Data Science and Job Trends

“The mind is everything. You become what you think “– Buddha

Supply and Demand is a textbook definition for what could be understood as- higher the demand for a commodity, the more we must supply. But if the supply isn’t enough simply, then the value of it will increase exponentially.
That’s the scenario in the market at present. Data Science and its subsets have expanded so much that there is a shortage of professionals with its modeled skillset.

Data Science has amplified in nearly every segment such that we need to branch out the necessary specializations and skills for each sector. In the coming time, Data Science and its applications are going to stand out from the rest of the professions.

In India, the trend of Data Science as a career is emerging as one of the best jobs which have now created a landmark for various companies to train all their employees to adopt these new tools and techniques.

At INSOFE, we provide all students and experienced professionals a platform where they can make a wish to have an exceptional career in Data Science.

Over the past few years, INSOFE’s aim to provide world-class education and hands-on experience in Data Science has been acknowledged and accredited by Carnegie Mellon University – one of the most recognized Universities for research purposes.

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In a research survey conducted by Glassdoor, the salary median of a Data Scientist is associated with the skillsets and knowledge they possess in the respective domains. Let us quickly observe what matters the most for a Data Scientist and give them the best market value for their skill.

All figures in thousands (Source – Glassdoor)

As you can see the requirements and skills for jobs in the field of Data Science are going off charts, the fundamental fact is that every industry is changing the paradigm. They’re adapting Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence or its subsets that compete for the market in a more systematic and standardized approach.

Data Science is a career option that has been exploding around the globe. Since Data Science is a cross blend of a computer programmer, statistician, a business analyst and a mathematician – a new aeon is going to rise in the world and completely change the dynamics of modern-day coding and analytics. 2019 will well set the stage for advanced data technologies to take over routine business processes for higher efficiency and productivity.

Data Science diversification in different sectors (Source – LinkedIn)

With just a quick glance of the top jobs in all sectors, it’s not hard to realize how powerful tech and data is in the workplaces of the future.

Data Science Salary Range and Experience Median –

(Source – LinkedIn)

Here are a few job designations that top the most in-demand tech and data jobs, as listed in Glassdoor.

Data Scientist
According to a study, Data Scientists earned 4.4 out of 5 on job satisfaction and companies need people who can help them manage, store and analyze their data to turn it into a valuable business asset, therefore, data scientists are in high demand.

Data Analyst
Data Analysts are the backbone of every project. They may not have skills as advanced as data scientists, but their goals are the same – to discover, assess and analyze how data can be used to answer questions and solve problems.

Business Analyst
Developing technical solutions to business problems, or to advance a company’s sales efforts, begins with defining, analyzing and documenting requirements.

ML Developer
Machine Learning Developers work upon creating and developing new models as well as increase the efficiency of previously trained datasets. They integrate all the necessary changes, assess and evaluate all the main-fold requirements in the functionality of the code.

As you’ve seen, the above-listed job roles are the average pay for professionals in Data Science. With such trends deemed to increase exponentially in the coming years, the future for innovation and business looks bright and prosperous. So, take a huge step for the growth of your career and join the best course for Data Science at INSOFE.

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