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AI on the Silver Screen

The film industry has been revolving around Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for quite long. Long is equivalent to almost a hundred years. It’s almost 100 years ago when AI-first appeared on the silver screen and then it

AI and ML in Sentiment Analysis to Strategic Planning

The Marketing Tool: AI Sentiment Analysis Have you ever imagined a machine with a heart? Well, think of Artificial Intelligence having “emotions” in it! So strange but pretty fascinating, right? True that! AI has turned out to

Demystify Engineering and Data Science

With the MS Programs offered by Case Western Reserve University, USA and INSOFE Data Science education has been making significant progress. In today’s world, Data Scientists deal with massive chunks of data. Well, Engineers, on the other

Healthy Healthcare Industry – AI Made It True

Diagnosis of health conditions to treatment, managing the patient’s health record to patient engagement and adherence… Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is involved at every point in the healthcare industry. AI is re-connecting the modern world with advanced

BeAware of AI

All they that take the sword shall perish by the sword (Mathew 26 – 26:52). In the medieval days, the sword was a more powerful weapon and therefore a parallel comparison of power was given to the

8 Reasons to Choose France as “THE” Education Destination!

It involves careful planning and consideration of multiple variables while choosing the right Overseas Education destination.  Having done research on some of the emerging education destinations, it is increasingly becoming evident that European Countries especially France is

AI in Spam Checkers to BOT Detections

Global Spam has become a major problem for most companies that generate an immense amount of data every day. Social media platforms are facing issues due to spam or fake users. The data which we use is

AI in Engaging Ad Designs to Analysing Ad Spend

Artificial Intelligence has already taken over the world! It has made everything simpler and easier. AI and ML are playing a vital role in almost all of the domains, including Marketing and Advertising. Today, advertisements have become

AI-enabled Applications to AI-enhanced Market Platforms

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are one of the fastest-growing omnipresent technologies today. AI and ML have become a crucial part of daily human lives by providing assistance in almost every scenario. No matter, whether we accept

AI – Cognitive Content Marketing to Competitive Intelligence

“Siri, Could you tell me the cricket score?” We are already experiencing cognitive augmentation using the systems that are progressing every day, using Artificial Intelligence. Siri is one of those exceptional AI applications.  We are in an