GLN Bharadwaj, Rennes School of Business

GLN Bharadwaj, an Electronics and Communication Engineering graduate from GITAM, Visakhapatnam came across INSOFE when he was working as a research intern. That is when he decided to establish a career in Data Science.

Let’s hear from Bharadwaj, about his journey and life at Rennes School of Business, France.

While pursuing the course from INSOFE, I came across about the twinning program by INSOFE. It is basically a credit transfer program in Data and Business Analytics at Rennes School of Business (RSB) France, a fine school that offers a wide variety of programs.

About the Curriculum:

As far as the curriculum is concerned, we are taught by the phenomenal faculty both at INSOFE as well as at RSB. This program is truly a deal breaker, both financially and technically.
Taking up this course from INSOFE was indeed an advantage for me while going to France. The Data Science portion of the M.Sc. program taught at INSOFE is more detailed and insightful. While RSB teaches the business metrics that one can get from the analysis, INSOFE teaches how to perform these analyses in a clean and profound manner.

Help in Visa Processing:

The visa and documentation process was very smooth. All thanks to the team at INSOFE and the coordinators of Rennes School of Business for going the extra mile to help us sort out all our required documents for the visa so that we could concentrate on the course better without putting much energy for these.

Who would you recommend this course to?

I would recommend this course to all those who wish to find a career in business analytics by applying data science concepts in their analysis and give an edge over the conventional business analytics techniques.

Vote of Thanks:

In conclusion, it was really a very good experience for me to have encountered with these institutions. I’m extremely thankful to everyone who has helped me finish this beautiful and enriching experience.
Rennes, as heard, is a fantastic city for students and is always lively with international youth, culture, and parties! It has given me good memories that I’ll always cherish.
P.S: I’ve been saying this a lot lately and turns out, it is true. “Concentrate on French language and you’re good to go”.

Thank you. Cheers!!!!

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