Can I join INSOFE as a fresher?

What plans after Graduation? What are the best career options for me? Should I go for higher studies? Or should I get a job in my domain? What new skills can I learn to enhance my profile?

Dr Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru – Founder & President of INSOFE believes practising Deep Learning, AI and Machine Learning are becoming easy. What used to be a PhD problem 5 years back is a classroom practice for an engineer today. So, the field is growing fast, becoming easy and providing excellent opportunities. Hence, this is now a great time for anyone willing to transform their career.

All these endless possibilities can overwhelm a student in particularly deciding and understanding which could be the most suitable option for them. This is indeed a life-altering decision and the culmination of their entire knowledge, skills and passion. As we think of living our fairytale, there is always a final showdown on how to choose the correct option that will boost start our career and let us live our longtime dream in real.

According to AISHE (All India Survey on Higher Education), only 3.6% of the colleges run Ph.D. programs and 36.7% of colleges run Post Graduate Level programs. While some privileged students are bestowed their dream job on a silver platter, many students struggle to even avail the basic resources to learn and get trained for the role that organizations are seeking.

Around 8 lakh engineering students graduate every year in India and sadly only 5% of them are qualified enough with the basic skills to sustain in the organization. In fact, a survey conducted by Aspiring Minds revealed that only 18.43% of graduates are capable of getting software engineer jobs and 57.96% of students lacked analytical and quantitative skills. While this skill gap is widening and the demand for skilled employees in the global market is rising steadily.

But the determination and the eagerness to learn, explore and deliver the right qualities that match in an organization eventually becomes the most important asset for an individual in his journey.
Even the most available subjects are having a hard time to provide good education and resources for a student. This is nearly the same in every sector of education and Data Science is no exception.

To learn Data Science, usually, an aspiring student feels that he should learn multiple courses and tests to become an expert. While this is partially true, mastery in some subjects like Statistics and programming can be a boost into the Data Science field. The absolute prerequisite for participating in the program is the aspiration and ambition to excel and not just succeed in the corporate world by employing tools and techniques to analyze data and provide a higher level of understanding and insight in the decision-making process.

Here at INSOFE, be it a working class professional or a newly graduated fresher, we provide our students with new experiential learning and top to bottom approach to master Data Science. The PGP Program in Big Data Analytics is a 23-weekends program that aims to reshape and transform freshers and working professionals into the masters and leaders of Data Science. The simple answer you are looking forward is Yes, INSOFE gladly opens its arms for every student who wishes to learn Data Science and Analytics to provide them with a platform to become deft in the required skills and techniques.

Let’s hear from Sonakshi Reddy, one of the students from INSOFE who joined the PGP at Big Data Analytics & Optimization as a fresher, about how she overcame all the challenges and kept her morale high while learning Data Science.

I completed my B.Tech from SNIST and came across INSOFE’s Big Data and Analytics Program while looking for some interesting programs in Data Science. After some research about the course curriculum and mentor profiles, I went ahead to pursue the program. It was a phenomenal journey and the mentors were very supportive throughout the program. I was recruited as a Data Scientist in PhenomPeople after completing the course.

INSOFE values the right qualities and attitude that a student exhibits to learn, explore and evaluate his potential into the right steer. We believe in our students and provide them with the best facilities and resources to learn, experiment and innovate on Data Science. Our philosophy to educate individuals can be further extended and be visible with the multiple scholarship opportunities we provide to the students enrolled in various programs at INSOFE.

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