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Taking a comprehensive course in Data Science and Machine Learning provided by INSOFE is the first step in your career transformation journey.  While this is absolutely necessary,  it may not be sufficient for everyone to break in the AI industry.  Your experience, your appearance, and your network put together is the final step towards your goal. Fortunately, INSOFE provides support in all three!

In doing so we start with the very first step of grooming the students into professionals and developing them into ‘World Class Professionals’ through instructor-led classroom sessions and one-on-one sessions, through interactive sessions and professional coaching techniques.

  1. Experience:  Anyone with less than 2 years of experience especially fresh out of college graduates can tell how “lack of experience” is seen as a major hurdle.  To help mitigate this concern, INSOFE provides several kinds of internships to its students to work on research, consulting or a simulated real-world problem. Though designed for new graduates, the program has found popularity amongst seasoned professionals as well as with students just to experience the joy of AI.
  2. Appearance: A team of trained professionals monitor you throughout your course and internship, and help you build or improve your interpersonal, communication and presentation skills. To top it off, we will also help you customize your resume based on your skills and goals.
  3. Network: Your knowledge, experience, and appearance are worth its value only if it is in the right network and INSOFE Career Services team is dedicated to doing exactly the same. The team will work not only with you in understanding your technical skills and passion but will also work with your future employers to ensure you are placed in the right place with the right value!

We will interact several times throughout these steps and we look forward to that.  Stay tuned for learning about our activities and success stories in future posts. 🙂

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