Life at Rennes – A Student’s Perspective

Rennes is located at the heart of Brittany and is also the regional capital. Excluding Paris, Rennes jumped from seventh to the first place in the annual list of best cities to live in France published by French newspaper L’Express. It claimed its top spot after scoring high in several categories including environment, education, property prices, healthcare and security. Rennes has also been nominated as the best city in quality of life and sustainable living by “The Local’s 2016 quality of life survey”. So, it’s no wonder that Rennes has become a hub spot for both education and commerce. Rennes can be best described as the embodiment of Culture, Education, and Gastronomy for France.

“Rennes has something to offer to everybody: arts, food, sports, culture, parties, urban, and Country life” – said Aishwarya, currently pursuing the Twinning Program at Rennes School of Business.

“In spite of its small size, Rennes has everything a big city would offer” – Yogesh, another student, who was an Alumni from the Data Science Certification program and decided to pursue the Twinning Program.

To start off, Rennes, unlike other major metropolitans in France is very small in terms of geographical area. But don’t make a mistake to judge the city based on this because Rennes, is the second-largest city in terms of the number of foreign students who go there to study and work. You can get from anywhere to anywhere in under 15 minutes, thanks to the efficient transport STAR system in place. And the best part is you get an all-day ticket for around 3.70 Euros.

French people usually are cold at nature when it comes to interacting with someone outside their comfort space. But this thought is immediately dispelled when it comes to the Breton people (People Living in Brittany). You can always find someone for a company in any pub you walk into or some private time sipping rogue in a typically French setting. 🙂

Let’s hear from Adarsh Srivastava, one of the students from INSOFE who joined the M.Sc. Program in Data & Business Analytics at the Rennes School of Business, about his journey and life at Rennes.

Adarsh shares that his transition and adaptation into the French culture was hassle-free. He talks about the warm atmosphere and the welcome team at Rennes School which he found was very friendly and supportive. They indeed assist and help international students in the college to make them adjust to the new environment.
He also talks about his interaction with students from different countries and how well people have opened up in college. Adarsh now takes classes with the French students on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to gain a deeper perspective of the country as well as learn more about the French culture.

With glorious opportunities in France for Data Science, Adarsh and other students at INSOFE are paving their way to the top of their respective careers in their specialization.

There’s no doubt that Rennes certainly has a lot to offer to anyone who’s ready to ditch the capital for the charms of a smaller city.  Here’s a list of expenses that can help students to enjoy their stay at an optimal budget in France.

Source: Expatistan
Source: Expatistan
Source: Expatistan
Source: Expatistan
Source: Expatistan

These images provide a decent estimate, but the actual price may vary.

As a student, people come here with a goal, few ambitions, and most importantly a responsibility to uphold i.e. to study well and prosper. Make sure that you manage your expenses well, go out and socialize, be regular to the course and pass out with flying colors.

This is a brief on Life at Rennes, from a student’s perspective. Do let us know about other essential information to navigate life in Rennes, in the comment section below.

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