Industry Connect Live – Tejas Patel

Enjoy getting to know the root causes of a problem using Data?

Our Alumnus Tejas Patel spoke to us about how he built his career through Reporting as the first step at NSE (National Stock Exchange). Taking us through his 8 odd years of experience in the Finance and Insurance Industry in companies like NSE, BNY Mellon, EY, and Amazon, he talks about the tectonic Shift in Talent expectations by the Recruiting fraternity. A few salient points from his session are:

  • Customer Life Cycle in Banking & Insurance Industry
  • Identifying the right time to reach out to the customer to retain them or cross-sell 
  • Indian consumer market vs International
  • Use Cases – Potential problems & Applications of Data Science in each sector
  • A day in the life of a Data Scientist – Expectations vs Reality
  • Differentiating oneself in the Data Science field

He can also be heard advising Data Science Aspirants about having the right attitude and mindset towards achieving the desired role. After all, our attitude towards work or having a driven mindset is what ultimately helps us reach heights in any desired field of study.

To watch the full interview follow the link below:

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