behavior. A few other companies have already started using AI marketing technologies to generate articles automatically. This is all being done by machines, not humans. Okay? 

AI tech is super exciting. It can be applied to solve a problem and enhance what products could give better results. Marketing technologies help companies to do the best of email campaigns to be noticed more often. The Marketing platforms support humans in creating more engaging content with a strong content strategy, with better topics and themes.

The data collected from the marketing campaigns like clicks, views, time-on-page, purchases, email responses, etc.. have made companies focus much more on the marketing data and are helping continue to improve marketing strategies to reach the target audience. The AI and ML marketing technologies enabled companies to predict success and produce more refined marketing strategies to mainstream their launches. Today, AI-based marketing technologies adapt to the audience’s likes and dislikes and recommend things based on their interests. Note: All these are based on real-time results. 

Wooo! Isn’t this ‘Fun’tastic? 

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