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Predicting Failures in Change Requests

Client:  A large Canadian Telecom services company Problem they faced: They fail in delivering roughly 3% of the change requests they get.  They want to predict those changes upfront and take enough care. What was tricky? They

Predicting Customer Churn Patterns

Client:  A Large European Manufacturing Company Problem they faced Roughly 4 to 5% of their customers are not renewing contracts.  As each contract has a lot of value, this loss is huge. They want to predict in advance

Forecasting Spare Parts Requirement

Client: One of the Largest Automobile Manufacturers in the World Problem they faced   They have distribution centers in all 6 continents (and multiple countries in each continent).   Each car they make requires thousands of components.  Hence,

Making Procurement Decisions Smarter

Client:  A large petrochemical manufacturer Problem they faced   They spend roughly $10 billion per year on buying machinery-related parts.  There is a lot of knowledge to gain from past purchases that can help them minimize the duplication

Optimizing Procurement

Client:  A Large Aluminum Manufacturer Problem they faced   They had roughly 50 suppliers of coal.  Each had a different contract, different price points, different quality, different supply chain processes (time of delivery).  The goal is to get

Detecting Product Output Quality

Problem they faced A steel pipe manufacturing company provides sturdy pipes used in oil drilling.  The pipes made are shaped at the end based on the specific drilling needs.  Hence, the company stores the pipes in a

Addressing “Prior Authorization” with Machine Learning

What is prior authorization? When a patient wants to buy medicine at a store, the store owner’s system in real-time communicates with the insurance company to see if it is covered under the plan.  Some medicines are

Demand Forecasting for a Children Food Supply Company

Business Case The client is one of the largest US companies that caters meals to kids in the schools.  They work with thousands of schools and supply various food items on a daily basis.  Their procurement has

Minimizing Automobile Design Time

Problem:  To help a global automobile manufacturer minimize design time Business need:  A large North American automobile company approached INSOFE with a goal to reduce their design times.  Typically, in an automobile design phase, teams spend multiple

Transforming a Captive Unit to a Global Center of Excellence

Clients:  One of the world’s largest HR services firm and one of the largest stock market services firm Problem:  Both organizations have units in India that have exceptionally qualified leadership, ability to attract super talent.  However, their