Education Research

Our motto is LEARNED: Learning Effectiveness Amplified through Research eNabled EDucation.

Our focus is to enhance the learning outcomes for ALL learners from recent graduates to senior executives of various organizations as they deal with fast-changing technology landscape and fast-evolving technical content.  We understand each learner has very specific learning needs and skillsets, and personalized attention is the only effective way to meet such needs.

We also understand that traditional classroom-based learning and online education present their own unique challenges, amplified by the complexity of the subject matter.  Hence, an approach suitable for K-12 or for learning and teaching traditional subjects may be different than what is needed for teaching cutting-edge subjects.

Our group focuses on research in order to address the above and many more complexities surrounding such learning challenges.

LEARNED by Learning

The group’s activities center around creating many short-term courses for diverse audiences.  AI and ML techniques are used to understand learner behavior and take measures to enhance learning outcomes.  Currently, the specific focus areas of the group are:

  • Personalized learning for online and blended learning models
  • Video-based proctoring
  • Mood identification and classification in the classroom

The Team

Principal Investigators

Shilpa Kadam

MPhil (Statistics), Principal Data Scientist and Mentor, 20-years experience

Jayant Mulmoodi

MTech (Software Systems with Data Analytics Specialization), Senior Data Scientist, 15-years experience 

Dr. Sridhar Pappu

Ph.D., Professor, 25-years experience


Kishore Kumar Varri

B.Tech Computer Science, Senior Data Scientist, 8-years experience

Naga Venkata Rahul Junimeni

BTech, Data Scientist, 2-years experience


L Srinivasa Varadharajan

Ph.D., Professor, 21-years experience

Lt Suryaprakash Kompalli

Ph.D., Professor, 18-years experience

If you wish to make an impact on the future of education and collaborate with us, please contact us at:

[email protected]

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