10 Reasons to Start your Data Science Journey Now at INSOFE

Founded in 2011, International School of Engineering (INSOFE) was one of the earliest Data Science institutes to be set up in Hyderabad.  
Dr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru, founder president of INSOFE, an acclaimed academician and a thought leader along with his illustrious team members has been playing a pivotal role in helping the tech industry adopt AI and ML using training as the primary tool.

Over the past few years, INSOFE’s determination and vision to provide world-class standards in Data Science has established its presence at the global scale. INSOFE has been able to push past the boundaries from its inception to mark their presence onto the world map in various places like France, US, Singapore, Malaysia as well as in Indian metropolitan cities such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mumbai.
INSOFE’s transformation in revolutionizing lead Big Data Services into educational research and consulting services have also been a milestone in the company’s growth throughout the years.

Let’s talk about why INSOFE is Asia’s leading Data Science Research Institute and why you should adorn your academic regalia with INSOFE.

World Renowned Faculty

INSOFE’s distinction lies in its world-renowned faculty whose specializations and achievements in Data Science, Deep learning and AI have been lauded around the world. Our very own Founder and President of INSOFE Dr Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru is an accomplished visionary, pioneer and empowering leader who completed his graduation from NIT, Trichy and subsequently completed his M.S and PhD from Carnegie Mellon University. His revolutionary concepts in leading-edge technologies is a strong driving force that leads the strategic direction at INSOFE.
Our esteemed Executive VP Dr Sridhar Pappu holds PhD and MS from The University of Texas, El Paso and pursued his B.E from NIT Tiruchirappalli. His instrumental role in strengthening the academic administration has always ensured high standards of learning with strategic academic planning and well thought-out roadmap.

The faculty team at INSOFE comprises of 16 full-time and 7 adjunct faculties who have established their dominance in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Also, collectively the faculty team has more than 75+ patents and thereby proving strong dedication and commitment in the areas of learning and research. INSOFE faculty is a robust combination of rich Industry experience, highly recognized research background and exemplary academic achievements which helps them create a revolution in applied engineering and Data Science.

International Recognition

INSOFE’s strong belief and continuous work ethic has been praised and recognized at various international stages such as the American IT magazine CIO.com where INSOFE’s Big Data Certification was the only Indian firm that featured on the list of ‘26 Big Data Certifications that will Pay off’.

INSOFE’s global dominance was further established when INSOFE’s Post Graduate Program in Big Data Analytics and Optimization was the only one in Asia to be certified for the quality of content, pedagogy and assessment by Case Western Reserve University, USA. Case Western Reserve University is ranked #42 in National University Ranking by US News and World Report.
INSOFE is one of the only Indian institutions to be ranked among the top universities to study Data Science and Big Data programs.

High-End Curriculum

INSOFE’s intense research-driven curriculum is a virtue of dedication and honesty which it bestows to make sure that every individual can enhance their skill set with the guidance provided at INSOFE. The comprehensive curriculum is driven by academic focus and invaluable hands-on experience gained from various consulting and research projects. Here at INSOFE, we create a dynamic learning environment for the students to make them ready for all the next Gen challenges and requirements in the Industry.

Segregated Programs

At INSOFE, we consider and understand the requirements of both students and working-class professionals. With that in contemplation, we created segmented programs to effectively help them explore the opportunities and push past their limitations to shine in Data Science careers.

