AI on the Silver Screen

The film industry has been revolving around Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for quite long. Long is equivalent to almost a hundred years. It’s almost 100 years ago when AI-first appeared on the silver screen and then it started snowballing. 

Do you remember the AI characters that appeared on the big screen? 

AI has been pictured since the era of the silent-motion picture started. The robots were then the heroes. Those films in the years of silence had strong technical aspects that were staggering us then as well as now. Whether you believe it or not, AI has been the center of attraction. 

Are you just saying, Impossible? 

Okay, let’s go back and watch those films right now!

The 1927 Masterpiece – Metropolis 

The film made us take a deep dive into the technology and its advanced machinery. Metropolis of Fritz Lang has immense visuals of that era. The movie showcased the future of science and human relationship. It truly visualized the future hero of society and brought science fiction to life on screen. The interactions of humans and machines left the audience stunned. Metropolis gave a great pathway for the sci-fi filmmakers and it’s still on its job of influencing 21st-century films too.

Metropolis is the first film that portrayed Artificial Intelligence.

 2001: A Space Odyssey of 1968

Being the epic space film that was made in the non-digital sci-fi era, the movie ‘A Space Odyssey’ takes the audience into the world of space. Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 has crossed the boundaries and exaggerated the relationship between technology and human. In the movie, HAL 9000, the evil computer makes up its mind to kill two astronauts as it was unable to resolve the order. However, it is ridiculous that the HAL malfunctions and plans an evil plot to kill the astronauts to cover his error.

2001: A Space Odyssey that has been directed in the year 1968 is designed with unblinking red eyes and a half-human voice. HAL has become a great example of Artificial Intelligence and left the audience with a thought, ‘what if HAL was a human-like us, without any emotions?’ 

The film has featured a scientifically accurate spaceflight.

Star Wars (1977)

The powerful blockbuster that has featured real-life Artificial Intelligence and brought in several scientific concepts together is Star Wars. The movie has just given a kickstart for such scientific concepts and influenced filmmakers on futuristic technologies. Most of the scientific concepts of Star Wars are in existence today and a few are under development. Star Wars was undoubtedly a tete-a-tete meal between humans and technology.

Blade Runner (1982)

Blade Runner is altogether a new take on AI. The flick showcased on how AI could combine the human race and society to take it to the super next level. Ridley Scott’s film was much more focused on humanoids possessing human-like features and brilliantly utilizing the features equal to humans. In fact, they were visualized just like humans and made the audience believe in AI.

The film describes the fine line between humans and machines and explains the fascinating AI characters.

Blade runner

WarGames (1983)

Do you remember WarGames? A supercomputer programmed to foretell the results of a nuclear war. A high-school hacker gets access to this supercomputer which he believes to be a computer game. 

However, the supercomputer JOSHUA, lacking the knowledge on reality vs simulation and begins World War III. The film clearly explains the outcomes of AI not understanding the difference between reality and imitation. 

The Terminator (1984)

The movie opens up on AI destroying the human race, out of control. It captures the human fear for technology. The Terminator acts as a cautious flick and influences the idea to utilize technology for the good of all. 

The Terminator series brings in hope through AI that’s been trained to protect the human race. 


A.I. Artificial Intelligence (1999)

A.I. Artificial Intelligence comes up with a concept of humanoid robots that are capable of complex thoughts unlike having emotions like humans. The director has created a character, a child humanoid named David wanting the love of Monica, his mother (not literally though). 

“His love is real but he is not…”

Where humans have vanished in the film, we see the evolutions of the advanced AI. Well, the movie finally states that the future of humans is going to be AI.

The Matrix (1999)

The super evil nature of AI was captured as the character of Agent Smith, who does more than what’s been programmed in it. It paints a significant threat to humanity, however, the reason behind the hatred has never been explained. 

The piece of AI in the form of Agent Smith is not just a character in the film, but it reminds the future of AI and mentions AI to be used for the betterment of society.  


Film directors have stated the significance of AI in human life and society. AI has set foot into our personal lives as Siri, Alexa, and many other technologies. In fact, we are just surrounded by AI. 

AI is a boon and on the flip side AI could turn out to be a danger if it’s not being used as a good weight to mankind.

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