Healthy Healthcare Industry – AI Made It True

Diagnosis of health conditions to treatment, managing the patient’s health record to patient engagement and adherence…

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is involved at every point in the healthcare industry. AI is re-connecting the modern world with advanced technologies and fostering ‘machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn.’

Artificial Intelligence is now one of the world’s highest-growth industries. According to an Accenture analysis, “AI sector will potentially create $150 billion by 2026 which was valued at about $600 million in 2014.”

AI’s growth is already accelerating and will grow more than 10x in the next ten years. Today, AI has numerous applications in the healthcare industry. It could analyze the risk, discover the genetic codes, do robot-assisted surgeries, and in fact, detect cancer at the earliest. No wonder, it is also delivering the needs related to administrative workflow assistance, rising labour costs, digital expectations from consumers and several other challenges. 

The smart AI system is supporting in the therapy areas, diagnostics, creating wearables, and virtual assistants to endorse the healthcare industry. The Virtual Nursing Assistants are remotely assisting in maintaining the patient’s health record, getting to know the patient’s symptoms, and sending the health condition to clinicians as alerts – only when it is essential. It eventually becomes the nurse, monitoring the health condition and adding recommendations in the patient’s treatment. 

Timesaving Administrative Workflow Assistant saves the doctors time by assisting in writing the chart notes, prescriptions and ordering tests. This means, “AI is almost saving 17 percent of work time savings for doctors and 51 percent for nurses,” Accenture analysis reported. 

The Drug Development Industry has been blessed with the growth of AI in the healthcare industry. The biopharmaceutical companies are utilizing the efficiency of AI and are bringing up accurate medicine with the support of AI knowledge. However, the researchers are in the hunt to come up with pharmaceuticals that are economical, quicker, and more effective.

In 2007, researchers tasked the robot Adam to find out the functions of the yeast, which ended human’s aid by finding out the scientific knowledge behind the functions of yeast. And interestingly, Adam’s friend robot Eve found out that triclosan could act on DHFR even in pyrimethamine-resistant parasites.

PathAI – An Accurate Cancer Diagnosis with AI

PathAI is developing cutting-edge technology using the AI to diagnose and treat the diseases, more effectively. PathAI is assisting pathologists in diagnosing the patients’ diseases accurately by examing each and every tissue from hundreds of patients, every day. It discovers the cancerous cells and helps in providing the best possible treatment for the cancer patients.

ENLITIC – AI Deep Learning for the Advanced Medical Diagnostics

At Enlitic, world-class radiologists and data science engineers work together to collect and analyze the world’s comprehensive clinical data that helps doctors to work more effectively and diagnose in no time. They use the advanced tools to further provide personal care and support for each individual patient. They are working to improve workflow efficiency and quality. The advanced AI tools exclusively prioritize the doctors’ worklist based on the findings of each study. Radiology images, blood tests, EKGs, patient’s real-time needs, etc. are handled by the AI technology at Enlitic.

BERG HEALTH – Treating the rare disease with AI

The AI-powered BERG has a unique approach to rare diseases. Taking back to biology, the Berg platform is mapping trillions of data points related to various diseases and discovering the treatments for patients all over the world. The Berg platform accelerates clinical identification and pursuits promising therapeutic targets to treat diseases sooner. They are bringing a new approach and creating a new hope in the healthcare world.

So the healthcare system has become healthier and in simple words, AI has truly changed the relationship between doctors & patients. There is still hope for a better tomorrow!

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