BeAware of AI

All they that take the sword shall perish by the sword (Mathew 26 – 26:52).

In the medieval days, the sword was a more powerful weapon and therefore a parallel comparison of power was given to the sword. But today the equation between the human being and the tools one uses to accomplish tasks has changed. Homo Sapiens with their unparalleled thirst for advancement coupled with their delusional involvement in the objective of playing god has invented tools that are much more powerful than themselves. 

AI is one such example – it is Super Intelligent, Super Swift and is Objective in decisions. There could be a huge help from the AI agents in removing the human bias to making decisions but not all decisions have an objective decision to make.

Euthanasia for a human being is a taboo and against the basic human right but if such a problem were to be presented to an Artificial Super Agent, the decision is based on calculations. Can life be a stream of calculations? I guess not.

Remembering Mathew 26 – 26:52 – in the current day – if not managed responsibly, you live by AI and die by AI – metaphoric but this could be true.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence. It could place its finger on the tip of its nose in complete darkness too. Today, if you ask it to stretch its arms, it does. It can read, write, see just by listening and understanding humans instructions. 

Okay! wait. What if, it could even smell – touch – move – understand emotions – debate and even predict death? 

Yess! Welcome to the world of reality. Artificial Intelligence is a bundle of senses now. Here’s how AI is working in the real world. AI knows how to take up the real challenges and do some incredible things that we humans do.


Articles, books, magazines, and this blog… today’s artificial intelligence can read anything. The interesting part is that AI not only reads but also understands and summarizes the text for all of us. A robot communicates the most essential information using the latest technologies like Natural Language Processing, AI and Machine Learning, and Blockchain technologies.

SummarizeBot does this! It reads, understands and provides the needful information as a gist to the users. 


Yup. It writes. AI writes articles, generates content for marketing. It scripts the thoughts for advertisement agencies. It produces the most creative write-ups. 

You know what? The New York Times, the Washington Post and Reuters use AI technology to write articles. Apart from professional journalists, freelance writers, these top news agencies rely on an AI agent to write their articles. Artificial Intelligence also helps in writing social media posts. 

There is an AI agent that has also written a novel titled “The Day A Computer Writes A Novel” which was short-listed for a National Literary Award in Japan.

Winning or Losing – AI did it.


The machine is now witnessing the beauty of the world. AI is now the accredited machine that is trained to see the world. Humans taught computers to “see” what they’re seeing. Though it was the toughest challenge, humans made machines see, analyze the visual data and come up with some informed decisions. The so-called “seeing” nature is being used in several ways. Let’s say, self-driving cars, facial recognition, and more. They are all equipped with video cameras to keep an eye on what we see. AI’s vision has no limit – it is beyond a human’s vision.


We all use this every day. Siri, Alexa listen to our voice commands and respond to our queries in no time. Machines quickly listen to our instructions and do the needful. They could keep us posted on the day’s agenda, help us plan a date, or schedule an appointment with a doctor in a conversational manner. AI has been trained to detect various sounds, analyze and alert us quickly. For example, AI can detect a gunshot, analyze and post an immediate alert to the relevant agencies. 


Though this is still in progress, researchers are working to produce better AI tools that could detect anything by just smelling. Forbes writes, “It can detect chemicals called aldehydes that are associated with human illnesses and stress, including cancer, diabetes, brain injuries, and detecting the “woody, musky odour” emitted from Parkinson’s disease even before any other symptoms are identified.” Recently, Google’s Brain Team of researchers has taught an AI agent to smell. They used Machine Learning to instruct a machine to sense the smell. They used different scents to test if AI could analyze the smells and the AI agent cleared it. 

Have you ever imagined?
Algorithms identifying the odours based on their molecular structures – This is true 🙂


Robots are programmed to feel by touching an object. They can visualize the physical world by touching and feeling the object. For example, a robot can identify the fruit and even place them in a basket. Recently, a group of researchers at MIT unveiled that an AI system can visualize an object by touching and feel it by seeing. They used a robot arm with a special tactile sensor which recorded nearly 200 objects being touched over 12,000 times. 

A robot’s touching ability can help us accomplish our tasks with ease. In no time, a robot may start picking up strawberries and accomplish the task easily. 

P.S.: Not just strawberries though 😛


Uh! There’s not much surprise in a robot moving. If it is able to do all the above things, moving is not a big deal. We see AI involved in the movements of autonomous vehicles to drones. The movement is all generated by an AI.


Woo! These days we see humans struggling to understand the emotions of their fellow beings. At this point of time, “emotion AI” measures, understands, simulates and reacts to the human emotions in the most interactive way. There are several softwares that understand our facial expressions and analyze each and every detail of our expressions. Well, voice recognition and natural language processing algorithms are already figuring out our sentimental and emotional state by listening to the audios.


We play with computers. If Player 1 is you, Player 2 can be a computer. It is trained very well that it gives a pretty strong competition for humans and ensures that it would win over humans.

Poker, chess are the best usual games that we tempt to play every day of our lives.


What if AI could debate and win over us? Take this statement for granted. Recently IBM Project Debater has made this true. Using AI technology, the IBM Project Debater was able to research a subject so deep and generate some interesting points against a human opponent. So, imagine debating with a machine. It is super exciting, isn’t it?


Finally, it is all done. It’s time to leave! 

Researchers were able to find the death line of a patient using a black-box algorithm. AI produces the results through an ECG by collecting the historical patient data. It would give the results by analyzing the data which is made into groups. So, the patient’s span of a year is stated by AI. 

We know, it is pretty exciting and super scary to end up with AI predicting death! 

As Patrick Gates in National Treasure says and we quote, “Cooperation only lasts as long as the status quo remains unchanged” – Our endeavour should not erase the boundaries of the status quo just to ensure that AI lives to cooperate and not become counterproductive.

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