Demystify Engineering and Data Science

With the MS Programs offered by Case Western Reserve University, USA and INSOFE

Data Science education has been making significant progress. In today’s world, Data Scientists deal with massive chunks of data. Well, Engineers, on the other hand, extract valuable insights by examining the data to transform the world. So it’s obvious that engineers need to step up into the data game and find the exclusive ways to make data-driven decisions on a daily basis.

Case Western Reserve University, USA and INSOFE’s Masters Programs offer an exclusive platform to engineers, to rediscover the world of data and come up with solutions that make the data analysing process easier and simpler.

Dual Specialisation: Engineering + Data Science

No matter what, engineers would always come in contact with data to make data-driven decisions. Oftentimes, most engineers gather rotten data, struggle to deal with it. This happens due to not having Data Science knowledge at the fingertips and engineers end up assuming the wrong answers.

On the other hand, Data Scientists mostly work in the tech industry and operate mobile/web products and of course, data infrastructure. So without in-depth knowledge in the engineering domain, Data Scientists may not be able to perform tasks effectively. So Data Science and Engineering should go hand-in-hand.

In 2020, a prospect from an engineering background with formal education in Data Science is the most in-demand candidate. A prospect possessing a master’s degree in Engineering and Data Science can tremendously support the growth of an organization with beneficial high-quality decisions. So companies are preferring engineers equipped with data knowledge and take up the challenges of both the worlds.

GRE/TOEFL Waived Off

GRE/TOEFL is the general requirement to get into any of the global universities. It is the basic criteria that universities look for.

But for the MS Programs offered by Case Western Reserve University, USA in collaboration with INSOFE has given a GRE/TOEFL waiver for the prospects applying through INSOFE. As a part of the academic plan, students should crack the INEX – INSOFE’s Entrance Examination that acts as a bypass to get the admission in Case Western Reserve University, USA.  

So now the process to study in a top US university has been eased up with INSOFE’s entrance examination.

$14,500 Scholarships

INSOFE and Case Western Reserve University offers an exceptional scholarship of $14,500 to the outstanding students who would stand out with their tremendous performances in the entrance examination. These scholarships are exclusively for students applying through INSOFE to unleash the talent and provide an international study experience.

STEM Program with 3 Years of Optional Practical Training

Students pursuing in the US, in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics on an F-1 visa are eligible for enormous benefits, subject to the current USCIS policies. As all the MS Programs come under STEM, students are permitted to stay and work legally in the USA for three years, post-completion of the graduation.

Two Countries Exposure

It’s always a new day for technology. Industry 4.0 revolution has brought competitive enterprises, new technologies on one platform. The advancements in the Data Science world has created experiential opportunities and ensure to set up cultural approaches for innovation. So with the MS Programs, students get to explore the culture of innovation and enthral new technologies.

World-Renowned Academia

Both the institutions take pride in giving the epitome of freedom, fun in the learning process. All the sessions are closely monitored by the world-class faculty of both, INSOFE and Case Western Reserve University. On the flip-side, faculty motivates students to self-directed learning in the classroom and engages them to pursue the subject with healthy growth.

Dynamic Course Curriculum and Hands-on Practical Education

Out of 30 credits of the Masters Program, students pursue 15 credits at INSOFE, India and 15 credits at Case Western Reserve University, USA. The first part of the course curriculum is integrated with the fundamentals of Data Science, whereas the second part of the curriculum extremely focuses on domain engineering. So students master both the domains and make students be future-ready.

Faculty provides invaluable experience and a deep-dive into the Data Science and Engineering concepts. This kind of practical exposure enables students to unleash the power of learning and solve real-time problems.

Exciting Career Opportunities

With the world-class education in an Engineering discipline with Data Science specialisation, students will have unparalleled global opportunities globally.

  • MS in Biomedical Engineering with specialisation in Digital Health Analytics

An impressive combination of Engineering, Biology and Data Science will enable students to pursue exciting opportunities in Biotechnology, Pharmacy and Healthcare.

  • MS in Civil Engineering with specialisation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Space, Energy, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries are seeking talented engineers who have the ability to mine terabytes of data to build environmentally friendly solutions. Machine Learning techniques help engineers better understand, predict and navigate Environmental changes.

  • MS in Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

There are numerous opportunities within Industry 4.0 startups as well as in the Manufacturing and Automotive Industries. With knowledge of AI, students will increase efficiency and develop new business models.

  • MS in Computer Science with a dual specialization in Artificial Intelligence

This dual specialization master’s degree will equip you with the skills needed to combine data structures and entity-relationship models with data science principles and computer programming abilities so you may pursue exciting career opportunities in several industries.

“Artificial Intelligence Engineer is the No.1 job of 2019 that pays $140,000.”

Dual Certification

Well, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to grab this wonderful opportunity and master Engineering and Data Science. But by pursuing the MS Programs students master in both and get an MS Degree in Engineering as well as an elite Certification in Data Science.

Case Western Reserve University, USA

With more than 125 years of experience, the Case School of Engineering at Case Western Reserve University is rooted in collaborative research and experiential learning. Students will expand their knowledge, deepen their understanding and solve complex problems utilizing Data Science. Students get access to the distinguished faculty and build a global professional network while attending classes in one of the most culturally robust communities in Cleveland.

  • Founded in 1826
  • Ranks Among Top 20 Private Institutions
  • 20,000+ Alumni from 70+ Countries
  • 17 Nobel Laureates
  • Higher Learning Commission – Accreditation

“Opportunities are the beginnings for great achievements.”

So here’s an amazing opportunity for Engineering students and Data Science aspirants to excel in both, Engineering and Data Science in the span of 16 months and deal with the world’s greatest challenges on one go!!! So choose the most prominent MS Programs and get ready for cutting-edge careers. Be the AI Engineer, today.

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