IoT Workshop

IoT generates a lot of data and to understand data you need data analytics. Not all data is “good” and a combination of IoT and Analytics is the answer to companies looking to decide which data should be stored and which should be thrown away. With this power, IoT is set to create millions of jobs in a global new economy which is expected to grow to more than $2 trillion by 2025.

Keeping this “Million dollar opportunity” (literally!) in mind and helping professionals to be part of this revolution, INSOFE conducted its own IoT program at Hyderabad and Bangalore campus, as the first step towards this educational journey. The workshop was meant both for business leaders to help them understand the technology of IoT to build CoEs in their organizations and also for fresh to mid-level engineers to get a taste of working Hands-on in IoT space.

Here are the key highlights of the workshop conducted:

  1. Introduction to IoT (Architecture, components, examples and some cool real-life IoT entrepreneurial initiatives in India as well as worldwide)
  2. Sensors in IoT and what they can do.
  3. A case study presented by a group of participants based on their solution to the smart city.  The group presented some really innovative and constructive ideas like smart parking, real-time monitoring of bridge conditions, crime monitoring and many others.
  4. Hands-on demo on “things” in IoT evolving into “Connectivity of Things” and finally “Internet of Things” with integration with the cloud platform.
  5. Brainstorming Sessions, live projects and demo on Arduino and Rasberry Pie was also an instrumental module in the Seminar.


Hyderabad Campus

Teams were able to send an actuation signal in real time through the cloud from a remote location. They appreciated the idea of cloud as well as edge through these demos. Overall, it was a phenomenal experience for the participants and our panel to enjoy and learn at such an enthusiastic and energy driven atmosphere.

Bangalore Campus

The session ended with a demo by INSOFE team on line follower robotic car collecting data via on-road sensors via the power of IoT, followed by certificate distribution.

Here is a small video capturing the insights from our IoT workshop: