Healthcare Research

The healthcare research group at INSOFE is involved in all three aspects of R&D activities, namely, academic research, product development and consulting.


Our academic works focus on finding novel solutions to problems faced by healthcare professionals on a routine basis. The complexity of problems we work on varies from the simple such as identifying features that might help delay or control diabetes, or neural transfer function of the human eye to the more complex ones such as privacy-preserving analytics on medical records.

Product Development

Product development activities involve the development of data-driven solutions to augment decision-making in various clinical conditions. Current projects involve the development of smartphones based solutions to quantify wounds, lesions, and deformities and AI-driven medical records management and search engines.


Here we develop solutions for our corporate clients. Solutions could be in the form of proof of concept or end-to-end product. 

Our Group is lead by two professors:

& two full-time Data Scientists:

We have two doctoral students working in our group. On the training side, our team has developed a short course on advanced statistics and machine learning for healthcare professionals. For more information or if you would like to join our team or work with us, please feel write to any of us. 

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