8 Reasons to Choose France as “THE” Education Destination!

It involves careful planning and consideration of multiple variables while choosing the right Overseas Education destination. 

Having done research on some of the emerging education destinations, it is increasingly becoming evident that European Countries especially France is a front-runner for Indians who are looking to pursue their higher studies abroad. The Fee structure to the job opportunities and the facilities given to the overseas students is getting FRANCE noticed for affordable higher education.

8 Reasons to Choose France for higher education are:

  1. Top-ranked universities alone
  2. Permanent residence to settle abroad after graduation
  3. Scholarship opportunities 
  4. Paid internships and career assistance after the completion of masters 
  5. Cost of education
  6. Job opportunities
  7. Living costs
  8. Language & Cuisine

Cost of Education

Every year, the number of Indians traveling to France for higher education is going up. The tuition fee and visa process seem to be the major advantages that help a surge in the number of international applicants. In FRANCE, the cost of education works out 30-40% lower than compared to similar courses in the US, Australia or the UK. 

In the top-ranked US universities, the average tuition fees for masters’ program is around 25 lakhs to 30 lakhs per year (40,000 USD/year approx.). This is not a small sum of money for the average Indian. But that is not an obstacle to a meritorious student to get to the threshold of world- class education.

As the tuition fees in France is low and affordable when compared to other countries, Indians are showcasing interest in choosing France as their higher education destination. Not just because the masters’ education is affordable, but also the Return on Investment duration is lesser in France when compared to many other countries.  

Visa Process

The French government has made the process of obtaining a post-study visa, more convenient and easier for international students. Regardless of the study programs, students can avail an easy extension of post-study visa with simpler procedures. Indian students staying in France can apply for a 2-year post-study visa extension after the completion of the program. Through this, students get the opportunity to work and settle in France. 

Once the job contract is approved, students can also make their applications towards the Residence Permit. French government fosters international students who make a significant contribution to the French economy. 

Students with a Masters’s degree or higher are also permitted to carry out research or teaching at the university level. This visa is permitted for one year, which can be renewed every year for up to four years. 

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities after the completion of the course are the important factors that every student looks at, before choosing a study destination. The fact is that France welcomes students to work after the completion of their higher education. France offers international experience and also welcomes networking opportunities to get a job after graduation. Of course, the ease of working experience in France is an added advantage to students who desire to study in France.

We see most of the tech hubs and innovative companies located in the Silicon Valley, and in the busy streets of New York, even France is now offering a promising career to all its upcoming data scientists with larger investments in the area of Artificial Intelligence. Within the past few years, France started playing a vital role in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. The French government is accelerating trends in AI along with the global leaders. Soon France might dominate the industrialization of AI too.

Job growth in the data science sector is growing every day. Among various other growing technical positions in Europe – Data Scientist is ranked the 9th most in-demand technical role in France and UK. It has become a home to the world’s leading AI research too.

Twinning Program & its Curriculum

In the light of all these events where France is becoming the forefront for Artificial Intelligence, INSOFE and Rennes School of Business, France are collaboratively offering a unique Twinning program for Data Science enthusiasts who want the best of both worlds – Technical and Management. INSOFE-RENNES’s Master’s Program offers an advantageous framework with all the dynamic global learning environment. The course is the most intensive program which gives students a very strong technical foundation.

Whereas RENNES School of Business provides helps students develop business acumen, and gives a fantastic exposure to the industry. Undoubtedly, the curricula offered by INSOFE in collaboration with RENNES School of Business, France has the cutting-edge technologies and is opening doors to all the data science aspirants to unlock the actionable insights out of massive data! 

Bonne chance!!!

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