Data Science Certifications:
  1. PGP in Data Science – To start a career as a Data Scientist, world’s only data science certificate whose credits are considered first-semester course work across 10 collaborative programs in 3 continents and 4 countries.
  2. PGP in Business Analytics – To start a career as a Data Consultant, the world’s only data science certification for non-programmers whose credits can be transferred to first-semester master’s credits in the USA, Canada, France, and India.
  3. PGP in Computational Data Science – This PGP certification is designed for programming enthusiasts who wish to gain further prowess in the field of data science and computer science. 
Data Science Bachelors Programs:
  1. B.E. in Artificial Intelligence – To become a top-notch Engineer and build robots & self-driving cars and such cool things, A UGC accredited residential program offered by INSOFE school of Data Science at VijayBhoomi University.
  2. B.Sc. in Data Science – To get into a career in a fast-growing field rapidly, a UGC accredited residential program offered by INSOFE school of Data Science at VijayBhoomi University
Data Science Masters Programs:
  1. MS in Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in AI and Robotics – To start a career in the USA with dual specialisation. Particularly suitable for Mechanical, Metallurgical, Production Engineers to get into the exciting careers in AI and Robotics, fully accredited Masters degree by Case Western Reserve University
  2. MS in Biomedical Engineering with specialisation in Digital Health Analytics – To start a career in the USA with dual specialisation. Any engineering student who wants to get into Digital Healthcare technologies. A great combination of engineering and medicine, fully accredited Masters degree by Case Western Reserve University
  3. MS in Computer Science with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence – To start a career in the USA with dual specialization. Particularly suitable for Computer Science Engineers and Programming Enthusiasts to get into exciting careers in AI and Data Science, a STEM program with fully accredited Master’s degree with 3 years OPT
  4. MS in Civil Engineering with specialisation in AI & ML – To start a career in the USA with dual specialisation. Particularly suitable for civil and environmental engineering students, a fully accredited Masters degree by Case Western Reserve University
  5. M.Sc. in Data & Business Analytics – To become a Techno-Manager in Data Science and start career in Europe, a globally accredited Masters program offered in association with Rennes School of Business, France – one of the 100 triple-crowned B-schools
  6. PGDM with a major in Business Analytics – To start a career as a Data Science Program Manager, Data Science Business Manager, AACSB accreditation and AICTE approved
  7. MSc in Machine Learning & Deep Learning – To start a career in the UK. A unique opportunity for non-programmers and three-year degree holders to transform into Machine Learning and Deep Learning Specialists, a fully accredited Master’s degree from one of the UK’s top engineering departments
  8. International Tech MBA with a concentration in Data Science – To become a Techno-Manager in Data Science and start a career in the USA, a fully accredited MBA degree from Walsh College
  9. M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Ops – To start a career in India. Particularly suitable to create Data Science professionals for cutting-edge business solutions, a UGC accredited program offered by INSOFE and Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Sciences
Data Science Doctoral Programs
  1. DBA in Data Science (Doctor of Business Administration) – To get a Doctoral Degree and become a Strategy Leader in the industry, a fully accredited degree from Rennes School of Business, France – one of the 100 triple-crowned B-schools.

Paramount Infrastructure

The IT infrastructure at INSOFE comprises of dedicated Deep Learning servers and Hadoop clusters offering students the incredible opportunity of working in a real-time industry environment.
In addition to these, the INSOFE campus is enabled with Impartus, a state-of-the-art video-based learning platform to empower effective learning with its high-definition recordings and accessibility. The video-sharing of classroom sessions is automated and hence, it becomes a learning portal for students to access classroom videos for later use and also communicate with the mentors at ease.

Internship Opportunity

Internships at INSOFE provide the students to completely seize the opportunity and work on real-world data sets and build prototypes. During the internship, students learn how to leverage the industry with AI applications and master the art of computational complexities building intelligent systems the ML way. Students can also modulate their teachings and build upon various research analysis under the guidance of our mentors.

Unparalleled Placement Support

Our Career Services team provides unyielding career support to INSOFEans across different Data Science roles. INSOFE conducts regular campus drives and dedicated interview line-ups at the employer site benefitting INSOFE students with comprehensive placement support. Many Top companies and organizations such as Microsoft, SHELL, HGS, BCG, DXC, JC Penny, Synchrony Financial and many more have been a part of our placement process. We can proudly say that over 500+ alumni are placed across organizations ranging from startups to fortune firms globally with over 20 students placed every month on an average.

Excellence Scholarships

Knowledge is power.
At INSOFE, we aspire for students to excel academically and believe meritorious students should be rewarded and commended. Hence, we offer scholarships to all the deserving candidates who showcase their hard work and talent during the program. Scholarships are given based on their performance during the admission test, mid-term and final evaluation. The merit-based scholarships can help you get INR 25000 up to a full fee waiver. Over 275 students have received scholarships worth INR 3.8 crores till date. You could be next…

Alumni Connect

Alumni Connect at INSOFE has excelled with tremendous response. Globally, we have more than 3000+ Alumni to connect with our team and students with over 100 students placed internationally.
Sessions by such leaders from top companies help students perceive the latest trends in Data Science and the Industry’s expectations.


We at INSOFE give our students the pinnacle of learning and experience in Data Science Services. Hence, with our facilities and resources, our team constantly supports and help all the young aspirants aiming at the top.

Get ready to change and shape your career for the future with INSOFE. 

For more details, please visit www.insofe.edu.in

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