CANADA: The Global AI Pioneer, a Source of Innovative AI start-ups, with International Research Space

Canada! One among the global leaders in the space of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science. With no signs of a slow down, demand for Data Science is rising.  Canada is leveraging all the latest technologies related to Data Science to unleash innovations in almost all the industries. The latest technologies AI/ML are drastically transforming all sectors of the country’s economy. In Canada, researchers and data scientists are exploring all the ways such that the future will work without human help. 

Canada has been the pioneered researcher in deep and reinforcement learning for over 30 years. Geoffrey Hinton – University of Toronto, Yoshua Bengio – Universite de Montreal, and Richard Sutton – the University of Alberta, have built deep research and gave an early edge in the AI space. All these three have built Canada’s deep research capacity in Data Analytics which stands as the foundation for AI. 

Did you know?
Hinton was one of the pioneers who played around the neural network
while being a computer science professor at the University of Toronto.

Canadian start-ups brought cutting-edge advances and have come up with intelligent solutions by implementing AI / ML technologies. A Toronto-based Winterlight Labs company is developing an AI technology that accurately understands the speech and language patterns of a human to monitor the cognitive and mental illness. While Deep Genomics is building a biologically accurate Machine Learning platform which helps in identifying and developing the genetic medicines. The company raised a C$16 million equity investment in 2017. WOW!

“The Canadian government has been financially supporting the start-ups and fostering them, both at the federal and provincial levels.”

Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy, Supercluster, and the Global Skills Strategy are the three government initiatives that are announced by the Canadian government to develop and bring crackerjack researchers in the Data Science, ML and especially AI. It’s exciting to see Canada working and implementing advanced AI thoughts in space robots. The government has made some historic investments in the research, science, and infrastructure related to the Data Science domain such that the country would stand among the global leaders and be the game-changer in AI.

The Canadian government has made efforts to understand the societal implications of AI. They also created international study groups that would get experts across the globe together to share, analyze and provide insights about the latest technologies. “AI for Good” is the only moto of the nation! 

Undoubtedly, most of the Data Scientists and AI researchers are looking at Canada as the Data Science hub with numerous opportunities. In fact, Canada welcomes researchers and scientists to collaboratively work and develop infinite applications using these latest technologies.


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