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Banners and booths, Company logos on Pens, all the fellow graduates holding resumes. Are the job fairs just about these things? 

No! Not at all.
Optimistic attitudes, job-ready mindsets, formal dressing, standing out at job fairs with a bunch of job opportunities welcoming into the real-world…

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Well, attending Career Fairs is always worthwhile, cause’ the chances of getting hired on the spot are high. There may not be a six-figure contract in your hands but definitely, you will be walking into the future with some great experiences, and certainly adding improvements to your career prospects. 

Okay! There are many more to add to the list of “Why Do You Need To Attend A Job Fair?”

It’s the 21st century and the face of the hiring has changed to Click-to-Apply. There are numerous sites that have made the job hunt easy. But not as effective as the lively career fairs.

When we talk about online recruitments, you need to forward your resume to hundreds of recruiters and keep looking at the mailbox to just smile for a while, if & only if you receive an interview call letter. 

But what if the recruiter has not viewed your mail?

1. This is the topmost reason that directly suggests you to not miss any job fairs 

At career fairs, you will get a great opportunity to have a facetime with the company recruiters. You will be able to have quick conversations about your profile, describe your accomplishments with the recruiters with much ease and efficiency. This is always missing in the online job pool.

Face-to-face interactions always make a difference in the hiring process!

2. No more Hide and Seek games

You get a chance to see your new company and get to know more about the company vision, job profiles, and prerequisites that the company is looking for in a candidate. This enables to know the transparency of the company and make effective communication with the recruiters. 

3. Right networks build the Best Future

Well, job fairs are the best places to build your networks. In this smart world, jobs are all about who you know – the connections and contacts that you have.

Remember, a job may give you a career but the right networks build your future.

4. All Set for the FAIR Battle

Hurrayyyy! Career fairs are always planned. So the planned fairs give the opportunity to get prepared and stay ready for the Fair Battle! You will get a good time to keep an eye about the companies that are attending the career fair and browse the vacancies that the company has. So unofficially you have already unlocked the secret of the job vacancies and do extra preparation to best fit into the job role. You will also be able to make the best resume, prepare some elevator pitch, do some background research about the domains to meet the industry standards.

5. HeadStart

Okay! Your mind is all set to attend a career fair right? Well, INSOFE proudly organizes the first-ever Data Science Career Fair – HeadStart, exclusively for all the INSOFeans. INSOFE’s career fair is the right place for job hunters who are looking forward to changing the complete DATA game.

Being synonymous with Data Science education and creating global leaders for the data science space, INSOFE connects the alumni with top data science companies that are looking for talented individuals.

INSOFE’s Career Services Team has been working to create this opportunity for all of the INSOFE alumni to connect with companies that are looking to recruit the right candidates. 

Register for the HEADSTART – Get connected with potential companies and make some new friends along the way!

  • 200+ Students from Fresh Grads to 15 Years+ Experienced
  • 10 Companies under one roof

HeadStart will be held on Saturday, December 14 & 15 at the INSOFE campus, Hyderabad.
Register Here:

Join the HEADSTART – You could be the ONE who could get hired in no time!

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