INSOFE Master’s Program paving the way for Data Scientists globally

In the last few years, INSOFE has been synonymous with Creating Global Leaders in Data Science. INSOFE sets itself apart by focusing on imparting lectures in the classroom and also ensuring a technical approach for every individual enrolled in the program through lab-sessions with cutting-edge technologies.

Based on the quality of the course, INSOFE was featured in’s distinguished list of ‘26 Big Data Certifications That Will Pay Of‘. INSOFE is the only institute from outside the US to be featured in the list that also mentions Universities like Stanford and Columbia universities. 🙂

Rennes SB, France was looking to partner with an authority in applied engineering from Asia. INSOFE’s meteoric rise from being a certification institute in India to one of the largest Data Science, AI & ML Institutions drew the attention of Rennes School of Business towards collaboration with INSOFE.

The plan was to create a Masters Program in Management for students who underwent the Data Science Certification, to master both technical and management skills. INSOFE together with the Rennes School of Business created the Masters Program in Data and Business Analytics.

The program is designed to equip graduates with analytical methods, market-defining tools, and clear-cut insights to help them transform into Futuristic Techno Managers.

Undergoing this kind of specialization is only possible under a university with Triple Accreditation and Rennes SB is one amongst the only 87 universities in the world that possess all three.

Students pursuing this program exceed industry expectations with unparalleled knowledge of powerful new-age technologies and managerial skills necessary to tackle evolving business challenges. The below image says it all.

Why one should pursue a Master’s Program in France?

AI booming in France:

Just in the last 8 years, 715 companies have claimed to be in the AI industry and more than 400 AI startups have been established in the continent of Europe.

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron is planning to invest EUR 1.5 Billion by 2020 in the Data Science Race for a smarter approach towards businesses and industries.

That’s indeed a great deal. Thanks, Mr President.

The European Commission is also increasing its annual investments in AI by 70% under research and innovation. It also plans to increase the investments to EUR 2.6 billion by 2020. Looking at all the above factors, AI in France is taking great strides and this is the right time to join and be a part of the revolution.

One of the Most Affordable Master’s Program:

On average, it costs more than 25 lakhs anywhere outside India to pursue a Master’s program. The Twinning program at INSOFE costs only 14 lakhs, and not to forget the scholarships awarded to the students based on their performance and merit. At INSOFE we believe that this program is one of the most cost-effective programs with a surplus ROI in the world.

P.S. – You can certainly do your research for the same. 😛

Career opportunities in Europe:

Many traditional companies are actively looking to build a Data Science expert team consisting of both think tanks as well as coders to handle their data requirements. And even more, companies like Capgemini, SAP, Salesforce, EY, Boston Consulting Group, and so on, who have already established their branches from many years are actively on the lookout for Business Analysts and Data Scientists.

Career opportunities in Europe:
Source: Glassdoor

World Renowned Faculty:

At INSOFE, students are guided under mentors with the utmost expertise and immense prowess in their field, being PhD holders from the World’s top Universities like University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Texas at El Paso to name a few. Distinguished researchers engaged in active research, every faculty member at INSOFE brings in an average of 20 years of Industry rich experience.

At Rennes SB, faculty is a cosmopolitan academic mix, pooling in from 40 different nationalities. Every faculty member reflects the diverse nature of the business school through their research and teaching. Isn’t it simply amazing? 

Life at Rennes- A Student’s Perspective:

Rennes SB has a sprawling campus with four buildings, 1 multimedia resource center, 1 language resource center, 1 business incubator (Innostart)3 sports halls, 1 outdoor sports field, 1 music room, 1 student club, 1 large cafeteria, 1 students residence with state-of-the-art facilities accessible to students 24 hours a day and 6 days a week. The student community is a mix of full-time and exchange students sharing different nationalities from all over the world.

Post-Study Visa:

Students on completion of their master’s program are directly granted a post-study work permit for 2 years through Schengen visa. This visa is valid in 26 countries, thereby giving students immense opportunities to choose from all over Europe. This is definitely something no one would want to miss out on!!!!!!!

Mandated Internship and Thesis:

Students undergoing this postgraduate program would be working as interns after their second semester between 4 months to 6 months. This internship can be done either in France or India or anywhere in Europe. To reward and value their efforts, it is going to be definitely mentioned that the students would be paid during their internship tenure.

And the best of all, INSOFE prescribes No Work Experience, No Age Limit and No IELTS required.

Mandated Internship and Thesis:

Onto the path of Global Dominance:

INSOFE’s twinning program was drafted along the lines to shape the future of various fields in Data Science. At INSOFE, students who are being a part of the Master’s program, aren’t only getting a degree, they are also getting exposed to a whole new world of opportunities that pave the path for a Data Science expert to become a Global Data Leader.

To let us know how innovations meet quality at Rennes School of Business, Don Minday, Senior Lecturer in Management & Organization, Human Resources Management who has been a part of Rennes SB since 1998 shares his views about life at Rennes and the multitude of opportunities offered in Europe.

This is what you need to know all about the recently launched Master’s program at Rennes SB. To be a part of this revolution, click here to know about how to plan for your abroad stay.

Au Revoir 😉

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