Live Alumni Talk – Supratim Chaudhuri

As a part of bringing Data Science closer to aspirants, one of our Scholarship winning Alumni, Supratim Choudhuri talks about his learnings through the journey from a Senior Research Fellow at CSIR, New Delhi to an Analytics Consultant at Fractal Analytics, Bengaluru. Supratim comes from a non-technical and a non-coding background in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. He carries 3.5 years of overall work experience in Data Science and is currently working with Fractal Analytics in Bengaluru.

In his conversation with us, he earnestly talks about these points:

  1. Utilizing existing skill sets and building upon them to solve day to day challenges at work
  2. Solving problems at work using Logical Reasoning
  3. Learning new skills – Coding, especially for someone with a non-engineering background.
  4. Making use of Hackathons and live competitions to implement learnings.
  5. How to plan and prepare for the very first job in Data Science.
  6. Interview Experience at Fractal Analytics

Through his experiences shared, one can learn how to identify whether they are a good fit for a career in Data Science. 

It is evident that someone who is focussed and completely driven, like Supratim, can achieve things that seem impossible from a generalist perspective. All it needs is sheer determination and constant internalized motivation. 

To watch the full interview follow the link below:

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