Soft Skills Enhancement for Data Scientists

Since inception INSOFE has been assiduous about transforming students into a well-rounded Data Scientist. In a real sense, the function of a Data Scientist is to provide a clear understanding of an organization’s business objectives and solutions through Data Analysis and support leadership. For this, principally, an efficient Data Scientist should embody Technical Skills, Analytics and comprehensive Soft Skills.

Unlike the other engineering products which have a tangible outcome from machines, Data Science derives decisions by understanding the business needs.

Furthermore, a Data Scientist translates technology into explainable content to users.

Soft Skills Enhancement for Data Scientists

We at INSOFE, believe in bringing an edge to Technical ability of our students by developing necessary Soft Skills through instructor-led classroom sessions, focussed group coaching, one-on-one coaching to mould them into becoming industry ready.

Technical Skills Readiness

PGP in Big Data Analytics and Optimization prepares individuals to seize great learning of advanced technologies equipping themselves to develop AI algorithms, deploy ML & Deep Learning techniques and drive decisions.

Soft Skills Development

Our linchpin is to develop the soft skills beyond the smart machines which are self-learning; restyling to the existing pattern :

1. Interpersonal Skills – that inspire the willingness to work with multiple
culturally diverse people and technologies, concurring to common decisions.

2. Communication Skills – assist Data Scientists to understand business needs and hence developing sync between technology and the need for a solution.

Students at INSOFE have the benefit of personalized Soft Skills sessions.

Ramandeep Kaur, a student of INSOFE has improved her Public Speaking by developing confidence through personal coaching sessions.

3. Leadership Ability Development – aids the Data Scientist make better choices and take better decisions considering the implicit and explicit business implications.

4. Out of the box thinking brings the most cost-effective, reliable, compliant solutions solving highly critical problems being culturally intelligent.

Composing personalized soft skills interventions help us in helping candidates identify their strengths and weaknesses consequently setting goals to clinch the desired job.

Lavanya Akella is one such example of great transformation.  Beyond boundaries is a strong belief; succouring to students develop a personality.

Saivalini who came from a different background is now a well-rounded Data Scientist.

In conclusion, when one counts to becoming a Data Scientist, it is essential to count soft skills as a much-needed skill. At INSOFE, we take utmost care that you excel in all the required fields and make sure that no bean is left unturned in delivering quality to the industry.

INSOFE believes in holistically developing its students not just to
become merely Data Scientists but ‘World Class Data Scientists’.

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